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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Commissioner Heydon would not have spent more than a week preparing legal argument if he intended standing down. No, if he intended to depart there would be no legal argument required, he would just shoot through to a well-earned break in autumnal Tuscany or maybe Province.

The vicious and personal attacks on a Royal Commission by those trapped within its terms of reference, are unprecedented and amount to criminal offences committed under Section 60 of the Royal Commissions Act. But Labor and its unions are accustomed to being on the wrong side of the law.

The CFMEU (phoenixed from the outlawed BLF) and Shorten’s criminal AWU have been ruthlessly ripping off their members, extorting employers and using Parliament like a Mafia picnic handing out safe seats as prizes for underbosses’ egg and spoon races.

ALP Crime Boss, Queensland’s Big Bill Ludwig, replaced Bruce Wilson as “the unions' PM elect” with Bill Shorten after Bruce and his girlfriend, Julia Gillard, were discovered with their fingers in the union till... scamming the scamsters is frowned upon in union circles.

So it’s my guess Dyson Heydon will come out swinging tomorrow with an armful of British case law and a renewed determination to rid Australia of union crims who cripple our economy and rip off lowly paid workers.

Dyson Heydon is not a “walk away from trouble” type of bloke and I’ve noted his controlled anger at what he has heard in evidence and his willingness to arrest those who had not turned up to be examined.

It would be an impossibility to hand over to another Commissioner. Only Dyson Heydon has heard and assessed the evidence so far. Only he has observed the body language and only he has written a thousand illegible notes.

No-one other than he can deliver the final report on union corruption and I believe he understands that.

The claim by the Left that the Commission will in future be seen as biased unless he stands down is a nonsense... bias will be seen to have been proved more so if he goes!

So Labor and its unions will claim bias regardless of what Dyson Heydon decides to do.

By this time next week the ALP’s bleating over bias will be falling on deaf ears and Commissioner Heydon will be getting on with the massive job he was tasked with.

... leaving Shorten and the media to search for another way to discredit and silence the messenger.


It explains how we got "family" courts. I read in whilst locked up in chokey for sending a birthday card to one of my judicially stolen children. No jury, not allowed a guilty plea even. A forced confession to a non-existent crime. You don't hear too many "judges" making such sensible anti-tyranny statements as this. There's a fair chance Heyden in the only sane person on the Australian Bench.

Here's what he said: Heydon quoted the view that "history teaches us to be suspicious of specialist courts and tribunals of all descriptions.

"They are usually established precisely because proceedings conducted in accordance with normal judicial standards of fairness are not producing the outcomes that the government wants," he said.

Heydon also said that such courts "tend to feel they are not fulfilling their duty unless all, or almost all, complaints (in their area) are accepted".

Heydon was quoted in the Oz a few years back on the evils of "specialist (aka political) courts.

Thank you commissioner for standing up against the garbage that has been thrown against you.

JDH - you are a true soldier for our democracy.

Just saw it. He's NOT going!!! Now let's see if there is any action against those who had the balls to say anything against the Commission not under parliamentary privilege. I hope so.

Trade Union Royal Commission - TURC. Is there another word starting with 'D' we can use instead of 'Commission". The trade union hierarchy and labor a full of turds!! Big fat ones.

I hope you're right Larry. He CANNOT go!!!

The voting public are stupid, without question, and 95% are in the moron category, but when it comes to putting pen to a ballot paper, will they really vote for the inept Shorten team?? I'd like to think not, but.....who knows?

I sure as hell hope that Heydon decides to stay. If he goes then the perceived view of me - an ordinary citizen - will be that the unions are in charge and have corrupted the commission. Union corruption is everywhere and it extends to almost all of the Labor parliamentarians who are there on factional deals. I've seen some of this myself. Of course, the Marxists don't mind that - they just piggy-back on these bastards so they can give their leftist adenda some supposed credibility. I know that there are a lot of workers who vote Liberal but who are press-ganged into joining unions because there is no system of confidential voting - only open intimidation.

Given what's gone on behind the scenes, there could be a case for charging certain people with a "conspiracy to pervert the course of justice", or the equivalent for a Royal Commission.

Bruce, don't forget Leanne Claire who got her forty pieces from that piece of scum Beattie.


Larry this disappeared as soon as it was posted first time.... what's the problem?

I’m very hopeful that the postponement of his Honour’s decision to delay his opinion as to whether he will step down from the TURC is a strong indication that he wants the CFMEU/AWA to sweat it out, wondering what is in store for them. As Larry wrote it seems very unlikely that Dyson J is seriously considering recusing himself from the Commission; he could have done that as soon as the ‘problem’ was raised. The Unions involved know full well that there is plenty to hide. If Abbott gets a second term, Labor and the Union are cooked, and they will have nowhere to turn. I so hope that come Monday, the TURC will proceed at full speed.

I so sincerely hope that these postponements are sign that his Honour is giving the CMEU/AWA plenty of time to sweat, wondering what is going to befall them. As Larry wrote, it is hardly as though his Honour would dismiss himself, for if he thought that way, he would probably have done so as soon as the 'problem ' was raised. No, I'm very hopeful Dyson J will stand his ground and thoroughly discredit his protagonists. Surely they KNOW that they've got a lot to hide, and it will all tumble out in the long term. Once Abbott gets his second term, all is lost for the left, and they must be acutely aware of their fate. The stakes are very high; that is why we have a Judge guiding proceedings

Excellent Opinion article by Paul Murray in today's "The Weekend West" - page 20 - entitled "Heydon has to stand firm".

You to dodo, have a good one and I am outta here as well. Let the nuffys come back while we are gone.

So, according to your twisted logic, because some theories are false, therefore ALL theories are false? I'm astonished that you could make that assumption because you are doing the same thing that you accuse everyone else of doing. Is that the best you got

Aww haddy you you you theorist you. Who has the conspiracies going on?