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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Well, I guess legislators will have to wake up soon and it might take an Islamic terrorist attack on their own damned Legislative Assemblies where legislators’ own lives are at risk before they take the Islamic curse seriously and act to protect their constituents. Is Canberra at risk? You bet your bloody booty it is. 

Attacks on high-profile sites encourage recruitment to the Islamic State. Terrorists foretell an attack and when successful they ring 911 to report it to ensure they get credit. They have no fear of being killed, they welcome it.

Canada’s commitment to Iraq is a carbon copy of Canberra’s and Canada was warned in the same way as Tony Abbott was warned yesterday. 

Parliament’s proximity to our National War Memorial is the same as Ottawa’s Parliament to its National War Memorial.

Still our politicians refrain from calling even the Ottawa outrage Islamic terrorism, preferring the nomenclature of “lone wolf”, and still they insist it has nothing to do with Islam. 

How the hell can a mad Muslim carry a gun into any Parliament and how can authorities be actually following the very vehicle that runs down soldiers in the street is a politically correct mystery.

When mad Muslims ran down British soldier Lee Rigby and partially beheaded him they hung around waiting for police to turn up. Surely now it’s time for Western governments to become proactive rather than reactive. 

Surely it’s time to now realise terrorists’ funds are being raised within mosques using the insidious halal certification of our food and radicalisation and recruitment begins with hate-preaching clerics in those very same mosques. But we allow it to happen under the guise of free speech. 

Well, free speech ain’t much good to anyone who has just been separated from his head.

Terrorism, dare I mention, has one common thread... and that’s Islam. 

Many Australian Islamic households will be waking this morning to high fives all round at brekky. I doubt there will be many high fives in Presbyterian households.

The power of an inane mind-bending cult was seen in Jonestown where hundreds of gullible dolts poisoned themselves and their children en masse for a cause... and on instruction. 

By 7am today no-one in authority in Canada the US or Australia has been prepared to call the attack an act of terrorism, let alone an act of Islamic terrorism. 

There needs to be an awakening to what we are dealing with and it will probably take a terrorist attack affecting those who need to barricade themselves in parliaments before that happens.

No plague can be dealt with effectively until it is recognised for what it is.


This needs to be well coordinated to avoid some of the pitfalls of other parties

Andrew Burke There is no way a terrorist will attack the Parliament of Australia these coward terrorists always pick on the soft targets schools markets etc adding extra security is just a waste of money. After all our federal Liberal and Labor government fully support the Islamic overflow of Australia the only party that are against this happening is the One Nation Party yes the one that both the Liberal government and Labor opposition have put at the bottom of their preferences.

After terror attacks by the IRA in the 60's and 70's, Brittian responded by attacking the IRA. They treated it as a war against the organised agressor, ie the IRA. Islamic terrorists bomb the London underground and murder a British soldier in broad daylight, and the pollies tickle the people's tummies with "peaceful Islam". "It was just a few radicals, nothing to worry about". It's no wonder these incompetent arsholes are going to be defeated by UKIP next year. Cameron must be shitting himself.

The moslem who ran over two Canadian soldiers and the moslem who shot the soldier at cenotaph,...then stormed parliament,.. were on Canadian Gov terrorist watchlist.....Both home grown, a convert.

Assurance from our government that ASIO is monitoring local terrorists,..all is safe total bullshit....We are spending $500 million per year to fight ISIS in Iraq.

But.-.our most dangerous,..treacherous enemy is in our own suburbs - recruiting,..exporting money to ISIS,..converting,..planning in prayer rooms and mosques ( over 300 in Aus ) while living off our taxes and resources.

Don't worry,...Pollies will be safe in parliament.

The victims will be your average mum or gran shopping at Westfield or our kids on a bus.....Sadly,...inevitably,..a terrorist attack will occur.

Why don't these moslems go back home to where they belong instead of inflicting their ruthless way of life on us... It's about time Australia sent out a message that an Islamic take over will not be tolerated in this country.

So!? What is China doing to protect their nation and people from this insane IS and other religious maniacs invasion, rebellion, attacks and murders ? Maybe we should read their ' National and Home Guard Defense manuals.

Really Soft Target Coming Up. The Melbourne Cup.

"Tolerance and apathy are the last traits of a dying society." Aristotle

The next likely attack can be viewed through the Iconoscope. If it's an Australian icon it's in the cross-hairs.

Take a few minutes to watch this.. Islam - Lipstick on a Pig.

Well spotted GeoffU ........

>>It's only a matter of time before the Australian Parliament or an Australian Icon is attacked.<<
I would imagine that those in charge of our 2015 Anzac commemorations, both here in Australia and in Turkey, are very, very concerned, and are looking at the security that will surround those events very, very seriously, without a shadow of doubt, far moreso than they were six months ago.

I feel this editorial is correct. Its only a matter of time before the Australian Parliament or an Australian Icon is attacked. There are more than 19 Organizations outlawed in Australia all of them ISLAMIC based. We need to outlaw the root cause, ISLAM! The collateral damage will be the Muslims in our country. They can probably avoid being caught by splintering to another religion. i.e. there are hundreds of Christian or Neo Christian Churches that are not Catholic. However, we dont see Christian Terrorists decapitating their fellow man, seems we have moved on from that.

The immoral terrorist money earning rip off called Halal certification on food that we pay extra for (that is by us, non supporters of Islam) should be banned now. Companies like Cadbury/Kraft, Bega Cheese, Cracker Barrel cheese, SPC Ardmona Gouloburn Valley, Leggo Pasta, etc. should be made to pay compensation for their support of these terrorists who want to kill us by beheading & force a repressive Sharia law on Australians that we don't want.

ISIS Is a Proud Sponsor of Toyota

Meanwhile, Kurdish officials say airstrikes carried out by the US-led coalition against ISIL positions in Syria are not working.

"There’s a valley to the Southwest of Kobani that had 2,000 ISIL vehicles in it for 11 days, yet the Americans have never targeted them. It’s as if they only want to scare them or do a little damage," said Ahmed Shekho, the head of the Syrian Kurdish students union.

"Now that ISIL are in the Eastern side of the town, a street war has started. It is like gang warfare," Shekho stated, adding that the fighters know every street.

"ISIL are better armed but when it comes to street fighting, maybe the situation could be different."

The intense fighting for the strategic town has forced nearly 200,000 people to take refuge in Turkey. abeldanger/zWgH (Abel Danger)

And I guess still Milne doesn't want proper security in our Parliament. Maybe it will have to wait for a Green to be knocked off by a mad Muslim.

GeoffU, I know Conker is ok. I mixed the message!! I was referring to aap. Sorry Conker.

Might not be a bad thing in Canberra. Could get rid of a lot of useless dead wood. Make sure the'Greens (all of them) are in the house!

Geez! Guys, this is about our Nation. Please start caring about it.

Stop this foolish rubbish about jokes. This is serious. If I am wrong then I will sigh and bugger off.