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Friday, 16th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As Dutton tries to unravel the Manus Island “arrangement” with P-NG, the Greens’ McKim is pleading with inmates to suffer dehydration and hunger so the far Left and Sarah Hanson-Young can claim a win back here. 

According to Government figures only half of the remaining boat arrivals are genuine refugees, although the Huffington Post claims 97 per cent are genuine. But the Greens can always rely on support from rabid Left blogs.

The truth is that Manus should never have happened. It was that repulsive man Rudd again who, after he had been given the Shorten nod over Gillard just prior to the 2013 election, had given more millions to the corrupt P-NG mob to allow Manus to happen.

                                               The feminine fingered Rudd

He claimed only days before that election he had signed an agreement with PM Peter O’Neill to take "unlimited" numbers of “asylum seekers”. More Rudd rubbish… there was no agreement, only an A4 sized, one paragraph, memorandum of understanding.

Rudd had verbally aped the Coalition policy of no settlements in Australia to dissuade further boats from arriving. But he never meant it!

Kevin Rudd ?@MrKRudd

July 2013 Agreement with PNG was for 1year only.Refugees should've been resettled in Oz by Abbott/Turnbull 3 yrs ago

After losing that election by a record landslide to Tony Abbott, Uncle Kev tweeted as a private citizen: "The July 2013 Agreement with PNG was for 1year only. Refugees should've been resettled in Oz by Abbott/Turnbull 3 yrs ago". Hmmm, no mention of “only one year” during the happy handshake ceremony, prior to the election.

And yet Rudd had repeated ad nauseum that, "…from now on the business model of people smugglers won't work any more because people arriving by boat without visas would never be permanently settled in Australia”.

So Uncle Kev stood there and lied through his teeth when he said, “No boat arrival will be settled in Australia”.

                                               Uncle Kev loves the fanfare

Bloody hell, grubs like Rudd fork out more taxpayers’ borrowed millions, and then flat out lie about what it is paying for!

Uncle Kev knew he could never be held to account over this mad Manus deal simply because there WAS no deal, just a MOU to be negotiated at some time in the future and he knew he was never likely to be a part of the future. Remember, it was agreed that he was resigned to only saving some furniture.

No two cultures are more diametrically opposed than Muslims and Papua New Guineans. For a start, pigs are a monetary currency of P-NG and it all goes downhill from there.

I recall doing a cartoon (above) at the time that I thought reflected the idiocy of Uncle Kev’s Manus deal.

But as usual it’s left to the Conservatives to clean up the excrement after a period of Labor. Except the Conservatives were rolled by the Left and there is no-one around to clean up anything now.

So this piece of bloated blubber, Kevin Rudd, has the gall to return to our shores as a sage oracle advising on where WE went wrong,

…oh yes, he’s flogging his f***ing book, isn't he ?


The seed of the serpent. Ye bloodlines from old.

Don't forget the mighty Kevi saved us form economical devistation when the Global Financial Crisis was attempting to destroy us all. Can someone remind me just how he did that?

What do you mean, you can't be sure who is driving the agenda. Surely you know who runs the world now. Follow the money. It goes higher than Soros. Soros is an agent. The people who founded the UN, European Union are the ones who are driving it. They also control the US government and most importantly its military. They have a spoilt brat of a child nation state, who gets whatever it wants.

I've been on their Facebook page saying it should be closed down as it is a Marxists run network. It was a fun fight.

I cant be sure who is diving the agenda, but it is complete lies 24/7. There is no reliable news source available on any of the Australian media outlets. I am sure that they will all cry a river when they go broke because no-one wants anything to do with their BS

Well all the media is infiltrated. However, I agree the ABC is really a traitor to the people of this country considering it is government funded. It should be a better source than commercially influenced stations. It is far from it. Most of it's content is shaped by the AIIA, BIIA, Goldman Sachs and City of London.

I think our best hope in the short term is that any government have a sizable One Nation/ Australian Conservatives cross bench that is of sufficient size to prevent the passage of bad legislation. We need people to stop voting for one of the big 2 just because they think they are the only options.

I agree also that the media is out of control and the first step is to sell off the ABC so we stop funding the most treacherous of the bunch with our tax dollars. If there is no buyer, then just close it down.

Were you not surprised by the number of idiots voting for the major parties at the last election? You over estimate the voting public. PPers are a more informed bunch, but really quite clueless also.

I really do hope you are correct and there is a big swing. But don't worry, if One Nation was to make majority government and decided it was going to serve the people, it would not take long for the shadow government to set her up in some sort of scandal and have the media finish the job.

Are the people angry enough to walk away from the 2 major parties? By my estimate the people are either there or they are bloody close. We have two hopeless parties who have filled the houses of our parliament with leeches, liars and criminals. We wont fix the problem until both parties stop governing for themself and start governing for the people. Only the people can force their hand by voting none of the above.

Who Chooses The Next US President

Works much the same way here. It's all about media time. The longer they are presented the more chance you will pick one of the two major parties.

When you put it that way, it would seem that One Nation has it closest to the truth.

Oh goody!

Back in the days of Vietnam and the military call up. many newly arrived briish migrants were liable and were inducted onto the aussie military for service in that conflict, ,On the other hand non brits such as Italians, Greeks, German , Dutch , etc were not liable,no worries about being not being an aus, citizen then, How things have changed, now ex brits are classed as ""foreign "" .Citizens of a foreign power!

Liberal MPs, including Trent Zimmerman and Tim Wilson, have met GetUp! over same-sex marriage and clean energy.
black hand faction

Di Natale is a supposed doctor. It's a shame he can't cure his mental illness. Moron.

so him being in government is doing a public service. Could you imagine what damage a halfwit like that could do if they were allowed to medically treat humans?

Trash diversionary TV.

New post up

Gee, .IE will be well impressed in the morning when he sees this post. 13 replies ! I think that is a personal best for one of his comments.

Only in the USA. Immigration diversity lottery.