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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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... it has deserted ISIS and Baghdadi is not a happy chappy

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


For those who have followed the Turkish ploy of playing both sides in the Islamic war it is no surprise that the Islamic State of Turkey (and of all things a NATO member) has become a prime ISIS target.

A U.S. Air Force plane takes off for the first time from the Incirlik airbase, in southern Turkey 

Only this year has Turkey allowed the US to use its airfields when bombing ISIS facilities. Formerly US jet fighters had to use an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean that required mid air refuelling and seriously depleted valuable bombing time.

Only this year has Turkey stopped laundering ISIS’s stolen oil at reduced prices on the black market.

Only this year has Turkey stopped training ISIS fighters.

Only this year has Turkey stopped their buses that travelled at night, carrying jihadists to Syria and Iraq.

Only this year has Turkey stopped stamping the passports of foreign militants seeking to cross the Turkish border into Syria to join ISIS.

Only this year has Turkish intelligence stopped  passing satellite imagery and other data to ISIS.

Only this year has Turkey stopped the Saudi-financed transportation of arms to ISIS and Gaza through Turkey which was authorised by the Saudi Emir, Bender Bin Sultan. ... a flight leaving Germany regularly dropped off arms at the Etimesgut airport in Turkey, these arms were then split into three containers, on each occasion two containers were given to ISIS and one to Gaza.

An ISIS commander told The Washington Post on August 12, 2014: “Most of the fighters who joined us in the beginning of the war came from the Saudis with the assistance of Turkey, and so did our equipment and supplies.” According to the Turkish Government the arms laden trucks were for "humanitarian aid" to the Turkmen, but the Turkmen said no humanitarian aid was ever offered or delivered.

The same ISIS commander told the Post: “We used to have some fighters, even high-level members of our Islamic State, who were treated and cared for in Turkish hospitals.”

Tayyip Erdogan and Angela Merkel in Istanbul. Millions of “migrants” including ISIS operatives, now flow through Turkey into Merkel's Eurozone.

Donald Trump is right! NATO, and not Obama’s false Islamic coalition headed by his best mates the Saudis, should be assisting Putin to destroy ISIS. Obama and his Islamic coalition “friends” have no intention to destroy ISIS. Like Obama, this fake army wants "containment" for now as Obama said. 

But how is it possible for even NATO to be trusted when its only Islamic Member State of Turkey is privy to NATO’s intentions? Bloody hell!

And now Turkey is about to fill the hole left by the UK in the European Union for Christ’s sake. 

The UK is well out of that Socialist cesspit, despite Cameron's endorsement.

This is madness beyond belief and it’s yet another Obama (cum Clinton) step to destruction of the West, preparing for the Islamic caliphate Obama believes is far preferable to capitalistic democracy.

Of course Turkey is now hated by ISIS, it has hamstrung its fighting ability and collapsed its oil receipts. Turkey will continue to be the subject of regular attacks, after all it has succumbed to Western pressure and finally shut out ISIS... but it is too late. 

Classic Islamic treachery is playing out for all to see.

Turkey assured ISIS it would only attack the Kurds, Yazidis and the Peshmerga fighters and that it would assist to overthrow Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. It even downed a Russian fighter that was in the process of bombing ISIS to show its intentions were genuine. 

Russia supports the Assad regime which seems a far more intelligent play simply because if Assad falls there will be an all out insoluble fight between the Syrian rebels, Al Queda, Al Nusra, The Khorasan and ISIS to fill the void... hello again Hillary's Libya and Obama's Arab Spring!

Turkey thoroughly deserves the wrath of the many more suicide bombers to come on the road to its newly planned return of an Islamic mini Ottoman Empire.

Turkey, the Saudis and Obama must never be trusted. 


also I would expect that there is still some scores to settle with Turkey relating back to the Armenian genocide and their invasion and occupation of Cyprus.

it might help if someone bombed Turkey out of existence

We should all speak gooder English.

I have to agree with Rudolph re the oxymoron!! And anyone who seriously believes Turkey won’t have a backdoor to the islamists also communes with the fairies down their garden. As for the yanks getting it together it will be window dressing compared to the Putin onslaught, let’s hope he keeps it up. As for the election I have lobbied everyone I have on my contact list for ALA for the senate. Give the smirk a shock that might make the party wake up and get with the population who pay their inflated salaries and egos.

Turkish intelligence, did I spot today's "oxymoron of the day"?

Terrific story on Bolt's blog from the Spectator on same sex couples and a referendum question. I suggest we all copy it and send it to all those elected on Saturday. I just sent it to the LNP person who will succeed Clive Palmer in Fairfax.

It was well on the Cards that Turkey would join. Boris stated that he had no trouble with Turkey joining the EU providing the UK was out. Sorry Boris is not putting his hand up for PM, that was the news on Facebook this morning. Maybe false I hope.

I'm sure once Turkey is admitted to the EU and wins Eurovision it will return to helping its friends at ISIS. But any European who trusts Turkey would have to be a turkey.

Putin lifts all restrictions against Turkey
2016-06-30 17:21:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree lifting Russia's restrictions against Turkey.
Putin also instructed the Russian government to take steps aimed at lifting the ban of charter flights between the two countries. He canceled restrictions on the sale of tours to Turkey.
The decree comes into effect from the day of the official publication, the Kremlin said. The Russian president instructed the government to hold talks with Turkish authorities on bilateral economic ties.
On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a phone conversation for the first time in more than seven months. The leaders agreed to restore cooperation, including in the spheres of trade, tourism and the fight against terrorism.
On Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin to express regret and send condolences for the November 2015 downing of a Russian Su-24 bomber in Syria by Turkey.
Following the incident, Moscow imposed a number of restrictive measures on Turkey and has repeatedly said that Ankara should apologize for downing the plane and cover any material losses to the country and the pilot's family.
Comment: The West surely can't be happy that relations are thawing between Turkey and Russia. They worked hard to split them up, and now it all seems to be for naught. See also: Erdogan apology leads to total turnaround in Russian-Turkish relations

Geert Wilders at Michael Smith News.....'

So when Billy Gordon kills someone in his next drink driving act, can the Pluckaduck gov be sued as they have covered for him all the way to secure his vote? Leaning on a judge should in any democratic gov, see the removal of the Premier.

Tony H Thu 30 Jun 2016 12:31:06 pm
Turkey allowed free passage through it's borders of ISIS fighters while machine gunning woman and children fleeing the terrorists from Kurdish territory. Further they refused to allow Nato fighter jets access through Turkish Air Space or allow use of Turkish Air Strips. Word is the Turks were involved in the bringing down of the Russian Fighter plane over Iraq Syria resulting in the murder of the Pilot and Co Pilot. Need I go on?

If you only vote 1 above the line, with no other marks on the paper, is your vote still counted?

To me, this election is like choosing between aids and cancer.
I just hope that Pauline, ALA and Rise Up Australia can make a dent on the head of the WWW. I genuinely don’t think that people are stupid enough to put Shorten in but there’s a lot of stupid people out there. Who knows?

linda lavarch labor has the backing of the rebel bikies in the seat of Dixon , so its odds on miss piggy will abolish the VLAD laws and back to normal on the gold coast PRE VLAD laws

Debbie Robinson,ALA, in all the hullaballo of an election tomorrow, still had time to reply to a message of support we sent her this morning.(Or her office did). Whatever, how many other politicians bother to answer their constituents the day before the election?

It looks as if Bill Clinton is putting pressure on the Attorney General to get Hillary through the election without prosecution.

“DEMOCRATES aren't happy about the "wrong signal" telegraphed by a private meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch — who's overseeing the probe into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server — and Bill Clinton.

In a rare rebuke of the presumptive nominee by a member of her own party , Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons sharply criticized the meeting between the prosecutor and former president.

"I don't think it sends the right signal," he tells CNN's "New Day" program in an interview Thursday. "I think she should have steered clear even of a brief, casual, social meeting with the former president."

Breaking News at

Is it really true that one may use a biro instead of a pencil when voting tomorrow ?

I may well be wrong but i wonder if much of the acts of cruelty and killing that have been attributed to Basheer may well have been targeted at the very religious maniacs that we in the western world are having to fight now on our own home soil, the same with Saddam,and Sadat in Egypt,sure he was a bad B--d but faced with religious nutters who are prepared to do anything to kill and destroy , did he just become as brutal as his enemies, all i know is that millions of Muslims would willingly die for Allah, and if they can take an :""unbeliever"" with them all the better.In muslim countries there is only one way of rule , it is Islam or nothing!.