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Sunday, 23rd November 2014

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, recently returned to the fray over concern that news sources are being threatened by the Gillard Government.


What Aussie male swimmer has won the most Olympic gold?

My apologies... Ian Thorpe won five Olympic gold medals, the most won by any Australian. I'm chucking that reference book out the window. JennyF again! The quinella this time!


What major nation has one of the highest life expectancy rates, one of the highest incidences of smoking and one of the lowest rates of obesity?

Who claims to have been first person to have had a leak on the moon?

What colour is Yak milk?


Good job about chucking that book.

There you go Jenny .................

And Julia Gillard reckons that I am a misogynist nut job.....

What's right is right..

I was about to E-mail young Jackson and ask him to discretely check you stash for some of that high grade hydroponic stuff>>>

Both have 4 individual gold...but Thorpie has the relay gold on top...

I agree, all the sites say Ian Thorpe 5 gold + 1 bronze and Murray Rose 4 Gold.

YES WE DID>>>>>>>>>>>>>YES WE DID<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ian Thorpe

3 Silver
1 Bonze

Larry your wrong>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ian Thorpe is the most decorated Australian Olympian of all time, in terms of gold and total medals. His three gold and two silver at the 2000 Summer Olympics are the largest in a single Olympics by an Australian.[8]
Dawn Fraser and Murray Rose jointly held the previous records for gold medals, and Fraser the record of eight medals in total, prior to Thorpe.[88]

I was on the SIAC pooldeck when the Thorpedo won his first Olympic Gold Medal .. I was there less than an hour later when he won his second Gold. He was very humble and very professional in contrast with the current crop of miscreants.

Bugger ....Got me again Jenny.
I had things to do!! shucks

Ian Thorpe

My first thought was Jon Konrads but I think Thorpe was it.

What a fine display it was too.Dam good on him! ;))

Ian Thorpe