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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I can hardly see my keyboard through the alcoholic haze inflicted in last night’s celebration with friends. This is not only a victory for America, this victory will alter a world that was deteriorating under Left globalisation. This is a fantastic result for common sense. And I’m still scrubbing egg off my face while I'm incredulous that miracles, it seems, can really happen.

I just couldn’t see Trump pulling this one off while fighting the very party he was representing. Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and the Bush mob did everything possible to ensure a win for Hillary but the Don overcame them all with a Senate and House majority that will ensure his promises are kept with the help of a balanced Supreme Court.

Hillary Clinton displayed her weak ovaries as she allowed two thousand of her crying supporters to wait until 3am for her to come down and soften their anguish... but she never came. Instead she phoned Trump to concede defeat while her supporters wandered off into the darkness bawling their eyes out. What a woman Hillary Clinton is!

This is sooooo good. The global warming hoax is as good as finished, along with ISIS and UN inspired trade treaties that entrench poorly paid workers into lives of inescapable poverty. 

Russia can now be negotiated with instead of it threatening another world war. China’s expansionism will be thwarted and Islam will no longer have a free rein in the West. Sovereign borders will now be reinstated and illegal immigrants will be met with conditions that show them to the front door.

I have not been this politically happy for Australia since Kerr sacked Whitlam and now Shorten’s role in politics is redundant. Turnbull will leave or be pushed to the sensible Right and Albanese will take Labor to where Labor belongs, with the US’s Sanders and the UK’s Corbyn, as a weak pressure group.

Wow, so much is about to happen. A revolution is underway. Hollande and Merkel are finished as Trump leads the world to a place in which your kids can safely thrive. Mosques, which have been at the seat of every terrorist threat, will be bulldozed and not even Green councils will be game to approve another one. 

Ukraine’s corrupt Poroshenko can get stuffed and NATO can stop cornering Putin with dangerous Obama-inspired sanctions that inevitably end in wars. The dangerous Turkey can join the rotten EU which is disintegrating anyway. 

This is so bloody good, I cannot stop grinning as I watch media’s Lefties wince in embarrassed pain at what has just happened to their globalisation dreams.

                                             The New Yorker predicts the election

An Australian bloke call Julian Assange can claim a large measure of credit. He showed the world just how corrupt the Obama Administration had become and he can safely leave his London hideout now that the black bonehead is gone.

Gillian Triggs can now apply for a waitress job as PC and 18C must become obsolete.

                                             Chris Christie steps up to the plate 

Trump will now gather around him the finest Administration in history with people like Giuliani, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Huckabee and a host of others who have been wasting away under Obama and the Clintons.

Will Trump appoint a special prosecutor to indict Clinton with her corrupt Foundation? I don’t think so. No room for vengeance now. Instead a word in her ear and the Foundation will be quietly wound up.

 But back to this praying business. I did ask PPers to do some earnest praying for an unlikely Trump victory. They appear to have been a force for good and I can justifiably say “congratulations fellas!”  You appeared to have achieved what I couldn’t, pointlessly bashing away at my computer and scribbling cartoons.

But please don’t insist that I become religious... I simply can’t. You see, I was with Australia’s top atheist when he died. Russ Hinze took my hand and said, “May God go with you Larry”. I never saw him take a breath again, but I said to myself that I hope I can always remain true to what I believe in. So I still do.

But congratulations PPers, I'm sort of prepared to believe you might just have had a hand in this. 

Bloody ripper anyway!


Speaking of Triggs applying "for a waitress job" etc, the witch is not having her contract renewed in 2017, & it couldn't come fast enough:

After the rotten Julia and Kevin episode, faced with the deluded "higher Morality" of the media twerps I have always answered Polls the opposite of what believe. Maybe others do the same this could well be why Polls do not give a true reading.

It's a rare and wonderful thing. As good as a Collingwood premiership.

Larry, let me add some things that you forgot. Trump not only had Cruz, Ryan and the Bushes against him, he had the entire GOP establishment, the liberal media, the White House, the Pope, the DNC and their dirty tricks department against him. His was a victory for the forgotten American voter. From the broken, lawless and impoverished inner cities to the destitute rural areas. Black and Latino (I hate the word Hispanic) voters in record numbers voted for Trump, thwarting the Clinton campaign's attempts to paint Trump as a racist. And the result was not such a big surprise. The LA TImes Daybreak poll, the only trustworthy poll, had Trump in the lead for most of the 2nd half of the campaign.

With you Geoff U.... thank you for presenting great balanced views..... it's to be said.. we don't always have to agree but we should always respect those view of others.

Further to my email that was sent early - they are presently doing human trials with huge successes and I know they are looking for patients. Please read and contact me via my email if you wish to know more. Geoff

Larry - I hope you read this as I cannot find a "Contact Us" on your website. I would like you to read this website:

I will, most probably, get a boot up the butt, with my comment:

I like to read BK's comments, and from his/her postings, he/she is well informed. Please do not be afraid of someone, who knows what they are on about and, If you do know better, let them know, with evidence.
Every person is entitled to their own opinion. If you/I/we, disagree, then so be it. However, our difference of opinion does not give anyone the right, to denigrate someone else, because of theirs.

Look what is happening, at present, in the US of A. That is the gutless left, that will bring a great administration down, just because they disagree with a democratic result. The wankers are claiming that Clinton scored more individual votes. How many times, has that happened here, with the distribution of preferences?

So now some Clinton voters want to challenge the Constitution. Declaring that those that voted for Trump got it wrong. Sounds like BREXIT. These fools like the ones here are happy with democracy so long as it's their democracy. Talk about tantrums.

It was sarcasm Trumby. BK wrote a spiel a while ago about how Abbott was a brilliant strategist. I know sarcasm is the wit of a fool but if it is associated with BK it is OK. If Abbott was such a brilliant strategist why did they throw him out on his arse.

No surprises here. Many celebrites who promised to leave America if Trump was elected are now backpeddling in response to heckling posts on social media. Apparently most of them were just kidding, and are a bit miffed that people would take everything they say seriously (yeah, logic fail when you think about their endorsements). Taking the cake is Amy Schumer (who ever she is) - not content with spraying hecklers as hateful, nasty people who didn't even bother to get informed before voting for Trump, she posted that fake article that has Trump saying Republican voters are the dumbest people on earth.

Good on you Larry, I just hope Albo gets there within the labor party and Tricky is given the arse, Turdbull wont last long and we can look forward to better deals with the Trump admin. Stay alive Larry. Cheers

Great strategist ? He gets paid by us to work for his Liberal Party to get him elected at our expense and those political party's still claim money back from us for the number of votes they finish with . .

Great strategist ? He gets paid by us to work for his Liberal Party to get him elected .

The electoral college versus popular vote issue is total rot and this is why.
If the system was changed before the election (as opposed to changing the rules afterwards as the Dems would like!) then Clinton would have lost the popular vote as well.
Under the current system it was not worth Trump campaigning in places like New York or California because he had nothing to gain. Those states are solid Democrat.
If the system was about popular vote then Trump would have campaigned in those areas as well. Given the swing to him against Clinton he would have picked up a few million votes and trumped Clinton even harder.

What a sham marriage by the Clintons - it means that had she not lost they would be still parading as man and wife. (How long can she now suppress the other relationship?) Reply

This argument about the popular vote vs the electoral college is garbage. Trump should immediately commence a thorough audit of the votes, and he will soon discover that about 8m votes were cast by illegals. There goes Crooked Hillary's so-called popular vote win.

Vale Robert Vaughan

Just caught the scroller on ABC out of corner of eye - thousands without power after strong winds.

Is this the turbines again? The much vaunted wind power that fails in wind?

If reports are true that the Clinton camp is trying to steal the election by changing the electoral college rules, I think Trump needs to very quickly change his mind and pursue criminal charges against Clinton. Anyone not of the Protected Class would be facing huge jail terms for treason over what he did, either by commission or omission, with her private email server and putting classified material into what amounted to the open internet. And that's just one of a dozen charges she should face over a wide range of extremely questionable practices she indulged in. practices that always seem to have involved huge amounts of money going into the Clinton's accounts.