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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Dave Pellowe

Dave Pellowe is the director of Axiomatic Events, architect of the annual Church And State Summit and writes for the Spectator & Quadrant online.


School students are being recruited and organised to strike from school this Friday, 15 March. The website, claims the purpose is “to tell our politicians to take our futures seriously and treat climate change for what it is - a crisis.”

After careful analysis of historical trends and with far more reliability than a United Nations’ “scientific consensus”, I’m prepared to boldly predict the political climate will not be warmed or cooled one tenth of a degree by kids striking.

Like all prophets of the apocalypse, their furious little feet stamping & rosy cheeks pouting will be an indulgent but futile activity with consistently little impact in the real world.

The Labor-Greens coalition will still be environmental extremists denying developing nations cheap, reliable electricity and aspiring to deliver Australians intermittent electricity at any cost.

The Liberal-National coalition will still be lukewarm environmental realists while chasing irrational voters from the centre-left with only half the moonbattery the Greens boast.

Real grownups will observe there’s a reason school kids aren’t allowed to get married, sign contracts, fight for their nation, get a driver’s licence, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco products, or vote on matters of national importance.

Their developing brains aren’t mature enough to weigh the balance of evidence, consider all the consequences and make objectively rational decisions. They can barely cross the road safely or wear clothes properly. They are important, but they are children – undeveloped clumps of cells, if you prefer.

Muslim students forgetting to protest Saudi oil.

The student strike will achieve absolutely nothing but the squealing delight of the overwhelming majority to be free of classes for a few precious hours and maybe get on TV.

It would be noteworthy if they were protesting on their weekend, giving up fast food or their smartphones & game consoles in an action that demonstrated real commitment.

But skipping school - who cares? They’re only hurting themselves. Real grownups will dismiss the student strike as cute but the homogenous, weightless opinion of unqualified individuals.

Our education system has its work cut out for it competing with the results of such famous contributors to the global intelligence as Kazakhstan. Kids in our education system need as much class time as possible being taught how to think.

Literacy would be a good start, of course, but the nationalised curriculum would then be at risk of kids understanding ‘The Gulag Archipelago’, and that simply would not do.

Instead, Comrade Shorten and similar ministers for propaganda will applaud the good little people and with hands clasped together in adoration will extol the virtues of their global citizenship. They will bask in the warmth of his praise and in scenes reminiscent of that skit from the Life of Brian will chorus as one, “Yes, we’re all individuals.”

Sadly, they’re not. They’re lemmings who haven’t been taught about the Roman warm period or the mini ice age in documented history preceding human industry.

No one has told them that Greenland, now covered in ice, used to be covered in crops or that Britain used to have a wine industry. No one has told them that ancient aboriginals walked to Tasmania from what is now the mainland before the seas rose hundreds of metres.

They actually believe it’s indisputable by anyone of credible qualification that modern human industry has the ability to significantly impact short or long term global climate patterns.

Consequently, they very well may furrow their brows and even lose sleep when globalist ideologues gravely warn them of a climate “crisis” that can magically be solved by international wealth redistribution schemes demanded at UN HQ.

These poor children are being manipulated by environmental fundamentalists to fulfil the role of ‘useful idiots’, both metaphorically as pawns in agendas they remain oblivious to, and literally by their absenteeism from whatever education they might have hoped for were they in class (instead of a creeping socialist revolution).

Our education system is producing obedient drones who don’t think for themselves or question the new status quo. Instead, they aspire to junk degrees like The History of Feminist Interpretative Dance Theory and uncritically supporting ‘progressive’ government agendas.

I forecast there’ll be lots of soundbites on Friday night of little cuties saying exactly what the mainstream media is already preaching: condemning the sins of a conservative government and sighing their despair for the grim future they’ll inherit.

Their parents will beam proudly as they announce coming along was entirely their offspring’s idea, and the echo of their own politics just a coincidence. The ‘progressive’ politicians will cynically insist we should listen to these children who they’ll assert are wiser than every last one of the politicians they oppose.

But nothing in the political climate will change. It’ll be just another day with the Opposition opposing the Government; another 24 hours of ‘progressives’ demanding economic upheaval at the risk of imminent catastrophe; and yet another day of conservatives attempting to point out the evidence to the contrary to be summarily dismissed by ‘progressives’ as merely the lone voices of incompetent ‘deniers’.

As surely as the earth will keep spinning the global climate will keep changing as it always has for millennia and as it always will, and with as little regard for the little humans inhabiting it as the body politic will for kids skipping class.


...what do these bloody idiot kids know...but they know how to reverberate typical platitudes about "Climate Change" and seem to know all about the science of atmospherics...I feel they don't need to go to school anymore...they should be the teachers...they know it all...all they have to do is to listen to their fucked in the head parents and teachers and they think they know everything...why don't they do this during a weekend...noooo...the Marxist teachers would love to have a day off...brain washing their students to espouse total bullshit about a science they don't know anything about...its all perpetrated by the Agenda 21 advocates that want to de-industrialize the west...yeah...these kids are qualified to be basket weavers...

March Heatwaves
Posted on March 16, 2019 by tonyheller

Since 1895, the US Midwest has recorded March temperatures above ninety degrees on 65 occasions, spread out over 25 days. All of these occurred more than 30 years ago, and 63 of the 65 hot days occurred at least 90 years ago. The two hottest days were March 27, 1910 and March 24, 1929 – both of which reached 97F (36C.)

War Against Venezuela Is War Against Us All By Christopher Black

".....................However, there is overwhelming evidence and outright confessions, bragging in fact by the US, Canadian and some EU leaders that they are committing crimes against humanity against the people of Venezuela with their economic warfare, that they call “sanctions’ which are illegal under international law, and for supporting an internal coup attempt, for their conspiracy to commit aggression and lately the sabotage of civilian infrastructure, the electricity grid.

Canada, with the US, and European nations, such as Germany Spain France and Britain, have imposed illegal sanctions, economic warfare on the people of Venezuela in order to force them to turn against their government by making them suffer. The sanctions are illegal because they violate the UN Charter. Only the Security Council has the authority to impose sanctions under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. They are also crimes against humanity because they amount to siege warfare, that is, causing the deliberate suffering of civilians in an attempt to overthrow a government. Venezuela to protect itself, is building support among the nations such as Russia China, India, Cuba, Turkey, Iran and many other nations that have just formed a group to restore the UN Charter as the heart of international law and in recent days we have seen both Russia and China promising assistance and telling the Americans to back off.

Venezuela can also play the ICC game. It can request the ICC to lay charges against the countries attacking it and can file a claim against the USA and its gang for damages in the International Court of Justice and request an order from that court to the US gang stop their aggression against Venezuela. Venezuela can also use war without rules on its attackers and President Maduro hinted as much in a recent speech warning the Americans that they will not be immune from the consequences of their actions................"

Video of what sounds like a muslim confronting Anning at the airport. I thought the new rules were muslims didn't have to apologise when one of their own commits a terror atrack yet he's demanding one from Anning,

The stupid media are trying to paint Senator Anning as beyond the pale for slapping the teenage punk who cracked an egg on his head. They've missed the bus yet again. Normal people think Fraser's reaction was how any mature adult male should have responded to a teenage thug. Go, Fraser Anning.

New Post Up.

Up until 1980 no Australian needed to lock their doors at night.

One employed family man could buy a home and raise a family.

Then came the zionist globalist scum who forced wimmin to get to work for the purpose of destroying the family cell by making two (2) people, within the family, working for the same pay as one (1) person.

Fraser, Hawke, Menzies, Keating, Howard, Rudd, Abbott, Turdball, Morrison, Bitchop, not to mention all the illegally sitting dual IsraHelli-Australian Nationals in Parliament who's loyalty lies explicitly with the globally unrecognised fake terrorist rothschild stolen land commonly refered to as IsraHell.

Says it all really !

New Zealand diplomat tells US Democrats to organise against Trump or 'we all die'

Just before I go though ----- PLEEEESE stop talking about that Dwarf Waleed,he is nothing but a two faced prick and to think he earns money for the absolute shit he talks.

You didn’t notice this slipping in under the radar……..
Because it was an Islamic Attack, it was just slipped in there under the radar in the hope no one would remember where the Terror Threat in Australia is most prevalent………or that is the way it could be seen by someone who knows how the media like to divert attention from their agenda’s…..
Man found guilty in Curtis Cheng case

A man has been found guilty of a terror-related charge connected to the shooting of NSW Police accountant Curtis Cheng.
Australian Associated PressMarch 14, 20194:42pm
A man said to have acted as the lookout when two men exchanged a gun later used to kill NSW Police accountant Curtis Cheng has been found guilty of a terror-related charge.
Mustafa Dirani, 25, pleaded not guilty to conspiring with others in 2015 to do acts in preparation, or planning, for a terrorist act.
Mr Cheng was shot and killed on October 2 in 2015 by 15-year-old Farhad Jabar in Parramatta.
The NSW Supreme Court jury at Dirani's retrial found him guilty on Thursday and Justice Peter Johnson adjourned the case to March 22.

I didnt know Jacinda Thefern converted to Islam.................

You guys are too slow tonight I am off to nitey nites.

US War Crimes in Syria Whitewashed in Real Time

"...............President Trump has given orders for US forces to withdraw from Syria. He says it’s time to bring “our boys” home. As if “our boys” have performed a noble duty there. The fact is American forces in Syria constitute a war crime. They shouldn’t even be there.

So, belated US media reports of American forces bearing down on the remnants of ISIS in eastern Syria are, to say the least, a little anomalous, given the systematic support that Washington has been covertly plying to assorted jihadist terror groups for the purpose of regime change. That is an entirely criminal aggression against Syria.

But the latest operation in eastern Syria is particularly hard to take. It has been the Syrian army along with Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces that largely liberated Syria from the scourge of foreign-backed Islamist terror groups. The war in Syria has been won against the US and its malign criminal partners, not, as American media would have us believe, due to Washington’s “heroic efforts”.

Western news media have lately focused on a small pocket of ISIS hold-outs in eastern Syria as if the US is the liberator of the Arab country – a country which Washington and its NATO allies have infiltrated with jihadists for criminal regime change.

CNN’s coverage this week was especially perverse. Ben Wedeman and his team were showing US military dropping banned white phosphorus incendiaries on civilian areas of eastern Syria in the name of “fighting terrorism”.

CNN’s reportage was without the slightest hint that such military actions amount to gross war crimes. The entire US military presence in Syria is an even bigger violation of international law. The “normalization” of such violations and war crimes by the US media in real time is an illustration of how such supposed news channels are nothing but a propaganda arm for Washington’s imperialist warmongering......................."

These complaints of hate speech are just another excuse for lefties to silence anyone opposed to their ideology, never let a good tragedy go to waste. Specifically which hate speech and from whom motivated the Christchurch shooter? Answer none. It was facts that motivated him, these same facts lefties want hidden under the pretext of hate speech otherwise their importing voters scam falls apart.

Waleed Aly’s emotional message in the wake of the Christchurch terror attacks: ‘I’m not shocked’..................Hang on Waleed....Where the hell was your indignation last month???List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by Most of these incidents are terror attacks. A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 113 Islamic attacks in 20 countries, in which 813 people were killed and 818 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Now how can a Government prosecute someone for HATE speech, when they created the Turmoil and frustration in the first place……To successive Australian, UN addicted Governments. Have a think about the Carnage YOU have caused...Factually.....If Islam had not been permitted to infect our Country or New Zealand. We would both have lost NO Lives due to Terrorism for well over a Decade. Was this Personal need to import this Terror infused Cult that important it justified your decision which Directly led to the Killings and Maiming of ALL these people, just to satisfy YOUR personal Agenda's and Allegiance to the UN over the safety of your OWN Citizens?.
Australians NEVER Voted on importing members of a Terror infused Cult…This was IMPOSED Summarily upon us and our families…...
Why would anyone Infect their own people with something that has shown for 1400Years a Desire to Un-Civilise any Western Country it has been able to Infect, and impose it’s own system of Governance and Values.
PLEASE, show me a Western Country that has been made a Better and safer place because of it's Presence?. .Germany?, France?, England?, USA?, Australia?, NZ?, Sweden?, and a host of others…...What kind of Bloody HINT that ALL our Security services did not GET…FFS….
Any bloody Moron on the Planet can see the Link….As once again we are buying Flowers and Candles because of YOUR Traitorous incompetence…..and if it is not Incompetence it is FAR Worse…
You had a Duty of Care to Protect Australia, it’s Western values, Culture, and most importantly it’s People…Not your Political UN Imports….The Australian People……and in my humble opinion You FAILED Pathetically on ALL Counts………

Fraser Anning....did not punch the young protester, it was 2 slaps on the melon ! Media is beating it up as a punches thrown.It was not. Fraser showed the aussie way .If Fraser punched then the dude would have been looking for a dentist !

The sticker on the back of my car is just as relevant today as it was when I put it on there..." I learned all I need to know about Islam, on 9/11"

Don't know why we haven't done this yet.

President Donald Trump endorsed the idea of making Daylight Savings Time permanent on Monday, as many Americans complained about losing an hour of sleep over the weekend.

That freak Waleed still with us? 10 will stay in the pits with him.