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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Ha, we know South Korea’s little Lefty pacifist, Moon Jae-in, has fallen for it with his overly extended cuddles and sickeningly long pudgy hand clasps, but common sense says Little Rocket Man is up to something dodgy and the Don is not short on common sense.

For a start he cannot close his nuclear facility…it is already closed! Satellite pics show an enormous implosion of the site. It happened when he sent Richter off its scale with earthquakes and multiple landslides after underground testing. But there are other sites he hasn’t mentioned, so why is that fanfared closure considered genuine?  

PP has said here for years that Iran is in lockstep with North Korea’s nuclear development, with “observers” of each country seen attending the other’s testing. 

Both Asian countries have assisted each other when sanctions impeded nuclear progress or when Little Rocket Man ran out of the Caspian Sea’s best Beluga Caviar. 

The Don is still wrestling with the disaster of the Obama Administration's failures and his new Secretary of State Pompeo has Iran at the top of his list of things to fix along with North Korea.

Both nations detest the US and it’s not plausible to suggest Little Rocket Man would capitulate to The Don’s demands of de-nuclearisation for no discernible return benefit other than to feed his starving millions. 

... besides, since when has he ever cared about his starving millions?

Did he roll his little bloated body out of bed one morning and mutter, “Fuck these sanctions, where’s my Dom Pérignon?”  

Although Pompeo and The Don appear overly hopeful of a resolution, clearly something’s not right! After decades of alignment with Iran and dual nuclear ambitions, is it feasible that North Korea would collapse in a heap of tumescent attrition? Not bloody likely!

And Iran? Definitely not! It capitalised on Obama’s lack of patriotism and it still holds Americans hostage without that fraud John Kerry ever suggesting they should be part of the original negotiations that allowed Iran a path to nuclear weapons, billions in cash, and the relaxation of all sanctions.

The Don will never take out Iran’s nuclear facilities simply because he doesn’t need to. Israel’s Netanyahu is already positioning himself to effectively do that with his latest “Iranian Lies” exposé.

Israel has taken out Iran’s budding nuclear facilities before and he is preparing to do it again when Pompeo’s efforts with Iran fail, as they surely must.

Little Rocket Man is a different story but he is imbued with the same hatred of the US. 

The Don is flying high at the moment but precarious mid-term elections are due in November. If the little fat bloke can cripple him with electoral embarrassment to where he loses an already tenuous majority in both Houses, then Hillary Clinton and her fruit loop criminal Lefties may as well be in the White House. 

                            The Don will become a feast of Presidential lame duck.

Is that what Little Rocket Man has up his sleeve? Whatever it is, Iran is a party to it. Neither nuclear nut cases is a fool, both see the storm clouds gathering. But The Don is far smarter than both and it’s confounding as to why he is claiming a premature victory worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize before he has even sat down to talk. 

He is giving himself a very high place from which to fall.

But he is also far smarter than me and far more intelligent than Hillary Clinton. So his unusual tactics will no doubt again bear fruit.

                                       Moon Jae-in's well-practised royal wave

Moon Jae-in is a grinning fool… but the Ayatollah and Little Rocket Man are different kettles of smelly fish. 

It will be fascinating to watch how The Don decontaminates them before cooking them in a Creole curry.  

In the meantime our esteemed PM Turnbull will welcome The Don’s “new little best friend”, France’s Emmanuel Macron, with the warmest of global warming handshakes.


.... Satellite pics show an enormous implosion of the NorKor Porker's nuclear-weapons-production site. It happened when the pudgy porker sent Richter rocketing with underground testing-caused earthquakes and landslides .... Close but no Queens-Birthday Box for you, this year. It happened when The Don sent a one foot in diameter, twenty-feet-long tungsten 'Rod From God**' down the Porker's nuclear-research-and-development chimney -- and promised to put the next one in his ear. (**Look it up!)

You know how it is Larry, Trump plays a Trump card, he corners the market and deals the deals that make the difference..

Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and does not allow international inspectors to investigate facilities. A blatant double standard. Their own whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu confirmed that they have nuclear weapons - Netanyahu in 2003 stated that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. That country was then invaded and destroyed based on lies. Now Netanyahu wants to do the same to Iran. Why should anyone believe what he says? Israel is the same country that attacked USS Liberty and tried to blame it on Egypt. Israel has received billions upon billions in aid from America and this is how they repay them - with treachery and betrayal.

If you read Trump's "Art of the deal" you'll understand he knows exactly what he's doing. He changes tactics frequently to keep his adversaries off balance. He's playing everyone like a fiddle.
It wasn't so long ago almost everyone was saying Trump's tweets were dangerous & would lead to nuclear war or other bullshit.
What happened? For the first time both NK & SK leaders met face to face. A high ranking US official (Pompeo) met face to face with beloved NK leader.
Beloved leader now talking about ending 70 years of a war footing & with hand on midget dick - getting rid of nukes.
All that came about by accident? Or a fluke? He's a master at upping the ante & calling people's bluff. Do the right thing by him, he'll look after you. Stiff him & he'll fuck you over big time.

Crikey Larry, looks like you were on the money.

Palestine Bloke Abbas reckons that the Jewish holocaust was caused by Jewish banking and he get's screamed at by those who say he is anti-Semitic ? Struth can't people just google that period of time and they'll see Abbas is correct .

A plus.

Peace on the horizon for Korean peninsula, but maybe not if the US has its way
Published time: 28 Apr, 2018 12:54 Edited time: 28 Apr, 2018 13:38
The United States is a country that, at any given time, is bombing at least seven (or eight) different countries, all the while threatening to bomb at least two or three more. Despite these unprecedented acts of aggression, North Korea – currently bombing no one – is inexplicably and without fail, the country that is universally branded as an uncontrollable threat to global security.
“It’s time to bomb North Korea,” wrote former government advisor Edward Luttwak in an opinion piece for Foreign Policy in January this year.
No, it isn’t. In fact, if I recall correctly, the US already bombed North Korea at least once before, committing an endless supply of potential war crimes in the process.
Read more/op-ed/425320-north-south-korea-reunification/Time has come for the reunification of the Korean peninsula
In the early 1950s, the US bombed North Korea so relentlessly that, according to DPRK, it destroyed over 8,700 factories, 5,000 schools, 1,000 hospitals, 600,000 homes, and eventually killed off perhaps 20 percent of the country’s population. As noted by the Asia Pacific Journal, the US dropped so many bombs that they ran out of targets to hit, so they began punishing the local population by decimating the North’s irrigation systems instead:
“By the fall of 1952, there were no effective targets left for US planes to hit. Every significant town, city and industrial area in North Korea had already been bombed. In the spring of 1953, the Air Force targeted irrigation dams on the Yalu River, both to destroy the North Korean rice crop and to pressure the Chinese, who would have to supply more food aid to the North. Five reservoirs were hit, flooding thousands of acres of farmland, inundating whole towns and laying waste to the essential food source for millions of North Koreans.”
No one considers this historical incident worth mentioning when discussing the so-called “threat” of North Korea. And this is only going to get worse. Not too long ago, Donald Trump’s now national security advisor, John Bolton, wrote an op-ed article published by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) entitled “The Legal Case for Striking North Korea First.” This is an idea so catastrophic that about a week later, the WSJ had no choice but to publish the counter viewpoint entitled “Striking North Korea First Is a Bad Proposal.”
Bolton replaced former National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster, a man who was also reportedly one of the main architects of a secret plan to hit the North Korean leadership with a “bloody nose strike.” It speaks volumes that this man was apparently not even hawkish enough for Trump that he needed to be replaced by someone as bloodthirsty as Bolton.
How recent developments may influence North Korea’s talks with the US later this year
After this week’s historic meeting between North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the two countries formalized their new relationship through a statement which “confirmed” their stated “common goal of realizing, through complete denuclearization, a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.” As you will be aware, this too is the apparent goal of Washington – to completely denuclearize the region.
However, this proposal comes with a catch: For North Korea, full denuclearization entails the complete withdrawal of all nuclear-capable US weapons within reach of the peninsula, as well as the withdrawal of its 28,500 troops from South Korea.This is a deal-breaker for Washington and may prove to be a sticking point, especially given that the US military still refuses to leave Japan, despite improved diplomatic relations in the decades following the end of World War Two and in addition to recent protests, some of which have last for over 5,000 consecutive days.
It is also the same reason that the US still has bases in Germany and troops in the Philippines where it is expected to increase its military footprint, even though it was formally kicked out of the country in 1991. Let’s face it, the US hardly ever leaves a country once its military has established a presence. Consider that in Syria, the US controls almost one third of the country, including Syria’s most oil-rich region, without any discernable legal basis to be there in the first place.
In other words, the US may pursue an inevitable, collapsible deal similar to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached with Iran in 2015, but ultimately it will never give North Korea the security that it seeks. Putting aside one’s own thoughts of the North Korean leadership, it was the US who destroyed North Korean livelihood to the point of no return in the early 1950s. Remember that Americans still struggle to reconcile with a lone attack on its sovereignty that took place seventeen years ago; surely in that context one can try to understand the plight of the North Korean people.
Read more/op-ed/425334-trump-kim-korea-peace/Peace breaks out on the Korean peninsula despite – not because of – Washington hawks
The real “threat” that North Korea poses
North Korea is not a threat because of its alleged nuclear weapons program. The US has over 1,000 military bases worldwide, has a military budget of $700 billion and a nuclear weapons stockpile so sophisticated that it could make entire continents uninhabitable. A war with North Korea would be no major challenge to the US.
No, North Korea is a threat for the same reason that Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran are a threat: natural resources and the ability to tie the development of those resources to a currency that will challenge the status of the US dollar.
You see, North Korea sits on reserves of more than 200 minerals, including rare earth minerals, which are believed to be worth up to 10 trillion USD. North Korea’s main ally, China, is currently in the process of realizing a monumental project known as the One Belt One Road initiative, which will connect China to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and even the Pacific to the complete detriment of the US.
China has openly said that any nation can contribute to this proposed initiative and, unfortunately for the US, they were being one hundred percent sincere. In May last year, China invited North Korea to its Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. In other words, China might actually be years away from creating a “Silk Road” which takes advantage of these vast resources, while leaving the US out.
As of right now, China has already begun inking deals with other nations which involve the Chinese yuan, not the US dollar. It already launched its oil crude futures exchange earlier this year which opens the door for the yuan to be used to buy and sell oil on the global financial markets, further threatening the hegemony of the US dollar.
One can only imagine the effect that China’s proposal will have on the status of the dollar if this proposal comes to fruition and involves known US adversaries like North Korea.
The future of North Korean Talks: The Blunt Truth
The harsh reality of the matter is that Pyongyang knows what happened to Iraq and Libya will ultimately happen to North Korea (for the second time) should they be willing to sit down with the US for peace talks without receiving the quid pro quo they have been searching for.
This is not conjecture. “The Libyan crisis is teaching the international community a grave lesson,” that the country’s decision to abandon its weapons programs in 2003 was undoubtedly “an invasion tactic to disarm the country” – according to North Korea’s Foreign Ministry. North Korea has been bombed by the US before, and they have no intention of letting that happen again. That is why, over and over again, the North Korean leadership has made it abundantly clear it will only give up its nuclear weapons program if the US meets them halfway:
“[T]he DPRK would neither put its nukes and ballistic rockets on the table of negotiations in any case nor flinch even an inch from the road of bolstering the nuclear force chosen by itself unless the U.S. hostile policy and nuclear threat to the DPRK are definitely terminated,” reads a statement from July 4, 2017.
Of course, North and South Korea are always free to pursue their own foreign policy agenda without the interference of the US. The decision to formally bring about the end of the Korean War is almost certainly progress, though one would be hard-pressed to realistically give credit for this positive development to the Trump administration, which has openly called for war in the Korean peninsula for over a year.
The presence of John Bolton in Trump’s already hawkish administration cannot be a coincidence, however, and it would appear that if the US gets its way, there will be no removal of the American military presence on North Korea’s border. Without this guarantee, North Korea will be unlikely to give up its weapons, as it has watched the US simulate an invasion of its territory every year without fail.
READ MORE: Nobel peace prize for Trump?: Russian senator says US taking undue credit for Korean deal
The current conundrum can best be described as a “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst” type scenario, in which there are too many known people behind the scenes who have ulterior motives far beyond that of the fruition of a peaceful relationship between North and South Korea – at least not until there is a government in Pyongyang that is more representative of Washington’s economic interests.
Darius Shahtahmasebi for RT
Darius Shahtahmasebi is a New Zealand based legal and political analyst. Follow him on Twitter @TVsLeaking

Vraiment ...!!! ?

Just a Thought:
The Russia - China gas pipeline is two thirds complete and expected to be fully functional by the end of the year and to add to that Russia has pipped Saudi as the top crude oil supplier. Now Xi Jinping on the other hand is taking over the Paracel (Taiwan and Vietnam) and Spratly Islands (Vietnam China Taiwan Philippines Malaysia Brunei) in the South China Seas unchallenged. So take note that Putin and Xi Jinping are both marking time till this pipeline is complete and first thing to note, when completed, it will be that gas supplies to Europe will slowly be curtailed if not cut-off . China has just had a secret meeting with Kim Jong-un, maybe with words like "don't do anything, grasshopper, to upset the Americans until I tell you, get it got it good ". Putin's friends in the Middle East is covered by Iran. Scenario is China attacks Taiwan, NK attacks SK, Iran attacks Saudi. Under this "Russia China plan" Russia will attack Ukraine pushing all the way to the Dnieper River thereby reuniting Crimea with the main land, and also take control of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov. Turkey in this commotion will take over Cyprus. Russia will open a new front to take Georgia, once taken Turkey is now vulnerable as the Russian prime objective is Istanbul the gateway to the Mediterranean. This could be all BS and I hope so, however the human, Ideologist, religious views we've put up with over the years may come too soon, are we prepared NO. But I have to wonder about the 506 million loan for a 99 year lease of the Port Darwin? Great news for the people of Darwin however those into the way the Chinese philosophy works especially SUN TZU may I suggest that they are betting that Australia would become a "Neutral" country in the event of war with the USA and will use the lease of the Port of Darwin as it wants. Political Party's in particular the Greens have argued for years for the removal of the ANZUS Treaty (NZ partially suspended) and basically have nothing to do with the USA. Members of parliament have been caught out conspiring with foreign identities more traitors to follow perhaps. Australia has resources we don't use, a large island just for the taking...I don't think so.
Ever Vigilant

By the looks of the little rocket man, he won't be here long. He's a heart attack in the making.

Contrary to what so many good people – out of sheer terror of 'Communism' – think, Capitalism is not 'free enterprise,' an incentive for success, 'a chance for all.' Capitalism is trusts, speculation, parasitical usury. Capitalism is J. P. Morgan, Rothschild's bank, ripping apart the nations like maddened swine. Capitalism is the Jewish frying pan in which culture is rendered down to the grease of money. Following it, as the night to day, is the thrice hotter Jewish fire of 'Communism.'" William Striker

14th July coming up....

Like you Larry I have a strong gut feeling that all this chummy chummy stuff between the two Koreas is going to fall into a big smelly heap and things will be worse than what they were before.
Hope I'm wrong but gut feelings are normally very reliable. Too much has happened too quickly for my liking.

Perhaps rocket man is thinking that this is the moment to combine the two Korea's under HIM. What if he calls for an election and wins the vote or if not wins gets a large second place vote? What would the USA do then, would they stay in SK with a large minority actively campaigning against them or take all their hardware home & leave SK in a worse situation than now? Trump will I think make such demands knowing that Kid rocket will walk away & starve his people to death rather than loose face & do a Dr, Strangeglove if he does have the ability he claims he has. The only alternative is for him to *retire* to Switzerland or France or perhaps somewhere warm .

“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.”

Nicholas Klein

So are its politicians

Popular as a steaming pile of dogshit - everyone avoids it like the plague.

“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.”

Nicholas Klein

Disabled in the brain. OLIVER is speaking about the police investigating fattys 'prank calls' Stoney. acourse there never was any prank calls just the fat retard looking for attention and lying and trying to set up innocent posters AGAIN.