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Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There has been little joy in the Liberal Party lately and Turnbull has just given Shorten a free kick with another case of massive misjudgment equal only to Gillard’s and Rudd’s. 

Turnbull had clearly decided that Hillary Clinton would win the US election, thus the fawning selfies with Obama and trusting his deal that over 1200 of Australia’s illegal arrivals from Iraq, Iran and Syria would be accepted by the US under Hillary.

Trump’s extreme vetting will now be more extreme regarding those 1250, and many of them have already demonstrated that they have no intention to settle in the US and therefore when asked if they intend to bomb the White House, their answers will be, “yes sir, you bet”, making Trump's decision an easy one for him and an embarrassing one for Turnbull.

Of the rest, Trump will not be admitting very many, leaving Oz with exactly the same problem. Turnbull’s US deal prematurely arranged with Obama is now in tatters when Australia should have been king of the kids when, thanks to Abbott, it came to stemming the tide of illegal immigrants.

The coming elections in WA and QLD will indicate where the major parties lie. Both Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernardi will be ejaculating in their jeans over the demise of the Left Liberals combined with the unelectability of Shorten. 

Hanson has been taking huge bites out of both majors and the Green vote has diminished to where it will be of little help to Shorten. And I somehow believe many Hanson preferences will miss the Libs.

Turnbull has cuddled up to Shorten’s carbon tax (he laughingly calls it an “emissions intensity scheme”) where he feels safe from stray bullets, but that hasn’t allayed the Libs’ Right of the Bernardi brigade. It has blood in its nostrils while Abbott supporters are doing cartwheels across the floor.

As said here in the previous article, prior to the Trump phone call, “TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR BOTH... the Right is now the future”. The trouble is that everyone in Canberra is running to the Left despite Trump and Europe moving the world to the Right.

No matter what your colour, it’s difficult to see Turnbull lasting more than a few months. This is his second go at leadership and ugly echoes of Godwin Gretch (above) and Utegate reverberate in the halls of the House. He does not deserve a third go. But his replacement presents an insoluble quandary. It can’t be Abbott, it can’t be Bishop and it certainly won’t be Bernardi. 

The Lib caucus has settled into a polarised hatred of all three that could sound a death knell for the Liberal Party.

Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison are waning stars with no other saviours skulking in the wings. 

Turnbull didn’t see Trump winning the election, but neither did Shorten when he unwisely said the Don was “barking mad”. 

Betting on an election can be politically perilous.


Yeah Malcolm, you dickhead you really backed a good one this time, that's why Donald gave you a smashing!

We need Political Change in Australia, and I don't just mean a Real Conservative Party,option, I mean an Ethical Change in direction, and a return to the "Majority" of Australians getting value for money from their Elected Leaders and not the "Vocal Agenda driven minorities on the fringes", who are blackmailing, elected officials (and that's exactly what it is) to get what they want, at the Financial and Moral expense of the Majority, who by definition are Constitutionally the ones who are meant to decide what is best for the Nation.

Slightly OT. I read today that both the media and the liberal party are accusing Bernadi of betraying the Liberal Party. FFS both the media AND the Liberal party ( & as always the Laybia Pardy) have their collective heads so far up each others ares holes that they cannot see this... Collectively it is them that have betrayed the Australian people. They have NO hope of ever seeing this. Does not Brexit and Trump hilight this??? Dumb and dumber!!

Another lefty bites the dust !

I'll say it "inflicts significant harm on American business". No more cheap captive labour, supported by the middle class taxpayer. Bugger.

I'll bet Valentino ain't impressed.

If we can get rid of Islam and Judaism[Zionist] [which controls the world behind the scenes] we would have a 99% chance at a peaceful World

Mate, it was a female cop sergeant, NSW I think that rushed into a 'so called' siege situation where a bloke suffering mental illness was threatening self harm with a kitchen knife in his kitchen. She rushed in shouting "taser,taser" and promptly shot him centre of mass with a Glock 40 cal. Tell me cops know what they're doing with guns.

"I wuz cleaning it and it went off". Useless pricks in uniform without a proper appreciation of firearms safety. Moreso evident in the AFP than most State police departments BTW.

Thanks for the link.

lol sailor..I saw it straight up..but you and I seem to be the only ones..oh well lol

Hey Townbike , how about a quicky , how much , and where ? Please bring an extra brown paper bag for me .

Well worth watching in the context of "can it be reversed?": A prophetic interview with Sir James Goldsmith in 1994 Pt1

Thanks CC. Good one. I've posted that elsewhere. But then it was nothing like today when the main owners of Capital have deserted the nation states. This is a new phenomenon. That's why ALL the "Conservative" parties are torn asunder by the contradictions, the dissonance, within. It's up to the common people to turn it around. The motive is there because the conditions of life of the working people of the West arose on the soil of the newly emerged nation states, it is from that soil alone that they were able to achieve their economic liberation, NEVER virtually, never on the Never Never, of the Will o' the Wisp of some fictitious Unity arising from a Cosmopolitan false equality, when all the human chips are thrown to the winds of happenstance and the Plutocracy decides where they'll land.

It IS being reversed as we speak Ndp. But will this be permanent? To answer this we have to understand how it came about, its genesis. It arose from pressure exerted by a dominant section of the Plutocracy (Wall Street, the City of London &etc) on captured nascent Global institutions like the World Bank, IMF, WTO, GATT, assorted UN bodies. They gradually changed the settings (tariffs and other forms of national protectionism, bilateral trade agreements, currency controls exerted by nation states etc etc) to those compatible with a basic plan of shifting production of manufactures to cheap labour platforms, often walled industry "free trade zones'. This is where it started - and it was in the Philippines, Taiwan etc, i.e. peripheral to China. Then Nixon's visit and the striking of deals, kite flying initially; then the shake-up in the internal policies of the Communist Party of China. The end result was that China became the No1 ‘platform’ and the rest is history. Capital could freely flow wherever labor and other costs were cheapest. A race to the bottom and huge profits for the most mobile forms of capital, Finance Capital. And because capital has to earn on average the same kind of return at home or abroad, those forms of capital that are stuck to the Western nation need to have cheap Third World labour and conditions – or at least something approaching that. All this can be unravelled, but the prior state will never be achieved. It will be a rebalancing. Any moves will be, are, resisted with the stench of self-interest. But the process has created diverse interests, Winners and Losers, and has had profound cultural and other ‘non-economic’ spin-offs. Out of all of this there is a political constituency from the leverage of which the process can be somewhat unwound. Civil Wars? Perhaps, We’ll see.

Can it be reversed? That's the question.

New post up.

Dems: Trump shouldn’t fight “Islamic extremism” only, that will offend Muslims...“Dems: Trump ‘wrongheaded’ on Islamic extremism,” by Mark Hensch, The Hill, February 3, 2017:

A trio of House Democrats say President Trump is making a mistake pushing for counter-extremism efforts to focus only on radical Islam.

The Trump administration is reportedly pushing to reshape a government program aimed at combating extremist ideologies to focus solely on the Islamic variety.

“Such a move is wrongheaded insofar as persons who commit acts of violent extremism are inspired by diverse political, religious and philosophical beliefs, and are not limited to any single population or region,” the three lawmakers wrote in a Friday letter to Acting Attorney General Dana Boente.

“Changing the name to ‘Countering Islamic Extremism’ or ‘Countering Radical Islamic Extremism’ would have damaging effects to our national security by feeding into the propaganda created by terrorist groups and child domestic and international diplomatic relations,” they added.“Additionally, it could further alienate and create distrust with the Muslim-American communities when the program depends on close cooperation with law enforcement.”

Friday’s letter was signed Democratic Reps. Bennie Thompson (Md.), Eliot Engel (N.Y.) and John Conyers (Mich.)….

Courts lose the run of themselves
What sort of a crazy situation applies in the USA when an obscure judge, whose job involves Federal cases only in the western half of Washington state can rescind a Presidential Executive Order and extend his ruling to the whole country? Seems insane to me. But it reflects a trend in all White countries whereby courts increasingly usurp the power of elected representatives, in effect making the law as well as adjudicating on it. Just say a law or Executive Order is 'unconstitutional' and everybody must go back to base.

Being largely unaccountable they seldom hesitate to intervene and make rulings that are both unpopular and illogical. The execrable European Court Of Human Rights is probably the worst with every Third World criminal due for expulsion guaranteed a right-to-remain verdict. And what about Brexit, where the (((judges))) decided to do away with all this democratic voting nonsense? There's an admiring quote ascribed to Courts lose the run of themselvesUS Chief Justice Earl Warren (arguably the guy who started the rot) as he assessed potential rulings: 'Is it fair?' he asked. Might sound nice but that criterion has nothing to do with the US Supreme Court or any court for that matter. Their job lies exclusively in interpreting the law as laid down by the relevant legislature. If they start making the law, which in effect they're doing, the whole system of checks and balances collapses.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, capture of the judicial system ranks high on the nation-wreckers' agenda with Saul Alinsky, the Frankfurt School, Grampsci and even the Protocols Of Zion all recognising its importance. Combining this power with the broader nexus of Jewish interests is capable of achieving extraordinary results, as my case study on Yonkers shows.

Incidentally I find it interesting that when a Federal court in Texas issued an injunction halting Obama’s executive amnesty order, the administration simply ignored it and continued as before. Which raises the question of what Mr. Trump should do now. In fact I think the nation-wreckers might, just might, have shot themselves in the foot. If the President conducted a media blitz, asking 'who runs the country, elected officials or judges?' it might not reverse the decision but it would highlight the extraordinary power wielded by unelected judges.

He could also of course simply issue a new similarly-worded Executive Order and recommence enforcing the immigration law while the DoJ appeals the current Federal ruling.

In any event my bones tell me that if this gets played right the ruling could end up like the 'fake news' meme as a major own-goal.

The ABC Monday Night Leftard Lineup returns, and since events have overtaken them on their summer break, it's time to catch up on their Trump bagging. Too late, losers. It's all happening. And from over here, there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Shaking their fists in impotent outrage like cretins in Shelbyville: "Shake harder, boy!"