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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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... but we mustn't jump to conclusions

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A young British girl, Ms Ayliffe-Chung was stabbed to death yesterday at a Townsville hostel allegedly by a French fruit picker. Multiple witnesses said he was yelling “Allahu akbar” (God is great). She was described as being an “infectiously happy” girl by devastated co-workers at a Gold Coast nightclub.

Owner/manager of the night club, The Bedroom, Maxwell Pickering, son of Jamie Pickering, said this afternoon that the 21 year old was a delight to have around and she was adored by everyone. “Staff have been so upset that I decided on closing the club tonight and we are all going out somewhere to pay a quiet tribute to her.

“She had only just left work here in order to comply with her visa requirements and we were looking forward to having her back here before Christmas”, Max Pickering said.

Queensland Police Service Deputy Commissioner, Steve Gollschewski said the man was yelling “Allahu Akbar” again when police arrested him. A review of the officers’ body-worn cameras confirmed that this had occurred.

Mr Gollschewski appealed for calm, saying there was no evidence Ms Ayliffe-Chung’s suspected killer had been radicalised. “While this information will be factored in we are not ruling out any motivations at this stage, whether they be political or criminal”, he said.

Did he say “the motivation could be political or criminal”? Not religious this time? Well, I’m fairly confident that “Allahu akbar” is not an Italian expression and that it’s probably an Arabic expression and that something criminal has likely occurred. 

It seems the Deputy Commissioner is reading from the AFP hymn book in that the word “Islamic” is not mentioned.  

 Mr Gollschewski said, “mental health would also be examined as a possible factor in the crime”. Oh, so at this stage mental health might be a factor but not radical Islam? Surely this “Allahu akbar” expression could be a lead worth following up? I mean he wasn’t yelling “hallowed be thy name” in Hebrew was he?

And Mr Gollschewski thinks mental health might be a factor? Really Mr Gollschewski? I mean how many sane people attempt to murder three people and a dog with a knife, leaving a beautiful young girl and the dog dead? 

Will this mental health crap earn him a course of counselling if convicted?

If the crime does turn out to have an Islamic connection it’s sure to be another lone wolf eh? I mean we don’t want to give Islam itself a bad name do we? Except that this “Allahu akbar” business does keep cropping up while people are in the process of being murdered!

“We’re still trying to establish a motive, it’s not until we speak to all witnesses will we be in a position to know more”, Mr Gollschewski said.

One person present had suggested that the alleged murderer appeared to be under the effect of the drug ice.

Until these murderous Middle Easterners, whether on ice or not, come up with a different version of “God is great”, surely it’s reasonable to suspect an Islamic connection.

And in the meantime that old squib term “alleged” could safely be used by police when honestly reporting a murder.


Sure, it was all because of drug use. Whether on drugs or not, it was a terrorist attack. If everyone on ice went around murdering people, there may not be anyone left.

He also sang the French national anthem during the attack - that obviously makes him a racist Frenchman who was motivated by a hatred of the English..The more boring truth is a very bad case o drug induced psychosis. Nobody can jump off the first floor, land on their back and run up stairs to continue an attack unless they are on some extremely powerful drugs. He was also totally unaffected by pepper spray and tasering.

What is wrong with you people, Obviously their is no co-relation between radical islam and what happened here. Any moslem is well within their rights to stab a German shepherd and anybody else within reach when you consider the horrible things that they encounter here in Australia. Obviously our love of freedom, alcohol, pork, our women, our Christian heritage are enough to temporarily upset any normal peace-loving moderate moslem

In a very vulnerable situation these people in such places , given Australia's delusion that the Psychiatrics can live and compete in normal Society. . Islam is just the tram these 'crazies " attach themselves to when they do what madmen do , rape , kill and plunder . > paroled in quick time because some Academic says " they will be Ok if they take their medication ' . what crap . MEDICATION IS PURELY A MANAGEMENT TOOL , NOT A CURE AS MAD PSYCHIATRISTS WOULD HAVE YOU THINK . ... > we haven't had a terrorist attack, > We have had madmen labelled to cover the arses of the judicial fools who make it possible for these psychopaths to be free , with no where to be detained and so the murderous rampages continue .

Pedantic? No, just factual. It never fails to amuse how lefties, when they're losing the argument, descend into name-calling and abuse. Who's the loser?

Ms Ayliffe-Chung made a personal choice to fulfill the working holiday visa requirement to work on a farm so that she could then extend her visa for another 12 months. No one forced the young lady to do anything. She exercised her own free will in making her decision to undertake working on a farm as per her particular visa obligations. This is the obligation that 1,000s of backpackers from all around the world undertake so they are allowed entry to Australia, be allowed to work, make some money, and have a holiday into the bargain. Quid pro quo

No one is forced to enter Australia on a working holiday visa. There is personal freedom of choice and responsibility when applying for such visas. The detail is not hidden; it is there in writing for any applicant to choose whether or not they proceed. Nothing about this process is forced. It's a simple concept. Geddit?

" slain British backpacker was forced into farm work to extend her dream stay in Australia...." !! The young British backpacker wasn't forced into anything, the young lady made a choice in order to extend her working holiday visa. There is a difference. Whoever wrote the Daily Mail story has sought to sensationalize, rather than report the facts.

Bulldoze all mosques. Ban the koran. Deport anyone not willing to denounce this violent, dangerous cult.

interesting Bruce..and entirely plausible on the part of Oldfield...

Thank you Donna for this clarification.Someone may now come in and accuse you of plagiarism, as you didn't give the source the first time you posted the story. wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

It's fucking moll you dopey bitch.

I think the phrase means "Our God is Greater than Yours". This puts a different slant on things. Constantly parroting the phrase "God is Great" puts muslims in the same box as everyone else. It also gives the speaker a holy aura. However, when we see it means "Our God is Greater than yours" it puts islam into the correct box. It is alien, it worships a different horrible god that wants to enslave everyone, it shows it is in competition with other religions, not compatible with them and it shows why muslims think they are superior.

Bruce.. thank you for this ... I'd no idea re same... think most of all this happened when we lived in WA and were not made au fait with lots of this stuff. I, for one, would like to know more about this... when it suits!

Yes it's only 8.35pm and I've had wine but I can't stand it anymore. Would PP posters PLEASE stop using apostrophes if they don't understand the rules? Please? It's better to just omit them rather than use them if you're not sure.

Maryanne's rule: If in doubt, leave it out.

I'm NOT nitpicking. I am championing standards.

Thanks Frank... will get onto it soon.

Just for your information the time between posts on this string is 11 minutes between the first two followed by 36 mins,14 mins,10 mins, 25 mins ,28 mins, 7,14,12,12,6,4.... it is not too late for you to take the "growing up" option to go with the growing old that was compulsory.

I am not interested in your pissing contest Bruce . Last tie I was in one of them, trying to piss the highest up the wall,the Nun caught us boys and hit the roof thereby winning then contest.

Bruce, there were several women that worked in the office Barbara and Cheyenne were two of the permanents, there was another whose name I can't recall, and then there were the volunteers who worked with my friend Concerned Senior of which one was Leslie a height challenged chubby lady and her son use to do some printing. If it is so important I will ask Concerned Senior if he can recall the name. You are such a goose Bruce for believing all the conspiracies that were generated to undermine Pauline . You would be better served to take up bowls to occupy your time.

Sen. Janet Rice of the Vic Greens just called me a Right wing Troglodyte. Stupid Moll. Fuck you, and the broom you fly on.