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Friday, 19th October 2018

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YOU WOULDN’T BUY A USED CAR FROM THIS MAN why buy climate change?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The University of Queensland, along with a bevy of the ALP Left, was the perfect venue for guaranteed applause when President Obama promised to achieve something that he will never need to deliver.

Actually he said he would use his “best efforts” to achieve a 26 per cent decrease in greenhouse gasses buy 2025. But Barry won’t be here, he’ll be on the well-worn guest speaker circuit for ex-aspirational Presidents.

And, at the same time, in a magnificent feat of negotiating skill he was able to convince Chinese President Xi Jinping to promise to dramatically increase his CO2 emissions each and every year until 2030. Wow, that’s some sort of achievement and the ALP and the uni students went wild with excitement.

Well, the wrong people were applauding, it should have been the climate realists, because Obama and Xi Jinping had just admitted that global warming is a nonsense created by the UN’s corrupt IPCC and by the time the Paris Conference on Climate Change comes around next year even the far Left should have twigged to the fraud.

The IPCC reports that 97 per cent of scientists agree with anthropogenic “warming”. However they do not report that over 30,000 climate scientists have disagreed with them. You see, the IPCC deals in percentages while climate realists deal in numbers. Ninety seven per cent sounds a lot, but it’s not. It may well be 9.7 “scientists” out of 10 agree with the IPCC... with the 0.3 having lost their government grants for speaking out.

Here’s an interesting background to the massive climate fraud led by ex railway diesel mechanic, IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri (pictured):

1 The UN is insolvent: Half of Africa and South America and much of Europe don’t pay their dues and don’t intend to (this problem was exacerbated by the GFC). In 1988 the UN set out to remedy the financing shortfall with a massive climate scare.

2 The vehicle: With an average of seven climate catastrophes per year since Adam, the UN realised that these natural occurrences have never been blamed on anything!

3 Revenue source: World governments must pay 10% of the scam to the UN.

4 Incentives: World governments will each reap unprecedented receipts from what will effectively become a tax on carbon. Environmentalists and coal-hating Green minorities will naturally become allies in the scam and (small l) liberal governments will acquire funding for socialist programs and their dream of a meaningful redistribution of income. Promoters of the scam, like Al Gore, will be rewarded by becoming billionaires overnight and the whole process will be one step closer to a UN dominated world government.
[Witness Gillard’s and Milne’s plans for ridiculously ambitious social programs before they were thwarted by the abolition of massive carbon and mining taxes. “Socialism masquerading as Environmentalism”, said Tony Abbott. He was right!]

5 What exactly is this IPCC: It’s a group of disgruntled misfits that calls itself a scientific body. It is no such thing. Very few members are “scientists”. They are economists, bureaucrats, industry representatives, radical environmentalists, and far Left professional activists.

6 How does the IPCC operate: It collates papers from environmental socialists all over the world and writes up regular reports that reflect the common view. It will NOT accept papers from so called sceptics. Many “sceptical” scientists who express doubts about the IPCC’s alarmist views have found their government funding curiously cut.

7 What is a scientist?: There is no degree called “a scientist”. You can be a “scientist” in any field you want from climate to child behaviour and tree frogs. If you want be known as an official “scientist” simply write a paper on any subject your peer reviewers will agree with and have it officially peer reviewed, and... Voila! You’re a scientist and bumping shoulders with uni graduates who have agreed to nominate each other for professorships.

8 The IPCC’s record: Every single climate model of the IPCC has so far been proved wrong and is it any wonder? For example, a Dr. Daniel Scott, a contributing author to chapter 14 of the IPCC’s Working Group 2 travelled, all expenses paid, to Tunisia, Germany, Greece, France, England, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Scotland, Italy, South Africa, Las Vegas, and numerous other destinations to deliver papers on the effect climate change “might” have on golf tournaments, ice-fishing, alpine skiing and tourism events in Canada’s capital city. (Nice work if you can get it, and they all take turns in “getting” it.)

But the word is out that the IPCC is actually a fraudulent body of gooks who are now frantically pressing (small l) liberal leaders to up the ante and make meaningful commitments to the global warming scam.

Thus the determination of Obama to get global warming on the table prior to the final watershed scarefest in Paris. But it’s all coming apart at the seams.

Paris is the last hurrah for the desperate UN’s IPCC... and don’t they know it!


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Thank-you dodo - that has piqued my interest - I shall Google some of the names you've mentioned - questions spring to mind I'd like to ask - but I'll be patient for the moment .... I will also check out ancient mystery religions ......


Loretta Lynch – Gatekeeper
By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

[ Orly Taitz is a very credible source and has written many articles exposing idiocy, corruption and criminality in this current regime … ]

I started investigating Loretta Lynch, Obama’s pick for Attorney General and immediately could see an interesting connection. I read an article stating that when Loretta Lynch started Harvard, she co-founded an African-American sorority. There was only one other girl in this sorority, Sharon Malone. The name rang a bell..

The name of the wife of AG Holder is Sharon Malone, she is the sister of a known civil rights leader Vivien Malone -Jones (one of 2 black students who enrolled in all white University of Alabama).

I checked the age: both were born in 1959 and both went to Harvard at the same time. There were very few African American students in Harvard in 1977-1981, so I am rather certain that Loretta Lynch is an old college friend of Sharon Malone, the wife of the current AG Eric Holder.

Why this connection is important? Holder will be investigated by Congress for totally lawless gun trafficking to Mexican drug cartels in Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, VA scandal, DOJ, NSA, EPA, FEC and other scandals. Most importantly, Holder covered up Obama’s use of a stolen CT Social Security number of Harrison J. Bounel 042-68-4425 and Obama’s use of bogus IDs.

It seems that a long time college friend of Holder’s wife was picked up as a gate keeper to continue all of the cover up by Holder and shield Holder and Obama from criminal prosecution.


Dodo are you referring to the "illuminati" ?

I can only conclude by your statements that you lack a depth of understanding - not only in your own area of interest gleamed from hours of poring over conspiracy websites - but also in the human condition itself. Your shallow knowledge prohibits reasoned argument or an ability to explain that secret knowledge that you have - and nobody else knows or can understand.

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Well DJT, youre right about the Lima agreement and have enough courage to state it. Both labor and Liberals signed it. All bastards. How could our elected representatives agree to export our jobs to third world countries. What a prick of a thing to do. Losing our car industry and light manufacturing was allpart of a conspiracy waged against Australians by their own.

DJT, yes i know the difference between turnover, gross profit and net profit.

DJT, and yes i have been in management and small business.

DJT, we used to hire young unskilled workers for those jobs and give them on the job training.

DJT, name one single change in our laws federal, state or local over the last half century that has had a positive effect on the land of OZ. Also don't take my word for it go backwards over 3 decades of handsard records showing how other parties voted, whenever the democrats voted against a bill or amendment to a bill. all of them voted to back stab their own support base repeatedly.

DJT, economics policy on both sides has destroyed competition and given us monopolies, duopolies and cartels leading to the coles and woolworths economy.

DJT, when i was a boy all i ever heard about the education system was "brain drain" because young educated Aussies were allegedly going OS to work. over the last few decades all i have heard is "skills shortage", bring in more workers. none of this computes.

DJT, the liberals destroy small business, labour destroys the workers, nationals destroy the farmers and watermelons destroy the environment. what i struggle to understand is why people keep voting for the 4 major mistakes parties?

this has all been done to you BTW by the workers friend, left wing religion.

we have been educating Chinese and other Asians in western universities and colleges, so they don't need any of us for anything.

the jobs you are talking about will be in China for Chinese workers who are willing to work for lower pay and conditions than you. good luck with getting a 457 visa for China as well.

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