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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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WTH? All I said was, “Make Yourself at Home.”

Marie Hudson

Marie has a PhD. In languages and literature. She is a J.P. who is fluent in seven languages and has taught history in Africa and Australia.


I’m sitting here, in the comfort of my old age and my beloved Australia, thinking about all the awful tragedies going on around the word, and now more and more often, also in Australia.

What started my particular train of thought, was that ‘incident' in Melbourne, of that Somali(?) fellow who decided to terrorise a few people. What I saw on the TV news, was an African looking man, wearing a distinctly Muslim garb, slashing away at those around him. I say ‘slashing’ because the news said he had been wielding a knife - but in fact, it looked more as though he was awkwardly slapping at people.

I couldn’t figure out why the police were using their batons on him? Had they left their Capsicum Spray bottles at home? what about their Tasers? (is that what those things for stunning people are called?).

So, if this man was ‘known’ to the police, why did the whole affair escalate to the point of such violence, shown on prime time on our TVs? I found that extremely disturbing, because I know there will have been many children watching the news, as evidenced by comments made to me by many High School students the next day.

So, my question is: why is this man, (‘known’ to the police) who has an obvious problem with Australians, allowed to wander the streets and cause such mayhem?

Did he not come to this country in search of a good life? A better life of freedom and peace - which is something he never had in his country of origin?

Did he come here to be a part of Australia, or to start his own little enclave of violence and hatred?

Thanks for letting me in here. My country is full of violent psychopaths.

We are continually told to respect other people’s customs and uses . . . but what about those of us who want to BE a part of the Australian way of life? What about those of us who LOVE the Aussie ways? Why do we have to kowtow to others but it’s OK for them NOT to respect Australians?

All us wogs are here for a variety of reasons, but mostly: we came here to get away from the awfulness of our original homelands, to have the chance to make a decent life for ourselves in this wondrous Australian Democracy! The ‘Fair Go’ attitude just does NOT exist in the psyche of any other nation that I have ever been in!

So how many times has this mentally diseased man been given the ‘fair go’? And why is it that every time there is an incident of terrorism, the perpetrator is immediately labelled with ‘mental disease’ syndrome?

I am shocked to the core of my being, to learn that Britain, Churchill’s ‘green and pleasant land’, has refused asylum to the Christian Pakistani woman who has been found Not Guilty, because, they are afraid her entry into Britain would cause the Muslims of Britain to be upset and thus causing unrest in the Islamic community.

The very notion of such thinking leaves me breathless. It seems to me, that Britain has immersed itself into Islamic Dhimmitude. the whole idea is beyond the pale for me. Churchill is not ‘turning' in his grave, he is spinning in it!

Germany is now considered Islamic by their local Muslims. Sharia Law reigns supreme in their Court Houses. German women have been told by their government that they HAVE to cover up if they don’t want to upset Islamic rulings. The streets are now patrolled by Sharia Police. A German woman has been threatened with jail time for saying that Mohammad was a paedophile - free speech and reason have flown out the window of any kind of common sense.

Europe, once a place of civilised discussions and debates, a place of art; poetry; literature; medical discoveries; fashion and a myriad other wonders, is slowly disappearing underneath a dark, suffocating miasma of ignorance, of fear of speaking out! A young girl was raped to death on the streets of Rome . . .but the world remains silent in the face of all this evil.

I REALLY don’t like MULTICULTURALISM . . .I don’t like One Way streets, and I am not prepared to walk down it. If the ‘thought Police’ come to arrest me, then so be it.

Today, the 11th of the 11th, Remembrance Day - did those beautiful people die for nothing? No, they didn’t, they died so that the likes of me could come here, to the Democracy they shed their blood for. Their wondrous gift to people like me, is something I NEVER forget about, I NEVER take for granted.

So, I suggest that people who have a problem with being in Australia, should just leave. I would be happy to participate in a donation to help them on their way out of here.


Unfortunately, we shouldn't expect our fence-sitting PM to do anything to rock the hijab boat. He just got slapped by our Muslim neighbours over the Israel capital issue, and is now planning a U-turn.


they don't want to leave...they want us to leave

Oddly enough Lord Downer claims the Downers to be Australia's 'Nation builders' what are the odds eh?

according to the Turd, jews built Australia...he told them there!

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The debate on the Jones and Co with Credlin is compelling. About bloody time.

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Q, yep, I read the 'Afailure' (read Australia) swipe by the dirty old gutter crawler. I don't know why the grizzling old failed conman doesn't take the advice of all who have had the misfortune to encounter the dirty old grub, and just FUCK OFF back to NZ!

(with one dumb exception acourse - although it does express the same under the guise of her many multiple accounts; mandrake/Vader etc)

Here’s a copy of my rather terse reply, mainly to those twin recalcitrants, the village idiot Inkeemegee and the barmy Tigerbalm, in the interesting and lively thread started by Pepperpete lower down. The discussion also contains some interesting, edifying remarks from Rossleigh B about the infamous and perennially embarrassing “Satanic verses”.

Truth hurts.

Particularly when its pointed out to someone this, and much more besides, is the ugly reality as to what they supposedly believe in, what they’ve signed up to, or more likely, been born into, and so heavily invested in, without any real choice in the matter — they, their family, friends, their society as a whole, and not just millions but over a billion more like them. They’d rather deny, resist, attack, and invariably kill those who dare point the painful truth out to them.

Pigs Bum Up Him (Muhammed) was all this and much more besides. Almost all of it abhorrent. Yet Moslems are all indoctrinated to believe PBUH was nothing less than the Perfect Man (al-insan al-kamil) and an Excellent Model of Conduct (uswa hasana) — why, their make believe excuse for a God, nicknamed Allah, says so right there in the Unholy Koran. Furthermore, mozzies are similarly informed that they’re “the best of creatures” — while we Unbelievers “are the vilest of creatures”, and “are lower than beasts” etc etc. Wonderfully diverse and inclusive stuff, don’t you think? It’s much easier to continue pretending to believe all this shit — particularly when the penalty for doing otherwise, for any Moslem under Islam, is death.

Inkee boy, you’re feeble attempt at a put down fails — a Moslem’s brain, their mind, their entire existence must be nothing other than a cut and paste of Islamic texts and teachings.

Tigerbalm, your attempt at a refutation is similarly specious. No one is “going apeshit” about one death or what you ignorantly (or, very intentionally misleadingly) term “extremist Islamic terrorism”. Time and again you obstinately refuse to acknowledge Islam’s injunctions to violence and terror, pretending instead that’s it’s merely some aberration. Its all normative, orthodox Islam old girl. And start looking at and acknowledging the subordinate status of women and the horrendous scale of the violence not only condoned but sanctioned and commanded against them in Islamic texts, and perpetrated throughout the Islamic world. Do so for a change, rather than your typical denial and BS statistical comparisons of the type you’re so fond of spouting. No one in the West, other than Moslems themselves, are advocating marital rape and violence, sexual slavery of “infidel” women, flogging or stoning to death of adulterers, women being worth half the value of men etc etc etc. Its misogyny on steroids, coming our way, more and more every day. Just wait till the mozzies raise the Islamic State over Australia, you lying jackass ..... Let’s also hear your expressions of sympathy about all the Aisa Bibis of this world, and set out your impressive argument as to how it all has nothing to do with Moslems or their Islam ..... Otherwise, do us all a favour and shut up.


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'Would appear 'she' has a sense of humour??

Good video from Andrew Bolt. He also mentions the new race discrimination commissioner who seems like a light version of soupy. "All these people saying Friday's terrorism in Melbourne had nothing to do with Islam or with Islamic preachers, and was all about mental illness instead. Who the hell are they trying to fool?

Let them listen to this tape of Sheik Omran preaching. My editorial from The Bolt Report."

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RBA is a Rothchild Bank.

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