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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


While Obama progressively releases terrorists detained at Gitmo and elsewhere back into the arms of Middle Eastern Islamic operatives he has also released the Senate Committee report of the CIA’s interrogation techniques in the wake of 9/11. 

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (pictured), with Obama’s agreement, has told the world how CIA Chief John Brennan’s staff extracted information from detainees that he says was instrumental in locating Osama Bin Laden and others. 

Brennan said this morning it was “unknowable” if the same information could have been attained in other ways.

The timing of Obama and Feinstein’s highly destructive and rushed disclosures is interesting in that in January next year they will not have control of the Senate and the report may never have seen the light of day.

It’s unthinkable that the Chief of the CIA should be forced to publicly defend, or explain, the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EITs) of his Agency when it compromises allied nations’ security Agencies and ensures Western captives will now suffer the same type of “torture” from their Islamic captors.

In a Gillardesque operation, and in what seems a fit of pique, Senator Feinstein has laid a land mine for an incoming Republican controlled Senate and House that will explode internationally and hamper collaborative intelligence gathering forever.

As in Australia, if the Left is unable govern, it will ensure the Right is penalised for winning. Obama will cause as much havoc as possible in the next two years using Executive Orders, as he has already done with illegal immigration.

Gillard and Obama’s overt sexual attraction was fostered in political treason and the ethical similarities are spooky.


That's Michael Jackson the paedophile !

get used to him alpinist. he will be on your TV every single day in 2 years time.

Wouldn't wanna be in the trenches with this woman? I would. Just to make sure she stays there.

Sheer nonsense LAB. The senate does not form government. IF your fantasy were true we'd be "enjoying" another lovely Liebor/Green fiasco.

@T5 - I have no idea what was meant by "I do not know you but UNDER any circumstances @ C @ D whether you belong to a media outlet good night". My only connection to media is winning the occasional phone-in contest on radio. Cheers.

No the Democrats now are ijust like the Nazis. Knowing that they cannot win, they are going to try to do as much damage as possible to make it exceptionally hard for the new regime to come in and clean up. rather like Gillard screwing Oz and Shorten waiting in the stands to take advantage of the backlash over the action required to clean up the mess.

How can it be a mandate if you don't have control of both houses of parliament? The coalition has a half mandate at best.

BlackDuck. Sorry for the belated reply.Went to bed early. I did that years ago mate, don't know what it would be like now.It was great at that time. Go and have a look, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
For billions of people of all races, religions and ethnicities the recent release of the CIA report on the agency’s activities over the past decade would have brought paroxysms of pure joy. This is an organ of state that is perceived as being a work-place for predominantly white, Christian males most of who are heterosexual and just to add the cherry on the cake they are Americans. This makes them members of probably the most loathed group of people on the planet and just so we can all despise them a little more now we have proof that they are hard on terrorists. So it’s time for a global media and political attack on the one organisation with the human, material and financial resources to combat worldwide terror. The fact that most governments today, particularly in the ‘developing world’, oversee daily abuses of human rights that make the CIA’s interrogations look like a pleasant Sunday-school outing, matters little to the apoplectic proletariat who seem to see white males as far more of a threat to the world than the Muslim throat-slitters swearing to bring their own special hell to be visited upon us on earth. The side of the coin few are interested in is that many of these people take exceptional risks and endure enormous hardship in the course of their assignment which is aimed at making the world (and not just America) a safer place for all of us who don’t subscribe to the view that God has ordered us to behead everyone who does not share the same religious philosophy. We wonder why they bother!

Available from the national library;: The Fabrication of Aboriginal History Vols 1 & 3.(2 not yet finished AFAIK) and The Killing of History (the one where I found the above IIRC)

Zathras do you have the title of the book, I would like to read it?

John Kerry big-noting himself at Lima blaming all developed countries who don't attack 'climate change' and calling them 'part of the problem'.

Keith Windschuttle apparently has conclusive evidence that it did indeed come from Indonesian fisherman (in the gulf I think and it then percolated down). I do have his books but have never had time to do more than skim through them TBPH. The mainland aborigines were far more resistant to white man's diseases than were the Tasmanians which shows up their frequent encounters with the Indonesians fishermen.

No one could understand where the small pox came from as no infection was noted on the journey over. The outbreak was 15 months after the First Fleet arrived at Sydney Cove with no reported cases amongst the Europeans. It was suspected that a possible source of infection could have come from the French ship that visited. Arthur Phillip investigated if any vials of smallpox were brought by the surgeon for the purpose of variolation (early form of immunisation), this proved negative. It is still not known how the smallpox arrived at the colony. There has been speculation that it spread along the coast from different tribes whose source of the infection is also unknown.

Patriot, I have been wanting to do that trip for years. Vehicle choice would be 4x4 MX5! Trouble is that my wife suffers badly from the bends. No, not those bends, the mountain ones!

Goes to show you, even back then men couldn't keep it buttoned up.


KF that fleet were the ones who gave smallpox to the aborigines. That has been proven beyond doubt now and the old story of the white man using infected blankets has been buried at last

The way it was reported was not done truthfully. The defenders of our young girls were blamed for it but this was not true. No one had the guts to tell it as it was and still won't.

Very good question Zathras. A bit like "Which is the most efficient country at defending its own people?" Not a trick question BUT Australia is NOT the right answer!!