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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


And that is not what our vote was intended to reflect. The knifing of a first term successful PM was also not intended to reflect our so-called democratic voting system. But there you go… it has happened more than once and it has eroded the value of our vote. Who in their right mind would vote for Turnbull’s Party, and who in their right mind would vote for Shorten’s. No-one in their right mind would vote for either.

And unless you are a sexually confused vegan fruit loop, you will not be voting Green. 

Throw in a few splinter Parties with preferences flying off to Parties you detest the most and it’s better you stay in bed and risk being fined… which you won’t be! No-one ever is!

So is it any wonder voting in Australia has been made compulsory?

I have never voted, not even for myself in a Federal election and you can call that irresponsible if you want, because it probably is! But in my simple mind I should not vote because that would establish a preference… and I have no preference. To me it’s more important to remain independent, non-aligned, disinterested and impartial.

                                                     Monarchies cannot exist

If I was ever to vote Liberal or Labor (Green is absolutely unthinkable) I would have established a mindset. If I back a horse I will, quite naturally, hope that horse wins… the trouble is I hope they all run bloody last.  I don’t want to feel I have contributed to a result that I, and eventually Australia, will be devastated with.

After having been embroiled in politics in one way or another for over half a century, my disillusionment is compete. Politics is a thesaurus of deceit words. Politics is something deeply-flawed people are attracted to and those who aren’t flawed soon become so, as has most of the Turnbull ministry.

As this Federal election draws near it will inevitably tighten, as it always does. Turnbull doesn’t care who wins, he is on what he believes is his God-given mission to re-weave the fabric of Australia into part of a one-world government that will forbid evil, war and hunger, where monarchies, defence budgets, debt and borders don’t exist. 

If I thought all that were possible I would vote for his Party, but that view only seems plausible from the dizzy heights of Melbourne's ACTU or a Point Piper mansion.

When Shorten moves further Left to distance himself from Turnbull, Turnbull moves with him and neither is in a nice place. Both embrace sexual anonymity, and neither understands what must follow it. Both ignore debt and deficit and neither believes money will matter in their new world.

Under Shorten there will be no sovereign borders, his Green alliance will ensure thousands more die at sea. 

Donald Trump is battling a hard Left with the same ethos, despite his election promise of a southern wall. But, as with all hard Left tyrants, deaths are considered a necessary price of reform. 

Life means little under the hard Left… witness Gillard’s $5,000 reward payments to women who have late term abortions or America’s Planned Parenthood that sells off baby parts that were harvested without anaesthetic while the child was alive with a fully functioning nervous system.

Obama encouraged Afghanistan’s poppy fields that supply 97% of the world’s opiates. Lives, even American lives, also matter little. 

                                           You're not allowed to help me?

                                      Oh well, I'll just have to settle for a cuddle

Witness the Poms’ poor little Alfie who had his life support switched off only for those Josef Mengele understudies called “doctors” to discover he would live on, breathing by himself. 

But the parents were not allowed to seek the offered treatment and were forbidden from taking him home to die in their arms. The power of universal health care administered by a Left government is fair dinkum frightening.

                                                 Merkel's Muslim millions

Witness Angela Merkel’s “no borders” policy that allowed over a million unknown Muslims to flood Europe. Even ISIS admitted it had infiltrated the hoards intending to bring death and destruction to the West. So they did, and still do! Life means little to the European hard Left.

Underpinning the entire putsch is the UN's global warming hoax where the sheer volume of money has proved it can re-fashion formerly logical minds.

For the new world order to be born the old world order must die first.  


And unless you are a sexually confused vegan fruit loop, you will not be voting Green. Can't agree with you there. If ever there was a time to WASTE YOUR VOTE this is it. We no longer have a Conservative Party. So between Libs and Labor no difference. We know the Greens are loopy but they will stop Live Exports. So instead of voting for one of these dumb animals give your vote to a real dumb animal. Just the once OK.

Anyone who votes for either of those donkeys doesn't give a stuff about his or her own life.

but Labor want the votes of the aboriginals at the next's as simple as that.

Yes...But... the idea of a Shorten Prime Ministership is just too horrible to contemplate.

You gotta love our Government and our Legal system. Lex Wotton led a bunch of Aboriginals in a riot on Palm Island and caused hundreds of thousands dollars damage to buildings and threatened the lives of Police, was then convicted of this crime, spends 19 months in jail, then is awarded $220,000 damages by the Discrimination Tribunal, then forms a class action against the Government for damages associated with the riot and the Government caves in and agrees to pay them $30 million. Once the class action was formed and our soft cock Government was involved, this was about the only outcome we could expect. Guess who the Minister for Abo’s is that approved this payout? None other than that useless Jackie Tragic, enough said.

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Should have included BK in that lot.

Sharks, spiders, snakes, pedophiles, rapists, Politicians, Abbott, Used car salesmen, yeah, God had some design fuck ups.

God create all things beautiful, lol, like a brown snake that has enough venom to kill 30 grown men. Why would a loving god create that, or did he fuck up?

TOSIR...where are you when we need you?

Ask the God fearers Roo. Someone should know. And whilst they are at it ask why God invented pain and suffering and poverty and greed and ignorance and why he looks after the 1% who screw us.

Taking in economic migrants will not solve world poverty. The solution is to improve the economy of their homelands. But that does not mean lining the pockets of the ruling class and officials.

The R on R off is just trolling you back IE. If you stop, I'll stop. Either way I do not really care.

It’s a big NO from me. Yesterday’s fish and chips wrapper. At this rate she’ll lose 30 news polls in a row.

I watched the opening of CH9 news last night.CH9 news is b(r)ought to you by Suncorp?.WTF i thought......Ok so how about Politicians wear a guernsey style shirt with their names and who they are sponsored by? Why not?Maybe a conflict of interest register?

Shampoo is Racist Now ????
Mark Dice

We are obviously being bloked from hearing about the charges Cardinal Pell may be facing. Either by legal means by his Vatican paid lawyers of by threat to media by the same. So, what's going on? What charges could he be facing? Is he accused of personally abusing children or, is it all about his cover up of historical child abuse by Catholic priests in Australia?


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Katie Hopkins of is firing on all cylinders with this address to Unite Inland Empire in California!

ABC Online reports that "Cardinal George Pell has been committed to stand trial on multiple historical sexual offence charges, but the most serious charges have been thrown out."