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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I brought up the possibility of a double dissolution a couple of weeks back, to the sounds of silence, but now it is beginning to gain momentum. Even media’s Left has suddenly realised no government on earth can continue in this way. A flawed electoral system has struck a fatal blow to democratic process. 

If a little man from Mars lobbed in Canberra and was shown how our political system works, fair dinkum, he would hightail it back to Mars for a stiff scotch.

It is staggering that any government of any colour can be elected to Office in a landslide of mandates only to be prevented from passing its legislation by a handful of mutton-headed, imbecilic, brain-dead bogans who fluked a few Senate seats with anomalous preferencing.

Never has there been such a bunch of egotistic twits prepared to grandstand their way to the limelight at the expense of a national recovery... and Bill Shorten heads the perverse recalcitrant swill. 

It is he alone who has gifted the power of God to a dumb gang of turkeys including a destructive, arrogant Tasmanian devil.

It was Shorten’s Government that trashed the House and now he won’t allow anyone in to do an exit clean. If he decided to act responsibly, the minor parties, Greens and Independents would be rendered powerless and Jacqui Lambie would be far too busy pruning her bush to be blackmailing Prime Ministers. 

A petulant Shorten has ignored the election result and effectively elevated the trash to the high Office of Government simply because he hates Abbott more than the trash! 

But there are signs the Abbott Government has had enough. A bundle of Bills has been thrown at the Senate with an attached note saying, “pass ‘em or else” and that can only mean one thing, a double dissolution is in the air. 

Ominous messages are coming from seniors Pyne and Morrison, and for the first time Julie Bishop, that suggest a showdown is imminent... elected governments, whether Left, Right, good, bad or outright useless, must be allowed to govern and it appears this one has decided to crash, or crash through, with the first stage of a double dissolution. 

The next stage is when or if, after three months, the Senate rejects the bundle of Bills for a second time.

Only then can every seat in both Houses be declared vacant and a fresh election called. If the Senate still refuses to pass the Bills a joint sitting can be called for, but that’s unlikely.

It can’t happen until April or May of next year anyway, but the prospect is likely to scare the scarf off Lambie and the mortar off the Brick... both were looking forward to a comfy six years’ undeserved self indulgence. 

Pressure will also be applied to both of them from other Senators likely to lose their cushy red seats. Halved Senate quotas will apply in a full Senate election and that will favour the idiot minor contenders but such is the public’s anger that the current bogans would never see the inside of Parliament House again. And neither would their ornery former leader, Cloive.

A huge problem for Abbott, if he doesn’t act now, is that the current group of intellectually challenged Senators will have another three years to go, even if he wins the 2016 election, and two terms of this insufferable madness may be too much for any government to take.

Abbott is no gambler but if his final attempt to negotiate a way out fails now, he may not have a choice. His current unseasonal polls will be of little significance. Aussie voters who asked him to govern 15 months ago will ensure he can govern this time, even if they violently disagree with him.

If the Machiavellian Whitlam and his bunch of crooks were able to pull off a double dissolution, it should be a piece of cake for Abbott.


alpinist, its actually Six Hundred and Sixty Six Thousand lots of One Million Dollars! Not a bad credit card eh? Wonder how much ashly is going to pay back or is he just a "taker".

Of the three in the picture only the Chinaman, Dio Wang, has anything between his ears.

Thanks Twodogs, that's much more eloquent than I was going to post, but the message is the same.

Jacqui Lambie has worn out her welcome. She was a novelty at first but now everyone knows this woman who landed the dream job for six years on the back of Clive Palmer, doesn't deserve it, and she is now persona non grata.

JB... it is generally wise to stop digging when you reach the bottom of the hole you are in...

Glen Lazarus is disappointing, he is a flop. He is a man who had no loyalty to any one team, having played for Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra. Yes he had a successful career representing NSW and Australia and winning GF's along the way. But he will go where the success will be. Don't be surprised if you see him jumping ship to one of the mainstream parties.

turnbull is part of the laber pardy, isn't he ? Morning Blowie .

oongah - What alternative? Do you mean having Scott Morrison as a PM and Julie B as his deputy and Malcolm Turnbull as Treasurer? Sounds like a pretty good alternative to me but of course that wouldn't sit well with your secret desire to see the left back in again with all the cheque books wide open! Think about it!

I'm happy Abbott got stuck into the abc. More please.

Before any move to a double dissolution the Senate voting system must be reformed. I support optional preferential voting above and below the line.

But don't let that stop you from putting the boots into Abbott Jo. This government may have its faults, and I would be the first to say I'm not thrilled about their performance so far, but consider just for a millisecond, ...the alternative.

Further Jo:
The ADF have been deployed to UAE, you can look that up on google.
The cost of that is predicted at $400M per year, note predicted, not as you quoted:

600 military personnel and eight Super Hornets and other planes to the United Arab Emirates will cost Australia at least $400 million a year, a defence analyst predicts.

Afganistan is near impossible to predict but due to the fact that we had in March only 400 non-combatant troops still there, your half $B sounds way over the top as well.

Some facts would be nice.

Jo Blow... I'm not sure if you were born a little comprehension challenged or you took lessons. 1. The F 18's are running out of life or don't you understand airframe fatigue. 2. Abbott is NOT spending $24b on new jets, he is spending $12b (the amount of interest paid every year on Labors debt) and the other $12b is for through life costs (Which are incurred no matter what aircraft our airforce uses. 3. Much of the money you speak of about in military operations is for salaries which are paid if the service people are sitting on their arse in Canberra or flying Super Hornets over Iraq... Somehow I have my doubts that you rate very highly in the "ask for permission to do things" register held in Canberra.. I also have serious doubt that he would "jamming" you into anything...

rudd/gillard was costing Austalian taxpayers $8 Billion a year in illegal immigrants so 3yrs worth of Tony stopping the boats will cover our you beaut really fast jets, and good we need them after gillard gutted the defence budget back to the dark ages of the 1930's. Furthermore the Liberal government didn't start this so called civil war with muslims, they did that all on their own by attemped murder of 2 police officer's, threats to behead civilians, terrorist cells uncovered and at least 75 muslims going to syria to fight with isis.

Absolutely Two Dogs - Abbott is working hard on balancing the books by buying 24 billion worth of you beauty go-fast jets, jamming me into a civil war with some Musso's without asking my permission to the tune of $500,000,000 pa on top of the other musso war in Afghanistan again, costing us $500,000,000pa and on it goes! Does that sound like a government that has their spending under control? Stick with 'One Term Tony" and you will find yourself with the ALP/Green shit-fight again! Just ask Denis how it works!

Sorry LP but I think you are wrong. I don’t think that the government can come back from the 2 party numbers of 45-55. That’s a big stretch. There is blame for this in two directions. First there is Abbott’s stupid “no cuts” statement on election eve, and the subsequent strategy vacuum of the Liberals to make Labor wear the pain of budget reform. And second are the people who voted for the coalition 15 months ago and have somehow taken notice of the lying rapist and abandoned the government. Did they think that Abbott had a magic wand that would clean up Labor’s mess without some pain? These are the reasons why I think a DD would see us with another Labor government, and God help us!

oongah i remember the media saying that Tony Abbott will never ba able to unravel the carbon tax. Further the difference in the 2 so called lies, the first one cost us money where the abc cuts save us money. The biggest lie of all was the state of the swan and bowen budgets and both of these grubs should be in prison for the fiscal lie of the century.

World’s First Anti-Islam Wine Hits the Market

Turbine: I completely agree, get rid of preferential voting one vote one value first past the post. additionally also agree with smaller Govt - get rid of local councils - smaller Federal Govt

Where on Earth is Smart Girl - I just go on like this completely broken down