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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


This article is reposted with kind permission from "The Unshackled"

It’s often tempting to blame ignorance or laziness for the continual inability of the Australian press to name the left wing extremist organisations responsible for almost all political violence in this country.

But after St Kilda on Saturday that’s simply not possible.

“Anti racists” at St  Kilda display the antifa logo, a black flag for anarchism over a red flag for  Communism.

As the Unshackled showed yesterday the “counter rally” on the beach was organised, led and mostly composed of the most radical violent political extremists in Australia today. Almost every significant Marxist and Anarchist group in Melbourne had representation somewhere in the crowd.

Yet this is how the press described them:

ABC: “Anti racists clash with far right”

The New Daily: “Three people have been arrested and several others detained during duelling protests at Melbourne’s St Kilda beach involving right-wing extremists and anti-fascists.” : “Far right groups clash with anti-racism protesters on St Kilda’s foreshore”

SBS: “Violence on St Kilda’s foreshore between right-wing extremists and anti-racism campaigners”

Ipswich Advertiser: “police formed a human wall to separate warring far-Right and anti-racism protesters.”

Ten Daily: “Police On Alert After Far-Right And Anti-Racist Groups Clash In St Kilda”

The Guardian Australia: “hundreds of far-right wing extremists and anti-racism campaigners faced off”

Australian Associated Press (via the West Australian): “Anti-fascist protesters gathered from about 12pm AEST ahead of the 1pm event planned by convicted criminals Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson”

Sunshine Coast Daily (reprinted on other News Corp properties as well): ” anti-fascists chanted “unite, unite, unite to fight the right” and “no Nazis, never again”.

Blayney Chronicle: “Several hundred people came for the rallies, the first held at 12pm by anti-racism campaigners ahead of a right-wing event”

The Australian: “A day after stemming violence on St Kilda’s foreshore between right-wing extremists and anti-racism campaigners”

The Age: “The shouts of anti-fascist protesters…The anti-racism protesters…Anti-racism protester Richard…”

And we could go on forever in the same vein.

“Anti-racist” hey? Well nobody likes mindless bigotry, they must be the good guys. “Anti-Fascist”? Even better! The Fascists were bastards, we fought them in WW2, nobody in Australia has any time for them.

If you listen to the media, from the left to the supposed “right” it’s very easy to see which side they think you should be supporting.

Socialist Alternative  leading the left-wing extremist march under the banner of their front group,  Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF).

And that’s not even talking about “journalists” such as Josh Butler of Ten Daily who actually wrote a piece before the event purporting to explain who the counter protesters were without actually mentioning who the counter protesters were. Instead he gave out contact details and all but urged his readers to attend again describing the Marxist and Anarchist extremists as “Anti-fascists”.

Sue Munro wearing the  logo of the Marxist electoral front “Victorian Socialists”

It bears repeating. This counter rally was originally called on Facebook by Sue Munro, a radical extremist who has been a member, activist and spokeswoman for several Trotskyist groups and Trotskyist front organisations including the Socialist Party, the Victorian Socialists and the “No room for racism” group. 

She has a history of involvement in violent protests to shut down and attack right of centre rallies and events going back years. She attended the event with, and is a close associate of convicted murderer David Hollis.

The main body of protesters was organised under the banner of the “Campaign against racism and Fascism” by Socialist Alternative, the largest, best organised and most violent political extremist group in Australia today. 

Socialist Alternative is a Marxist group of the Trotskyist school, which means they believe the Soviet Union would have worked out fine if the (even more extreme) Trotsky had been in charge of the secret police rather than Stalin.

The aims of Socialist Alternative and other Trotskyist groups are simple and no secret, in the case of SAlt you can find them in the statement of principles displayed on their website. 

They aim to divide Australian society into warring camps, stir up conflict and eventually civil war between these groups and then use the disorder to come to power. 

They then aim to dissolve the police, armed forces and the judiciary and replace them with new, suitably “Marxist” versions under their total control. 

After that the next step is to abolish the electoral system, the parliaments, the flag, the constitution, the right to own private property, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and especially freedom of speech.

Unhappy extremists. Central  in the blue shirt is Kieran Bennett, leader of the “Collective Action”  Anarchist group.

Fraser Anning on the other hand, the man the media is currently having a furious two minutes hate over, wants Australia to revive a slightly less severe form of the immigration system we had before 1973.

Gee I wonder which of these two the average Aussie would say is the extremist?

I know journalists in my personal life and still have some in my social circle. Perhaps because I know them I’ve always been able to wave away their constant and dangerous covering up for far left extremists as simple laziness or ignorance.

Looking at their articles about St Kilda on Saturday I see the press smearing ordinary proud Australians worried about their communities with the actions of a few idiots mockingly role-playing Faulty Towers while not only ignoring but nigh on promoting dangerous treasonous Australia hating fanatics bent on the destruction of everything our ancestors built and its replacement with a soulless totalitarian state. I find I can no longer be so generous.

The fourth estate, from News Corp to what was once Fairfax, from commercial television to the ivory tower of the ABC, are knowingly complicit in the rise and legitimisation of possibly the greatest threat our country has ever faced.

The journalists know the people they’re supporting are extremists who hate Australia and want to burn it to the ground. And they still promote them as benign, even heroic “anti-racists” and “anti-fascists”.

And that should both terrify and enrage all of us.

Author is an editor at The Unshackled where this article originally appeared 


Winston Churchill did warn long ago:"The future Fascists will call themselves Antifascist"!!! They are in fact a world wide evil pest and should, wherever possible be eradicated..

New Post Up !!

What a joke the"Fake News Media"have become.Calling the Conservatives "Fascists"Really?Let me INFORM you Media about WHAT a"Fascist"is.They are member of the"Socialist Party"That's right.They are members of the NAZI Party.Are you people in the Media that STUPID?

The left ARE the Nazis but they are too stupid to know.

Brilliant Harry. I will guarantee that almost all, and especially the radical - left of these antifa protesters are all living off taxpayers money. There is a huge moral and ethical divide here.. Those who earn money in the private sector have a certain amount of their hard earned money stolen from them.. TAXES and given to others, as either handouts (welfare) or wages , such as other public servants. None of these people have the moral right to decide where taxes are spent... as in conflict of interest... right. 90% of public policy decides where our tax dollars are spent.. therefore, non tax payers should have the right to vote... Including public servants !!!!

Thanks for the heads up Harry. Have to banish the lefties from the primary secondary and tertiary institutions. Also must teach Alan Rd civics to primary school students. This will create understanding and loyalty to our institutions. Will take 50 years to leach the lefties out of the systems to an acceptable level.

Harry, it does terrify and enrage. Thank you for your efforts in pointing this out.

XYZ Newsletter #5: The truth about St Kilda

Greetings to XYZ readers, we hope you had a Merry Christmas and have had time to refresh. 2019 looks like being a big year, and it has started with a bang, with a peaceful political gathering in St Kilda by Australian patriots to protest African Gang violence and forced multiculturalism being portrayed by the media as an ugly "far right" protest, and Basil Fawlty impersonations being portrayed as "nazi" salutes.
The XYZ has been instrumental in countering the dying media's false narrative, and this newsletter will summarise our response.
The counter-narrative
Adam Piggott reflected on the powerful symbolism of a nationalist meeting held on an Australian beach, and made the point that "Australia was not a migrant country. We were a British colony founded on the stock of Britishers."
David Hilton fat-shamed the gentlemen who had been photographed raising their arms, and pointed out that the war on whites is a war on everyone:
While Ryan Fletcher argued, as is his wont, to escalate: "This is why you have to invert their aversion, and love being hated by these freaks!"
YouTube Videos
Matty's Modern Life, who attended the St Kilda gathering, produced an important first hand account of the proceedings, and his video currently has over 16,000 views on YouTube:
He has produced a video responding to legacy media lies about the event:
Discussed the day in depth with David Hiscox on The XYZ Livestream:
And interviewed the head of the Lads Society in Melbourne, Tom Sewell, (released a few days before the rally):
Fraser Anning
Senator Fraser Anning has emerged from his presence at the St Kilda gathering stronger than ever. The XYZ has lauded his determination to not back down:
His persistence in pushing for a plebiscite on immigration:
And his plans to form his own political party:
The Information War
Intriguingly, both XYZ editor David Hiscox and Unshackled editor Tim Wilms received bans on Facebook immediately following the St Kilda rally, while Neil Erikson and Dia Beltran had their pages unpublished. The powers that be understand that we in the Australian alternative media are instrumental in revealing the truth about current events. Thus, similar to the response to the Charlottesville rally in 2017, the "nazi" libel was used as an excuse to crack down of free speech online.
Thus we are working constantly to bypass the elite-controlled forms of communication, chiefly by use of this newsletter, but also by promoting our presence on alternative media sites Minds:
And Gab:
Keep in mind that these sites are probably imperfect, and also vulnerable to globalist attack, thus our strategy is to be always on the lookout for new ways to reach our readers. For those of you still plugged into the Matrix, aka Facebook, we would ask you to share our posts as much as possible, in order to circumvent the permanent shadow ban The XYZ Facebook page receives.
Despite serious concerns about censorship conducted by Patreon, and our plans to set up on an alternative, we are still currently receiving contributions via that site:
We will be discussing all of this on our upcoming livestream on Monday, January 14, at 9:15ish. You can find us at Matty Rose Live, and we plan to broadcast from The Unshackled studio as a special event, featuring Tim Wilms as a guest:
. rose live\
I would like to personally thank all of you for your continued readership and material contributions. As usual, we intend to make the newsletter a more regular way of communicating with you all. Also as usual, please feel free to provide your own feedback in response. We don't always have time to act on feedback but we read each one, and y ur feedback and advice is much appreciated.
XYZ Editor,
David Hiscox.

You can read the Bullshit by Julie Szego on MSN ,with a name like that what do you expect ??? typical UNocracy dictating ...............

1. Harry, you are to be congratulated and thanked for the power you have brought to the continuance of The Pickering Post.
2. Fraser Anning is a worthy representative of common sense. That’s why the socialists hate him.
3. How come and the Australian, which belong to Rupert Murdoch, are so readily aligned with the left in their reporting? Is it just Murdoch’s cynical approach to profit?

GIve it a rest Granny. You fuckwit.

"If you have a child that is conduct-disordered by the age of four, the probability that they will be criminal at the age of fifteen or twenty is extremely high." And, "If you're anti-social by the age of four then there isn't an intervention that seems to be effective." - Jordan Peterson:

That's bad news for the people of the West whose governments have brainwashed young men and women to outsource the rearing of their children to paid strangers. An Australian pediatrician has noted that what feminists describe as healthy 'assertion' in young children in care is really 'aggression'. Not healthy.

The top 5 ways leftists sexualize children.

The Hollies, Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress with lyrics

Stefan Molyneux
“White privilege” is a rancid conspiracy theory designed to cover up the reality of ethnic IQ differences.

If whites are so privileged, why are whites becoming minorities in their own countries?

It is a hateful racist lie.

Push back.

Wack should be spelt whack , quack quack !

PLAYING the BLACK CARD.....this lovely young lady nails it.... that too many play the victim card instead of striving to become a VICTOR ! Its has 4 million views on youtube ! ...... Her name is Candace Owens and she is a Conservative who supports Donald Trump.

Interesting reading for traditional Catholics.
“Pope Francis’s advocacy for Islam could destroy Europe”

Air Traffic Controllers who are not getting paid are starting to go SICK
Air travel will become uncertain, way to go Dumpster

Drop Australia over Western Europe and the Kimberlies are in Ireland and Victoria is in Greece.