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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As Clive Palmer slipped quietly out the back door, the political pundits were saying, “We are in a new era of electoral volatility”. Bullshit! The Libs were suggesting, “Our message needs to be sold better”. Bullshit! Just stop lying to us and everything will go back to normal. 

Only 7.3 (now 8) per cent of Pickering Post readers picked the result and that percentage was fairly consistent across the nation... it was an unthinkable outcome. The voters have given their politicians a clear message and even after a result like the one last night, Coalition politicians still haven’t twigged to what it is.

When voters are lied to it becomes a lot more serious than simply treating them like fools. Their vote, in fact their whole voting system, is wilfully destroyed, trust is shattered, faith in democracy wavers as they scream, “How dare you treat my vote with such utter contempt!”

Tomorrow a prematurely ageing Tony Abbott may well be giving his last Press Club address as Prime Minister and he had better get it right this time. If he still insists that his message needs to be “sold better” then it will be clear the penny still hasn’t dropped.

The days of nonchalantly lying to the electorate are over, just ask Newman, Gillard and now Abbott. The Libs revere John Howard but they learnt nothing from him. He knew the introduction of a lethal GST could cost him an election, but it didn’t! He said what he was going to do, and he did it! And that happens to matter.

Abbott won a landslide election on a Gillard lie, but he subsequently proved to have lied in exactly the same way she did, and now he expects a different result? 

Polling suggests the electorate is champing on the bit waiting to kill him in the same way they killed Gillard and now Newman. 

Newman’s lies will cost Queensland dearly. The LNP have lost, the Newman experiment has failed and Annastacia Palaszczuk’s likely makeshift Government has disaster written all over it. 

She gushingly and primarily thanked the unions for the result, reaffirming that State assets will not be sold despite their diminishing value. 

That means she is blind to debt in the same way Gillard and Rudd were. Interest alone on a probable $100 billion debt will soak up all that could have been spent on infrastructure. Environmentalists will play havoc with any development and unions will restore a bloated public service.

NSW will be sandwiched between two of Australia’s most historically corrupt, union-influenced Labor Parties in history.

And who can we thank for that? Campbell Newman and the influence of Tony Abbott. They both lied, and an angry electorate will no longer cop it.

It’s over to you now Mr Abbott. Tomorrow we expect you to tell us the bullshit will finally stop.


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New petition against Preference Voting;

Like a Chihuahua on a gumboot!

Better than labor's "no work for more money" choice this is the website of a new party starting up called the mature age party maybe they will make a difference

Google these membersiimetro/taxation and the great australian taxation swindle mark 2 .Most of the reports were done in 2005 and there was $200 billion leaving tax free then and since then the Australian economy has grown 14 times as Juliar said .Even the bureau of statistics has evidence on their website of the bracket creep problem of a 5 per cent tax rise every year .Talk about screw the Aussie

CS, the $ can corrupt the weak minded - politicians are a case in point.

Bit of a slap in the chops for horsey. It san only dream of making that much money. Union rackets only pay big $$$$ to the upper echelons, not the foot soldiers like the old mag.

Utter confusion about Selling assets and Leasing assets. Not even Palletshack understands the difference; most of the population don't know the difference, and if you tried to tell them they wouldn't understand. Why, you ask? Well it's because the arch fuckwit Geoff Whitless destroyed the education system in Australia...."you want free education? then you get free education. Don't you worry about entry' re IN" The Educationally sub norms who got their "degrees' are now teaching your kids the same lies. So of course nobody knows the difference between sell and lease, how could they?

Horse are you bill shorten? Because you write your post like this rapist little vile prick. People like you are a pox of our country and way of live. Do the world a favour and move to Mars. Scum bag.

I've got a good idea. Why doesn't Joe Hockey impose a Tax on profits for Multinational Companies who deal in Australia like Ikea, Google, Apple and this will reduce the Budget Deficit so we don't have to pay $1b interest a month like our PM said?

$3ml, good onya bloke. I'm happy for you.

Yet another case for NOT going into partnerships, Concerned Senior.

to save this country from the enemy within at a cost of billions which Scot Morrison can recoup from the $30 billion welfare is now costing taxpayers. Commonsense really.Still today we shall have watch - if indeed I can bear to - as the venom drippers of the media tear Abbott to peices before our very eyes. Oh Australia you have been so deliberately dumbed down by these haters of the media and through our education system that I fear we are well and truly lost to the communistas and its stable mate Islam.

The Press Club will be a shark attack today as they circle Pm Abbott hoping for a kill. Blood in the water...deflecting, obfsucationing taking up precious question time with puerile questions re Prince Phillips knighthood etc. I want to hear about national security the stopping of the welfare rorters and fraudsters who are bleeding this country dry...specially imported to add to Labor locked in Labor voting Muslim constituency.and who now pose a serious threat to Australia as the terrorist attacks esculate throughout western democracies. Labor doesn't want this discussed because of the above cynical can a Party get ? Booting the fraudsters and exploiters of the welfare drip should same billions which can then bve deployed to our security services who are working 24/7

Do you really think being totally honest will work with a public of whom the majority do not want to hear truth. They do not want to face debt. They do not want to swallow a bitter to avoid major surgery down the track. Why? Because down the track means that our kids, grandkids, great grandkids have to pay down the debt not them here and now. Whether we like it or not the majority do not want to let go of the age of entitlement

dont know if you follow this chap- Tarpley but a very salient discussion starts between him and a chap in Greece on the pending threat to the change (the CIA sponsored civil war to oust Syriza - and its consequences - ultimately to crash the Euro proper - to power back to USD..... it stars at 38:36mins on this link - Tarply is a funny old fella, but he has the abilty to see beyond the 'Left-Right' trap and that gives him a fresh view and he is an incredible historian. He had a good interview in the post before on

The opening words of Abbott's Press Club speech at 12:30 today need to be: "The gloves are off. No more Mr Nice Guy. The situation is serious and I am done trying to please everyone I am going to do what needs to be done, and if you don't like it, fine. But at least I will have tried..."

..I think thats what you are saying also

Good point 3bl.