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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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... but clear on halal scam

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Has Woolworths just given Aussies the best reason yet to shop elsewhere? An Aussie flag with the words “Love it or leave” is a statement directed at those in the Islamic community who say we are unworthy hosts and want us liquidated, but it is also directed at anyone who feels the same way regardless of race.

The T-shirt was pulled from Woollies’ shelves after the Greens’ Adam Bandt made an official complaint of racism. ORIGINAL POST: Just seen on Twitter: Woolworths in Cairns are reportedly selling these singlets (tweet from George Craig, @heartsR4Love). Divisive and ridiculous -- these should be pulled immediately. Team Bandt.

It appears Woollies has a problem discerning racism from patriotism and immediately responded with this blustering apology: "It has come to our attention that two Woolworths stores were inadvertently stocking a singlet that we consider totally unacceptable. The singlet was not one we ordered. It was delivered to us in error and should never been allowed on our shelves. We will review our processes to ensure this sort of error cannot happen again. As soon as we were made aware we immediately withdrew the product from our shelves. The sentiment expressed on the singlet does not reflect the views of Woolworths. Woolworths has a policy of 'Doing the Right Thing' which means we believe in fostering an environment where everyone is treated with dignity, courtesy and respect." – Woolworths.

What a load of frog droppings! Apart from having no moral interest in anything other than making money, Woolworths is also telling fibs, it DID indeed order the singlet because it is impossible to get anything on a Woolworths’ shelf without an order.

“Woollies” is Australia's largest supermarket operator, and owns these stores: Safeway, Big W liquor retailers, Woolworths/Safeway Liquor barns, BWS, Dan Murphy's, Cellarmasters, Langtons, plus 316 hotels, Caltex Woolworths/Safeway (Caltex Australia has over 500 outlets), 75% of Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group and 67% of Danks. 

Woolworths is also Australia's largest peddler of misery with 13,480 poker machines. It is Australia’s largest alcohol and tobacco retailer and gives preference to suppliers who are halal certified. 

Woolworths is actively promoting and assisting in the halal extortion racket, the greatest ever fraud perpetrated on Aussie shoppers, and if it doesn’t realise these millions in funds are used to finance overseas Islamic terrorism, then it’s been living under a rock. 

Is it any wonder Woolworths objects to anything patriotic? So we’ve made available right here a Tshirt (pictured) that Woolworths and the Greens will find thoroughly objectionable and racist!

But going by various polls, Team Bandt and Woollies are on their own! 


Typical that all a minority has to do these days is cry 'discrimination' knowing that the self righteous socialist will be right behind them, sucking up (as if through the collection of brownie points that they will win some grandiose fairytale noble prize) whilst skiting on about some crap that they are all for human rights... It's almost sickeningly ironic that muslims can cry that we are hating on them, yet as soon as the tables are turned, there is nothing but silence....

Most aussies dont give two shits about this t-shirt. Have a chuckle, move on, no biggie.

Lived: Look dearie, nip out without the hijab and get yourself a root. It won't educate you or give you some uncommon sense but it'll make you feel better and you'll think you have some purpose in life.

It just needs another tag line. "... and if you think this is racist you leave too!" then it's perfect.

There are new standards for marketing Australian beef that Coles and Woolworths are participating in. Coles no longer buys cattle treated with hormones, a feedlot practice. Woolworths is marketing Meat Standards Australia graded beef. There is a new category called PCAS which is pasturefed not grainfed cattle with no hormones that have never been treated by antibiotics. There is an antibiotic some feedlot cattle are fed with. PCAS is popular with consumers and there is a price premium for these cattle. Woolworths has been buying PCAS beef and Coles is also going to offer grass only. American beef is full of hormones, antibiotics and beta-agonists. This is a good move by the majors to give consumers the chemical free beef they want and is good for the industry.

Fess up were just flying a kite in those two stores........

Only 2 weeks until Melb Cup Larry? that came around quick..

Spot on Duck!

That he did .....the Pennsylvania poker I believe ....

I thought you blokes heard everything you need to know from Alan Jones, Andrew Dolt and Larry.

ND I think you're right about Hopoate not playing Union but I think he did play poker at the same time he was in the NRL. ;—))

Lived, you're quite correct there. Many do not seem to realise the inherent contradictions in their posts. No wonder they like Alan Jones and Andrew Dolt so much.

Rob Oakshot. His irrelevant view on Ebola . Obviously a classic relevance deprivation syndrome case. He's in denial about the new paradigm.

Careful there Lived. If you be honest and challenge the group think here you'll be banned. These champions of free speech don't like contrary opinions.

So Herpes, if you don't wear this t shirt, you are a traitor? Really? Traitor to what, exactly? Doesn't it get a bit smelly after a while or don't you notice?

Wow Carried away, you certainly read a lot extra into my comments. Tell me were exactly I advocate rape in marriage and all of these other things you think I promote. You are the one talking without knowing a thing about me, but apparently I'm guilty of all sorts of Neanderthal ideas. How is saying a t shirt slogan is not the cleverest thing written supporting rape in marriage? You, madam, are a deluded misandrist. God help the poor sod if you are married.

Proud to be a female bogan if it means I am repelling people who want to enslave me. It is only 40 years or so, since women could not get a loan without a husband's authorisation, could not continue in the public service if married, could not go into a public bar, and could be raped within marriage with impunity. Now you are supporting those who would enslave me back worse than those rules? This T shirt is aimed squarely at islam and its adherents, and I for one will be proud to wear it, into Woolies. You smart a... talk without knowing a thing about this. I speak from experience.

Devil meet Phil (Mr Right) - I think you two we get along just fine !

Bogans? I thought they were knuckle draggers.