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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


And he appears out of step with Europe’s epiphany of an Islamic invasion. For five years Obama has expressed an abiding love of Islam and has refused to recognise an Islamic jihadist threat because his wife and kids are not at risk. So the rest of the free world is about to go it alone without the leader of the free world.

A political tectonic shift is underway in the good ol’ US of A and it could go either way so other nations must lead their own way out of this Islamic mess, including Australia. But with Turnbull looking a certainty we clearly have a long way to go.

It’s also hard to see how Donald Trump can lead anywhere when he doesn’t even understand that his apparent popularity has nothing to do with the Republican Party’s choice of candidate. “There will be a riot”, he said when told the GOP may not select him to oppose Hillary Clinton.

He ignores polling that consistently shows him as the only candidate who cannot beat her.

Achieving delegates is no more than a race against, in this case, another potential GOP candidate... and the Party hates Ted Cruz with the same passion as it despises Trump. They simply don’t want either and, as a legitimate Party, they have every right to select who they bloody well want as their candidate in the same way as Australia’s Lib preselection panels are currently choosing Lib candidates!

When Trump finally faces New York and the Latino, Green/Left, homosexual paradise of California his delegate confidence will have taken a hiding. The US pre-selection process is like no other. It is rugged and designed to find every fault line in every candidate, and it has certainly done that.

Even if Hillary can avoid a Grand Jury within the next three weeks she would still have trouble beating the likes of a lonely Kevin Rudd who is still hanging around New York looking for a few corrupt African “friends” to vote him a cushy UN Sec. General spot.

(Al-Baghdadi would have a better chance than Uncle Kev.)

Anyway Cruz and Trump don’t get it... they are simply part of the GOP’s preselection process and to lambaste the Grand Old Party will not endear them to the Party elders any more than will recommending the deportation of 12 million illegal migrants.

Apparently the GOP would rather suffer Grandma Hillary than endure Donald Trump. True!


they should refer to it as 'civilization day' after all they have a much longer life span now, 3 guaranteed feeds a day, housing, medical benefits, etc. trouble is they want it for nothing..

The spell is broken: Vaxxed will screen in New York Friday
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Vaxxed: the spell is broken: Angelika Theater will screen it in NYC

By Jon Rappoport

Breaking....I've just been informed that Vaxxed, the film about the vaccine-autism connection you can't now booked at the Angelika Film Center in New York.

It will start screening this Friday and go through the next Thurs.

If you live anywhere near NY, get there and see it. Help pack the house. END THE CENSORSHIP.


yes well he was dragged into criticising islam..and so far has yet to mention Israel, even in passing...

Pel, I just cant take Alex serious any more no matter how I look at him. I know he puts out allot of real info but ..... ?

interesting marco...alex jones has the same problems of associations... Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.

Yes Micky, I too smell a rat. Not all is revealed.

Larry's been busy, new story up.

Obumma could be facing 10 years in the slammer.

Two sticks and a dilly bag, 50,000 years of 'development'.

Check this out about Hitlary

I hardly think calling Obumma the leaderof the free world is accurate. Maybe it should be Putin.

K1, not your editing, at all. That is exactly as the phrase appears in the article. That is how the wrong idea/impression is conveyed. The modern MSM reporters have no idea of proper phraseology, or even spelling, for that matter.

Keeping OK, B. New med has given me a lift. Take care.

In today's Daily Telegraph the black intruder who was killed was Mr Skater-Dickson, and the white home owner charged with murder is just plain Batterham. What if the roles were reversed?


Frankly, as long as their Chinese masters are happy - and in Turnbulls case, even his own in-laws - this tawdry, flawed and corrupted Government couldn't care less what the rest of us think.

What a tragedy we are watching unfold as our great nation is being destroyed.

How long before they peel off our skins, sell them as leather and still tell us we have a hide?



What is the secret that Arthur Sinedinos and Annastacia Palaszczuk seem to be sharing these days?

It’s a secret seems so big and so explosive that Sinedinos apparently doesn’t want to remember a thing.

His head-scratching, eyes rolling, heavy-sighing performance at the ICAC investigation into the ‘donations’ was Hollywood Oscar winning material.

Paul Nicolaou, the party's former chief fund-raiser, told the inquiry that Sinodinos was chairing a finance committee meeting in 2010 when the idea of washing ­illicit donations through the FEF was first raised.

Sinodinos said that if he had been present when this was floated "it went over my head".

The Sydney Morning Herald reported

..”His evidence, in which he denied any knowledge concerning the unlawful channelling of developer donations to the state party through the FEF, had come after his previous embarrassing testimony about his lack of knowledge of huge donations to the party coming from Australian Water Holdings when he was deputy chairman and later chairman of the company.

"Did you know at the Liberal Party end in your capacity as Treasurer that Australian Water Holdings was making donations to the Liberal Party?"

"Not that I can recollect at the time."

"Does that mean you may have been told that you've since forgotten it?"

"I cannot recollect one way or the other."

"Does that suggest to you that you did not know that the company of which you were Deputy Chairman was making donations to the political party of which you were Treasurer?"

"It was not a process I involved myself in."

Following his disastrous ICAC performance, Sinedinos was quietly taken out of the Abbott Cabinet stable and put in the “political paddock” until things cooled down.

Prime Minister Turnbull then brought Sinedonos back into the fold to the extent that he is not only now Cabinet Secretary but a part of the trusted ‘Inner Circle’ that is running the nation.

It was only yesterday that PM Turnbull assured the nation exactly how important Sinedinos was to both himself, and to the running of the nation.

Lying low hasn’t been enough, however.

Two days ago, the SMH reminded readers of evidence that had been presented at the ICAC hearings in relation to an email trail

…”Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos was copied into a series of emails in which party officials boasted about a large property developer donation being paid into the secretive slush fund at the centre of a political storm.

While the emails do not demonstrate any wrongdoing because they relate to donations for the 2010 federal campaign rather than a NSW campaign, they show that Senator Sinodinos was exposed to the party's practice of channelling property developer donations through the Free Enterprise Foundation.

The electoral commission is withholding $4.4 million in public funding from the NSW Liberal Party until it reveals who made $693,000 worth of donations that came via the FEF and helped bankroll its successful 2011 campaign. The commission concluded the FEF was used to "channel and disguise" prohibited donations.

While Senator Sinodinos maintains he has done nothing wrong, Labor is calling for him to stand aside.

In the July 2010 emails, chief fund-raiser Paul Nicolaou tells party figures Michael Yabsley, Brian Loughnane, Simon McInnes and Mark Neeham – as well as Sinodinos, then honorary treasurer and finance director – that Meriton Apartments developer Harry Triguboff had donated $50,000 into the FEF.

In the emails, first made public as part of the ICAC hearings, Mr Nicolaou said 50 per cent would go to the "national federal campaign" and 50 per cent to the "NSW federal campaign".

Mr Yabsley responded: "That's great news in relation to Harry. We will show this as a confirmed pledge for $25k."

The men also discuss $250,000 in donations from Brickworks' Lindsay Partridge – $100,000 for the federal division and $50,000 each for NSW, Queensland and WA for "their respective federal campaigns".

While it is illegal for NSW political parties to take property developer donations for state campaigns the rules for federal campaigns are not so strict. Property developer money can be used by the NSW branch for federal campaigns…”

So there is the Liberal Party admitting that funds were being channelled across to the States to assist in their “Federal election campaigns” – not State, because that would be “illegal”.

The line is fine, of course, and public credulity is now stretched by the acidic erosion of cynicism.

So back to the question: what secret is so important that the NSW Liberal Party is willing to risk $4.4 million dollars by protecting?

Right now the NSW Liberal party is still considering whether or not it should reveal who made the donations to its donor vehicle Free Enterprise Foundation.

A failure to do so means that the Australian Electoral Commission will withhold $4.4 funding due to go back to the Liberal Party.

Labor’s Senator Sam Dastyari noted on a Sky interview that Labor knows exactly who the donors are because the donors tend to donate to both major parties – and right now, they are talking about it.

Dastyari also admitted that Labor has carefully studied the Liberal funding model so they know exactly how it works.

That means they know who donates to who, how much they donate, why they donate and, more importantly, what they can expect to get for their money.

And that is the most explosive secret in Australian politics today.

So let’s examine how many times this ‘secret’ has been diligently protected over the last year or so.

In February 2015, it was revealed that former Premier Campbell Newman, former deputy Premier Jeff Seeney, former Treasurer Tim Nichols and former Head of the Premiers Department, Jon Greyson, had suddenly dropped ALL their defamation cases against Alan Jones for claiming that the LNP approved the New Hope Stage Three expansion after massive donations by New Hope Coal and its subsidiary companies Brickworks and Soul Patterson?

The Australian newspaper reported “at the time, Mr Newman said it was going to be ‘the biggest legal defamation action in the last 30 years”.

They related to approval of New Hope’s coal mine at Acland on the Darling Downs.

In their claim, Mr Newman and Mr Seeney were allegedly defamed by the false imputation that Acland stage three was approved because of a $700,000 ‘bribe’’ to the LNP, it was claimed..”.

So here’s the big question. Were Newman, Seeney, Nichols and Grayson called in by the shadowy Masters of the Universe at LNP Headquarters and told to drop their defamation actions because taking the defamation case to court meant that Jones would put witnesses in the box in order to expose exactly how the Liberal funding model really worked?

According to our sources, it gets even better.

Why did Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk then rush to approve the New Hope Stage Three Expansion a mere three weeks after Lock the Gate had submitted a formal complaint about the massive money trail between the company, its subsidiaries and the Liberal Party and requested a full Crime and Corruption Commission Investigation?

The Lock the Gate submission was fairly simple and seemingly to the point:

..”The Acland coal mine proponent, New Hope Corporation, and its parent company Washington H Soul Pattinson, donated approximately $950,000 to the Liberals over a time period in which the Newman Government reversed its opposition to the Acland Stage 3.
New Hope is also the proponent of a second mine, the Colton coal mine near Maryborough, which was also apparently fast-tracked in the last year of the Newman Government.
The ALP’s promised CCC inquiry into links between political donations and Newman Government decision has not yet commenced..”

The Crime and Corruption Commission did not hand down its final decision until December 2015, four months after Premier Palaszczuk had already approved the expansion in August 2015.

Unsurprisingly, the decision of the CCC was that they would not proceed with any investigation into the New Hope / Liberty Party money trail.

The unseemly haste by which Premier Palaszczuk suddenly approved the New Hope State Three Expansion meant that Acland farmers had little choice but to pursue New Hope through the Land Court as a final last resort.

The farmers – along with Lock the Gate and lawyers from the Environmental Defenders office – are now in the Supreme Court in Brisbane fighting a massive Army of New Hopes lawyers and QC’s.

They are so vastly out-gunned an out-numbered in any military sense they have been fed to the wolves.

So what dirty little secret did Premier Palaszczuk and the Labor Party know about that made her rush the decision to approve the Stage Three expansion before all legal and investigative avenues had been fully explored?

Is there in fact a shonky ‘gentleman’s agreement” between the Labor Party and the LNP that exists in order to “protect” each other’s big private donors so they can maintain the Two Party System?

Has the Queensland Labor Party already been funded by any company that New Hope Chairman Robert Milner or members of his Board are associated with in any form– such as Soul Patterson or Brickworks?

Has any promise of massive funding been made to the Palaszczuk Government or the Queensland Labor Party by any individual or company associated with either Robert Milner, Soul Patterson, Brickworks or New Hope Group?

Will Premier Palaszczuk and the shadowy Masters of the Universe in Labor Headquarters also suffer the same sudden onset of “Sinedinos Syndrome’ amnesia if they are investigated?

The leaks are coming out thick and fast - and the documents have already made their way across town.

Time for the lifeboats, boys and girls.

The climate in South America is perfect at this time of year

Prosecutor : Did you use excessive force, Dirty Harry : I used everything I had.
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