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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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… oh hang on, there’s always the tabloids

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


While boss maggot of the Greens, Di Natale, was busy implying the new Liberal Senator, Major General Jim Molan was a war criminal, the other ex-Slater & Gordon maggot, Adam Bandt, was busy claiming Molan was also a white supremacist!

          Molan a White Supremacist? Crumbs! The Greens appear supremely and                                                                 exclusively white!                     

Simultaneously at a doorstop interview, Labor’s Tony Burke was being asked to comment on the Deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce’s infidelity. “Oh”, spluttered Burke. “I have always refused to comment on other Parliamentarians’ private lives”. And that answer was with good reason.

You see, Tony Burke who survives in Parliament on the largest Muslim component of any electorate in the country, charged taxpayers $49,000 plus a stack of “extras” for a first-class ministerial trip around Europe, accompanied by his “senior adviser”.

It makes Speaker Bishop's chopper expense a bloody joke... and it was devoid of an Abbott defence she deserved.

                                     Selfies at a Canberra dirty weekend

Hmmm, suddenly Burke’s office mail girl became his “Senior Advisor” in an attempt to justify the expense to taxpayers of an extra marital whirl wind shag!

Oh, and let’s not forget the other Green maggot, Nick McKim, (above right) who decided it was fair enough to bonk an amenable Tassie Green Minister, Cassy O’Connor (above left) who promptly left her kids to her home-caring struggling artist husband, Steve.   

But where were the Page One tabloid splashes then?

Bill Shorten had hot flushes over GG Quentin Bryce’s little girl, who was also married. He notified his wife Deborah (above left), he was dumping her via text while he was attending a Collingwood footy match.

Of course we shouldn't mention the young girl he raped at a Young Labor Conference reported exclusively here on the home page.

               Bob Hawke was an excellent role model for Shorten... 

The silver bodgie had an open black book of available sheilas. 

But Shorten's sheilas weren't always as willingly available as Hawke's... apart from Health Minister, Nicola Roxon of course.

Okay I’m letting the cat out of the bag here, but I personally knew the extra marital partners of most Ministers, no, not backbenchers, Ministers...and Deputy PMs! 

Why they (Ministers) trusted me to entertain their Canberra sheilas while they were back with their wives, I can’t be sure, but maybe it was because, despite me being in the media, I was also not averse to the occasional extra marital affair myself. A sort of insurance policy maybe.

I have never disclosed any names of either sex, and I won't now, except for those already exposed.

Humans have always been attracted to other humans especially when one of those humans is bereft of their normal partner for long periods of time, such as when Canberra’s Parliament is in session. It didn't mean they stopped loving their wives...but their wives would never have understood that.

It happens… it has always happened, it’s not evil, it’s not treacherous… it’s normal! And it has been that way for millennia. What is evil is when supercilious wankers, who could never attract an extra marital partner anyway, become piously critical of others who could and did.

             The extra beds we sleep in, sooner or later need to be made! 

There is always a price to be paid, innocent people are badly hurt. Marital transgressions are extremely costly, and when kids are involved it can be tragic, despite the contention that "kids are resilient". They are never that resilient.

So if you have a stern word for Barnaby, better retweet it to the entire Parliament,

...and to me.


The Great Aussie Bastard

January 24...
This is a comment written by a John on the Daily Telegraph page who has an Aboriginal ancestor.
On 26 January, 1788, when the First Fleet ships unloaded their ~1200 convicts, Royal Marine guards and officials, not a shot was fired.
As they looked around what's now Circular Quay they saw nothing other than bush.
Not a single building, planted field, domesticated plant or animal - nothing at all. It was the same across the continent.
It was "terra nullius" - a vacant land.
There was no Aboriginal Army to defeat in battle. There was nothing to claim as the spoils of victory.
There was just wild bush. The few Aborigines who came out to have a look at these strange people, were completely illiterate and innumerate and those on the south side of the

How is Barnaby any worse than Bob Hawks. And according to the ABC Bob was more than acceptable to be PM


Looks like we have an agent provocateur?

di Total Nutter and Bandt (=should be Banned) need to be shut up or discouraged from their hateful utterances!

In the photo with Hawke, Billy looks like a down syndrome child.

Send this GREEN GRUB back to his fathers land of Sicily and let him ride his Donkey in the mountains and get some fresh air the DUMB ARSE.

Di Nutella has one punchable face.

The Green mob in the picture all love Black dick.

Time for a Mark Dice fix.

This story is far too hot for the MSM to touch, but if all Australians read it Di Natale and his side kicks could not win a seat in the Visitors Gallery. I urge you to please read it and cut and past to your facebook page.

Richard0 Luiji Di Natale . The Greens party leader who loves to tell us Aussies that we live on stolen land and our nation isn’t legitimate and that we should give it all back to the aboriginals.
Richard0 Luiji Di Natale. The son of Italian immigrants. That right. His parents fought against us during the war. No one in his family fought or died for the country he is critical of while he is taking advantage of it.
Richard0 Luiji Di Natale. The Greens party leader who despises Australians. In particular white Australians and in particular wealthy and middle class Australians and would happily rid the average Aussie family of their privately owned 474 to 665 square meters of “stolen land”.
He owns 50 acres of “stolen land” in Victoria's Otway Ranges . Not only does he own it. He failed to declare that he owned it when he entered politics. And he is required by law to declare it. He claimed that he’d forgotten that he’d purchased his 2.3 million dollar property. Like putting spare change in a drawer I suppose. One forgets it’s there.
But wait there’s more!!
This “champion of human rights” and especially the rights of foreigners in Australia. had two au pairs on his property. An au pair is a young foreign person, typically a woman, who helps with housework or childcare in exchange for food, a room, and some pocket money.
And Greens party leader. Richard0 Luiji Di Natale. The champion of humanity, in his own mind, paid them a massive $3.75 an hour to help with his family .
Mind you on top of Richard0 Luiji Di Natale’s $283,632 salary plus bonuses and quirks per year from the tax payer. He would also claim that massive $3.75 per hour for his nannies, back on tax as he’s a mobile politician.
His advert for the au pair read
“ family of four is looking for an extra pair of hands around the place to entertain the lads [the couple have two boys] and help with cooking and general domestic duties". "Will take couples but weekly wage remains the same."
That’s $150 a week for two people. Or $1.88 an hour each.
Even if we disregard his hypocrisy in being critical of our nation and the land we live on, he’s even failing at being a communist, which is what the Greens are.
Richardo Luiji Di Natale is a hypocrite, a capitalist and he takes advantage of those on working visa’s as well as the Australian tax payer.

I sent a reply to the sender of the email containing the affidavit asking if he knew of the outcome. His reply was, "Ask Wayne". That means snail mail.

One of the best sex scandals was Jan Murray's desk polishing performance.

Tony Abbott would have done much better than Turnbull because he had a good story to tell while Turnbull could only mutter about Abbott's achievements - who he had kniffed in the back. Turnbull is a hopeless politician and a worse PM. But Bill would be the death of the country.

There have been a number of attempts to question the validity of councils Rin yet I have never heard an outcome. I despise them, in my area the local ranger has more power of search and seizure than the rozza!! about a misuse of power!......If there is a movement to take these sycophants down sign me up!!

Maggots are useful.

That I am still yet to find out OJ.

Interesting how did he go?

Mrs Joyce, is no ugly wugly by the pic's of her. A nice looking lady indeed. I hope she moves on and has a relationship with someone that appreciates her. Barnaby is going to regret this big time. I do not like Hinch, but what he said about Barnaby is spot on.