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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I was working in Canberra over 40 years ago, when Watergate broke and we all marvelled at the two journos who relentlessly unearthed what President Tricky Dicky Nixon had been up to with the help of a certain “Deep Throat”. It was exceptional investigative reporting and they even made a movie about it called, “All the President’s Men”.

So it’s a little difficult to imagine what exactly has tied these journos' tongues and jammed their laptops regarding Hillary. I mean Nixon’s Watergate was bad, but really, all he did was arrange for some hoods to bug his political opponents’ offices. He then tried to destroy the Oval Office tape recordings that proved his complicity. Something almost expected under the Clintons.

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are still around somewhere doing occasional TV commentary spots. But those spots are devoid of investigative revelations that befit the skulduggery of Clinton. 

Yet, dare I suggest that Clinton’s misdemeanours make Nixon’s look more like a parking fine.

So what happened to Bob and Carl after they forced the resignation of Nixon? The rich pickings available with the corrupt Clintons should have been irresistible to any intrepid reporter, but this time around none of “The Washington Post” staff has offered a whimper of protest about the American political system being trashed by a corrupt Obama Administration. 

In fact they, like most other media, have turned a blind eye to the entrenched criminality defended by the Department of Justice and Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. 

Many of her staff also work for Hillary's corrupt Clinton Foundation. WTF, did you say?

                                                      Castrated FBI Director Comey

The iconic FBI has been castrated by the Clintons and by the appointments to Lynch’s Office, including Lynch herself. President Obama has looked on with more than tacit approval.

                                                           Obama, tacit approval

Obama’s eight years have been strewn with an ideological incompetence that has already set America back decades while Bob and Carl remain aloof.

Could it be that Nixon was a Republican (in our terms a Conservative) and could it be that Clinton is a Democrat (in our terms Labor)?

I’ve got it now, the Left can do no wrong with the media and the Right can do no right.

Nothing has changed, there or here, in 43 years.  


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Breaking Presidential News:
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Trump ahead in Florida and looking good in other eastern states.

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I have no idea who will win tomorrow’s US presidential election. The character of the candidates, the Electoral College system, voluntary voting and the division within American society itself make it a difficult race to call. Whilst Clinton is the favourite according to the polls and the media, Trump could just pull off an extraordinary victory – or he could get thrashed!

However, there has been real value in being in the USA to observe the election contest up close. It has highlighted to me the weaknesses in modern politics and provided an insight into just how damaged the system has become.

Notwithstanding the personality traits of the two main players which seem to polarise voters, there is a stark contrast in many aspects of the policy platforms.

Trump wants to slash taxes; Clinton wants to increase them by $1.3 trillion. Trump wants stronger borders; Clinton has privately stated her support for an open border hemispheric trading block. Trump wants to reform the political system whilst both are publicly opposed to free trade. Clearly there are major differences between the agendas but that is not the most striking thing about observing this election.

In spite of the failings of the Republican candidate, the past six weeks have demonstrated just how crooked the Left’s political machine is.

We have seen video evidence of Democratic operatives boasting of their ability to incite violence at Republican rallies. We have read their candidate profess one thing in private whilst claiming another in public. Clinton’s campaign team has privately disparaged Catholics as ‘severely backwards’. They were prepared to delete 33,000 emails that they were legally required to provide to investigators. One Democrat governor pardoned 60,000 prisoners in a single day just so they could enrol to vote. Allegations of voter fraud and dodgy practices linked to the Democratic Party have been exposed. They have lied again and again and again.

I could go on but suffice to say that for the Democrat campaign machine the ends justify the means, no matter how sleazy, unethical or dishonest those means may be.

The exposure of these scandals has been largely due to non-mainstream media organisations because the major networks have become more cheerleaders than news reporters. As an outside observer, it is very difficult to rely on almost any television or online news service because the presentation of the story is so skewed. This is true for both candidates and major political parties.

It is no surprise to see that the machinations of the Left and their apparatchiks aren’t limited to the USA. In Australia the parliamentary cheer squad for Hillary Clinton has been busy too. The likes of Penny Wong are outraged that I am supporting Trump. Apparently it is inappropriate because I am in the USA but it is okay for her leader, Bill Shorten, to disparage Trump as ‘barking mad’ from Australia. We will now have to add ‘location bias’ as justification for Labor hypocrisy.

Wong was joined in her seemingly perpetual outrage by Federal parliamentary newcomer Linda Burney. She too was incensed that I dare tweet support for Trump. Burney mustered all her intellectual capacity to claim that Labor ‘tweets’ in support of Clinton are ‘free’ whilst mine are somehow ‘taxpayer funded’. She used Twitter to make this wise pronouncement, seemingly immune to the fatuity of her own position.

Sections of the media use these inane statements as the basis for stories skewed to support the Labor case. One newspaper even claimed a clearly labelled satirical piece from a little known website as a real statement. But it’s not just what’s reported that becomes a problem. Sometimes it is what’s not reported that tells the tale.

Whilst media networks in Australia are quick to highlight the flaws of the Republican candidate they seemingly are less interested in the myriad scandals plaguing the Democratic nominee. During one radio interview I did with the ABC last week, every time I tried to give an alternative view, I was interrupted so egregiously by the reporter that it was more him answering his own questions than allowing me to.

It’s clear to me that what has become overwhelmingly evident in America is starting to play out in Australia too. The Left’s political machine will say and do anything to get the result they want. They are untroubled by truth or consistency and will attack anyone not signed up to their agenda. For them, it is not the principle but the side that matters. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to fulfil their own ambition and it doesn’t matter what price you and I (or our nation) have to pay to make it happen.

It’s not just the swamp in Washington that needs to be drained. We have a bit of cleaning up to do at home as well.

Until next week.

Cory Bernardi
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I hope they're catching all this deceit on camera. Voting machines are playing up too, pricks.

Just listened to an interview with a woman aussie who is spruiking for Clinton in the states, previously a ""helper"" for Kate Ellis, Ms Ellis another useless labour MP, has she ever asked a question or done any thing to warrent her salary?This seems to be what happens these days ,leftoids from other countries , sticking their fingers into other countries politics, remember McTeirnan, during the Gillard era and Gillard now sticking her nose into us politics, crooks hanging out together?

You'd have to wonder if Woodward & Bernstein would have bothered if Humphrey won the election in 1968.

Alex Jones is live with a panel type show.

Nothing to see until 9am EST when the polls close on the east coast. 6pm USA.

Woodward and Bernstein were a pair of leftoids, nowhere to be seen this time around when one of their own is on the hook, Trump would be miles ahead by now if he received the same support from the GOP as Clinton has from Obama.