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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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... it’s total bunkum!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


What will it take to convince the true believers of global warming that they have been led up a garden path? A garden path paved in gold for the scammers of the UN, the IPCC and all those set for a windfall in carbon credit trading. 

Ban Ki-moon is throwing everything he has at the failing global warming hoax in one last ditch stand to justify his tenure as Secretary General which ends next year.

Let’s get this matter cleared up once and for all. The IPCC is not in any way a scientific body (it forecast the Himalayas would be devoid of snow for Christ’s sake) it is no more than a publicity arm of outrageous warming lobbyists and is stacked with well-paid misfits who are also set for a windfall if they can pull this one off. 

The IPCC’s job is to collate, and present as fact, papers of the pro-warming nutters holed up in universities and the far Left and Greens who dream of a UN dominated world financed by a carbon scam worth an anticipated trillions a year. 

The UN receives 10 per cent of all receipts from countries running global warming carbon schemes. It has already pocketed a packet of Aussies’ hard-earned via Julia Gillard.

What more does the Left need than to view a hideous Australian landscape visually polluted with ineffective, unprofitable, inefficient and costly wind farms that are killing birdlife and causing migraines. 

Taxpayers are forking out $2 million in subsidies for each of these monstrosities. 

How painful is it to see desalination plants littering our coast lines, de-commissioned, in disrepair, rusting and never to be used?

Why did we suffer fools like Garnaut and Flannery (neither of whom are climatologists) who advised gullible Labor leaders like Queensland’s Bligh to waste billions on a pipeline between Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s Hinze Dam? 

A pipeline that was completed just in time for torrential rains to fill every dam to capacity and flood homes.

The alarmist wastrels already have rap sheets as long as their arms with their Y2K bug, Crown of Thorns Star fish, a disappearing ozone layer, a disappearing Great Barrier Reef, soil erosion and forest degradation, etc, etc... all of which were furphies designed to keep grants flowing from taxpayers. 

Now, totally discredited, they have turned to a “you beaut” global warming hoax... and it’s a bloody pearler! 

Overnight they declared the plant nutrient CO2 a pollutant, organised America’s greatest fraudster, Al Gore to convince everyone our polar caps are disappearing and that New York would be under water in weeks and that Greenland would soon be growing grapes, while a fool named Flannery was suggesting it would never rain again, and that island nations urgently needed face masks and snorkels.

Dramatic footage of the extremities of glaciers breaking off and crashing into the ocean makes for good TV. But the simple truth has nothing to do with warming. The ice at the glacier’s source is actually increasing and has nowhere else to go. 

It’s amazing the propaganda creative warmists can cook up when given free air time from willing media! 

Universities are churning out thousands of illiterate kids on marine biology grants to float aimlessly among coral reefs trying to find something wrong to enable their grants to continue and hopefully increase. What a life! Beats the hell out of getting a proper job.

To Tony Abbott’s dismay, his warmist Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt has just pulled an unexpected swifty with renewable energy targets that are about to cost taxpayers another $2.5 billion to reduce emissions that were reducing way beyond expectations anyway.

Renewable energy is a misnomer! Everything is renewable, even water, oil and coal, it’s just a matter of how long you want to hang around!

The Greens refuse to selectively log old growth trees to allow new growth, refuse to allow the damming of rivers to give us clean hydro electricity and reject nuclear energy, the only practical, economic and freely-available source of clean energy we have, and the rest of the world has embraced.

Green councils impose fines for clearing the combustible undergrowth that burns your house down and they don’t want money spent on roads because it only encourages the use of petrol. WTF?

The earth lovers killed the introduced Asian buffalo to protect barramundi breeding sites thereby denying crocodiles of their buffalo food source, leaving the crocs with nothing else to eat except the barramundi. 

If it wasn’t so tragic it would be hilarious.

The Fisheries Department sets minimum sizes for fish caught, so only the larger breeding fish are taken. Madness! And the loony environmentalists insist crocodiles and sharks be permitted to eat people while ignoring the introduced cane toad running rampant and killing our native wildlife.

Media’s Left misrepresents steam from nuclear generators as scary smoke, tells us Julia Gillard has been cleared of all charges, promotes Islam as the religion of peace and suggests Islamic State Jihadists returning home be offered free counselling.

So why the hell would anyone believe anything the mad Left media says anyway?


IPCC - incomprehensible pile calculated crap!

Obfuscating bull effluent hiding the diamonds of truth as per usual on the ABC

Do I take it from the 'toon that prior to the arrival of the Europeans, the Aboriginal folk were putting out more than their fair share of CO2 on a per-capita basis? This bunkum "test" should be dispatched to the rubbish bin. Australia, a large continent with a tiny population, being nearly 5% of the world's landmass, puts out only 1.3% of carbon emissions, while producing food, minerals and energy for the world. That is the test that should be pressed, not the other per-capita rubbish.

Interesting article from in the Mercury Tasmania. Was personally very surprised as the Mercury are usually very protective of Milne and her rat bags.

It is so outrageous,

Hmmm they allow themselves lot`s of room for error don`t they DJT? Like a bet each way?At others expense?

two bloody above temperature days in October and weather reports, says hottest October on record, who are they kidding, bloody fools the lot of them.....

All ABC Programs of Media, News based Inc. Q&A (Queers&Arseholes) should be scrapped and permanently shut down ASAP. Sack all personal involved including management Immediately. And replace the vacant program spaces with decent British TV Shows, Comedies/Drama/Crime Etc.....

I taped Lateline last night and the alp and greens are bagging the government and so pleased at the findings of the IPCC morons. The abc must be so happy

Is the train driver Pachauri a permanent fixture as the head of the IPCC? Surely the IPCC would have more credibility if it's extreme and seemingly unfounded and uproven pronouncements were delivered by someone of science and with credibility in the field not a figure whose credibility has been eroded by being constantly wrong.

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.
Carl Sagan

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Men Are Just Happy people

If the IPCC prediction is true the muslims will be right at home when they take over Australia, because it will be one big island desert and all the "Whities" will have died from heat exposure

And it is the "System's Fault" that poor Khaled has been led astray

We listened to the ABC's news last night and from their perspective it was a lay down misere. The science was definitely settled.
Then to add insult to injury 4 Corners covered Sharrouf's unfortunate upbringing from a split home and how the system (read Australia) had failed to provide him with the support he needed. At no time was it the influence of Islam, just some extremists.

ANU Professor saying coal is death to thousands. Comparing the hot days in Russia and thousands of deaths which she insists is caused by coal. She is on of the experts whose knowledge is sought by the IPCC. What a lot of idiots the "experts" are!

It came rather slowly but most people now realise what dishonest and incompetent fools the likes of Gillard, Flannery, Rudd, Greens etc. are. Perhaps the citizens of this great country of ours take time to arrive at their conclusions, but at the end of the day they get most things right.

Brilliant, Larry!!

Ended @ 3101 votes, 91% NO. Maybe abc staff aren't feeling so scared now.

Agree, the ABC has got in on the act to shield the ALP/CFMEU by pointing at someone else.