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Thursday, 21st June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Got it and seems to be back to normal. Very good.

Mohammad would love this. Note his and his followers sexual preferences as stated in the Haddiths and also Ayatollah Khomeini's little grren book. shows islam for what it is......a misogynistic pedeophilic organistaion



What a bullshit artist. 25000 terror acts since 9/11 got nothing to do with it?

Can somebody tell what mohammed, or god for that matter really looks like. Who has proof of the images? Therefore, until it can be proved then it's open season on interpretation. Truth be known the image was created by a historical cartoonist - after all they are just one big joke.

That's the most life like depiction of mohammed I've ever seen.

Larry with a simple cartoon says it all.

No animal except humans act as grossly as us humans.

The irony is they act like the worst swine themselves , the very animal they detest.

Given their predilection for little boys, he may have enjoyed the big pencil....

Nice one Larry! I've missed your spot on no nonsense cartoons! Are you going to do any more calendars?

How you come up with this stuff is beyond me, Mr. LP. There is just so much in it. The boring, groaning stuffed shirts in the ABC and with newmatilda will be huffing and puffing their disapproval, of course, and saying terrible things about you. But they cannot come out too far or they will be sending their boring, stuffed shirt, censorious readers over here to have a squiz, and they might just stay a while.

That's all kinds of brilliant and needed.

Waiting for the #iamlarry frenzy. Doubt that I'll see it trend. Brave man, Mr P. I hope, since this actually made mainstream news, that people will take notice of the threats and not shift focus to the bloody #illridewithyou mindset. To many more years of PP.

My admiration of your professionalism , Larry ! Every success !

Larry ol_mate, I have been enjoying your work since I was a Wog, when I became a 'New Bloody Australian', your work was more enjoyable. Now that I am 'An Old Bugger' I can't live without logging on every day. You have problems Larry, if the Jihadist don't get you, the Law under section 18c will. That is unless Abbott somehow finds some guts and repeals this section. I was horrified that Charlie Hebdo magazine cannot be printed in Aus, so much for free country, that I migrated to. Take care old mate and watch your back.

The feelings which lie behind the image I am in total agreement though not the image itself. It is simply the detail.

I am not sure what my Facebook friend Esther the Wonder Pig would think of the utilisation of a pigs body given it is the human mind and form Mohammad and accomplices who are responsible for the Islamic/Muslim genocide construct of Other not innocent piggies.

As I am not as talented as the Pickering I did an adaptation which may do to replace the image and give pigs a break from their bacon past.

Enough, is Enough! A T-Shirt Design for every occasion.

I heard on the radio.

so why nor fire underneath?