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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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... so now get rid of the Halal Tax

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Toasted cheese with a dollop of Vegemite was my favourite late night snack, but I leave off the Vegemite now that it’s owned by the American company Mondelez International and sports a little “Halal Certified” notice. No worries, my Aussie owned and made Bega cheese still bubbled under the griller while the jug boiled for a strong cup of tea. 

That was until I noticed this funny little Arabic hieroglyph on the back of my Bega cheese packet too. Bloody hell, first my Vegemite and now my Bega cheese! No worries, I'm happy with plain toast.

I wasn't game to go through the whole fridge or I'd have starved.

Trying to find Aussie tucker on the shelves is hard enough but trying to find tucker that is not Islamically sanctioned is near impossible, and it’s meant to be. 

An insidious and illegal protection racket called “Halal Certification” has worked its way through our food chains without us knowing a thing about it.

Australian manufacturers and importers of food and drink are actually paying Islamic halal certifiers up to $30,000 per month for the honour of displaying this little Arabic sign.

So, who are these Islamic bastards who are adding to my grocery bill? Well, the "Indonesian Council of Ulama", MUI, (which also orders Fatwa rulings) is the Mafia style Islamic body organising the multi-million dollar racket that forces Australian companies to pay outrageous amounts to have their food certified as halal.

One major Aussie meat processor, who refused to be identified, claimed he had been told to pay $27,000 a month for halal certification, which of course was expected to be passed on to the consumer.

Mr Stephen Kelly, an executive of the Japanese-owned Nippon Meat Packers in Queensland, said last year that MUI had banned his abattoirs from selling meat into Indonesia because he had dealt with MUI’s opposition for certification. 

MUI’s opposition is the Australian certifier, "Halal Food Services" (AHFS), who had undercut MUI’s price for certification and the Indonesian company apparently calls the tune when it comes to blackmailing Australian food companies.

From what I can discover there are halal certifiers in all countries with South East Asia being regulated from Indonesia and the governing body’s world headquarters are encamped in Saudi Arabia. There are State branch halal authorities operating in Australia 

Islamic websites claim all money (estimated in the billions) goes to building Islamic schools but where it actually goes after leaving Australia I shudder to guess.

The funny thing is a couple of years ago Aussie shoppers woke up to the scam and began avoiding halal certified food, so all these little Arabic motifs started disappearing. 

Thinking this might lead to some sort of Fatwa I called a few food manufacturers. None was prepared to speak to me, except Arnott’s, who said they were attempting to resist some "standover tactics". 

One distributor, who asked not to be named, was prepared to offer an opinion: “They really don’t care if the halal sign is there or not, they only insist it’s on the exported product and as long as the supplier pays the monthly fee everything’s sweet. If they refuse to pay, then their exports are at risk.”

Local clerics arrange for Muslims to flood Aussie food processors with intimidating letters and phone calls threatening that unless they pay fees to become halal certified, some, “pretty bad stuff will happen”.

When contacted last year over the scam, the Federal Department of Agriculture said it had, “no power over religious certifiers”. But another spokesman said, and get this one:

"The Australian Government values our close relationship with MUI and will continue to work together with them to overcome issues that affect the mutually beneficial trade in red meat to Indonesia."

I have asked the Dept of Agriculture if they have an update on their response to halal certification, but am yet to receive a reply. I have also left phone messages with Barnaby Joyce but it seems halal certification is an uncomfortable subject.

An Islamic Council response? 

"Hope this will clear the misconception of Halal issue for all intent and purpose. 
"The Halal Food Authority promotes animal welfare, adherence to food safety, food hygiene and quality in compliance with the teachings of the Islamic jurisprudence and faith." Blah blah blah, as soon as got to the animal welfare bit I knew it was a load of Islamic camel droppings. 

So it’s up to you Tony, no new legislation needed, no Senate shit, just an appreciation of what is already thoroughly illegal and what is hurting Australian shoppers. Of course it may also hurt relations with our lovely Islamic friends.

Or is that the real problem?


Australia the free country, we'll not any more. You cannot buy one brand of bread or one brand of yoghurt that is not Halal certified. I for one will not purchase any brands that pay an Islamic tax. Muslims have a choice in what they buy because of their beliefs. I'm an Australian & I don't get a choice in what I can buy because of what I believe. How is that fair. Wake up Australia. This Islamic religion is gradually creeping in & want Sharia Law to dominate us all. Buy the Halal Choices booklet which lists Halal certified products & please avoid these brands. I know it will be hard, but people power might be the only answer. The government is certainly doing nothing to stop this. It's our kids future we have to think of.

The government is going to have to get rid of this insidious tax on us. There is NO OTHER WAY! It's time for the Abbott government to stand up for Aussies - NOW! These 'stand over' tactics are BS and illegal!!!

I just found out that my favourite yoghurt Jalna is Hala Certified. It is not on the label so I rang them and they confirmed it. After announcing my dismay to them they suggested I email my concerns. We all need ti bombard these companies with our complaints until they realise there are more non Halal people in this country and that by ignoring us they lose us as customers Cadbury, Nestles, Coles Brands ,including milk.....Fight and join with these people to have the sign on all the food

About to send this off :- It has just been brought to my attention that **** Cheese have Halil Certification obviously to please the minority Moslem population of this country and no doubt to improve the sale of your export products to countries with a majority population following that religion.
It is my understanding that Halil Certification comes at a cost to your Company which no doubt is passed on to your customers.

Whilst I am aware it is your perogative and your right to price your product as you see fit, I now find that the price of your cheese products has escalated beyond that which I find reasonable and therefore will no longer be purchasing same after many years as a loyal customer. Perhaps this will be of no concern to you as Halil Certification seems the way to go. I would however suggest you be bold enough to enlarge the minute Halil logo on the wrapping rather than require customers to use a microscope for identification.

Yours Faithfully


Recently found your loved product is Halal Certified

Given it up cold turkey.

Now there's a little yearning ?

Then don't worry !



I boycott ALL "Halal" stamp infected products, and that includes - grotesquely - Cadbury EASTER EGGS. What next? The declaration that "Jesus was a muslim"? Oh, that declaration was made already.

In case anyone has any doubts.

Dick Smith has OZEMITE. Its not as good as Vegemite but it works for me and I know I'm not helping the Muslim Cretins.

I aslo stopped buying Vegemite and Bega products and even Cadburys Dairy milk. The sad thing is I really miss these products but I wait in hope that these companys will wake up them selves. Surelly in Australia there are more non Muslims than Muslims so surely what we want should matter. But until we as a non Halal nation band together and boycott these companies it will not change. More people need to be aware of what is happening and what it means. We as a nation must demand non Halal food.

I wrote to A Current Affair asking them to do a full story on this subject so that this information gets to more people but I have heard nothing back


Try to suck the moslem bum then all you'll get is shit !

10 Rotherham councillors were UKIP and just as guilty of doing nothing. UKIP are being raised to saviour status. Read our papers and no matter what the subject, someone will write vote UKIP to stop this. If you google labour 25 you will see that 25 (but now more) labour politicians have convictions for child porn or child abuse. Tory and Liberals also have abusers in their midst and have covered it all up. When you read this you see why they were protecting Asian rapists all over UK not just Rotherham.

Thanks Lauretta. @InTheFarQ You've nailed it mate.

Lying (Taqiyya and Kitman) Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to "smooth over differences."

There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

He says he is an Australian Muslim - rather than Muslim Australian. I see a difference between the two.

I totally agree D.

Well Hermes it just goes to show how nice people can be easily decieved. The faith has palpably not become damaged at all. It is what it is and it's his Islamic duty to lie to us about it. If he were truly to acknowledge the problem he would become an apostate. He's just telling dhimmis what he knows they want to hear.

Everyone must stand up for the things they believe in, don't sit back and think you cannot make a difference. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Nicely said Edmund Burke.

Easy solution, mandate that any shop seller or manufacturer of Halal products,except those that cater only to Muslims, must carry the same products without Halal certification! We are being conned into buying them a business is being stood over into offering them. Then see which sells. It's called choice.