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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


So Mr Bean is on the communists’ payroll? Big deal! Well, it would be a big deal for any entity other than the Labor Party because for 80 years a right of passage to a Labor safe seat was the obligatory trip to Moscow to spill one’s guts over what an awful democratic direction Australia was travelling in.

Dastyari is a member of the NSW Catholic Right, the most notorious of factions that combined with the Victorian Left’s union power base to give us Bob Carr, Julia Gillard, Bill Shorten, Graham Richardson, Tony Burke and an array of other Labor sub-luminaries and Sydney underworld spivs.

When Pauline Hanson asked Dastyari “Are you a Muslim? Really Sam?”
 “Yeah, and I have never hidden it away.” He responded.


                                                    Dastyari sucks on a Crownie

After the break-up of the Soviet Union the ALP’s fascination with communism was limited to Cuba and China. China won. So there has been a steady trek of Labor’s up-and-comers, like Dastyari, to Beijing.

Bob Carr (Gillard’s captain’s pick as Foreign Minister in her brief Government, a repayment for organising the NSW Right’s numbers to dump Kevin Rudd in favour of her) is as guilty as Dastyari who sees himself in the same mould as Carr who heads the infamous “Australia-China Institute”. 

Carr has set up enduring connections with the Chinese and Dastyari felt quite comfortable that if Carr could be on the China payroll then so too could he.

And if Carr could continue to publicly side with the Chinese over its expansion into the South China Sea so too should he. So he did! Can you imagine little Dastyari’s surprise at the uproar?

“Why the hell are they attacking me when I am only following a long history of Labor siding with Communist countries”, he must have thought.  Of course he didn’t think that the interest of Australia was of any significance at all.

Regardless of the China connection, Bill Shorten has no intention of sacking Dastyari, after all it was he (Dastyari) who doctored the vote against Albanese to help give Shorten the leadership. And if Dastyari goes, so too must most of the Labor Party.

The commentariat is demanding that Dastyari give Parliament an explanation as to his apparent treason. But the commentariat already knows of Labor’s history of high treason against Australia and it’s a shame they don’t ask Carr and Dastyari about that book, Australia's Secret War, by Hal Colebatch.

 It is painstakingly researched and a fully documented account of Labor treachery.

Quoting from the book, " ... it was a systematic campaign of sabotage that criss-crossed the nation, from Townsville to Fremantle, and cost the lives of countless Australian Diggers and allied soldiers."

The actions of the trade unions included deliberately damaging planes, removing valves from radio transmitters that made them inoperative, which in turn led to an inability to provide safe direction to a squadron of US planes and their crewmen, all of whom died.

Coalminers and munitions factory workers went on strike, prejudicing the war effort, costing lives, all leading to unnecessary loss and increasing the length and cost of the war.

Senator Eric Abetz said: "Australian women were needlessly widowed. Australian children were needlessly left fatherless." He said, “the deliberate acts of union bastardry which led to people being killed and injured, and the war effort being severely compromised, were acts of murder, grievous bodily harm and treason, all of which can be sheeted home to the union movement and all of which have been largely ­ignored.”

Abetz believes the unions involved, their successors and the ACTU should provide a national apology for prejudicing the nation's war effort, ­remembering those families who needlessly lost loved ones because of their treasonous activities. Unions acted in a similar fashion during both World wars and in Vietnam.

So why should Dastyari be singled out as a traitor? I mean Bob Carr said that Australia should not run the risk of being caught up in a war against China. “We have gone further than any other like-minded nation, except the US and Japan, in condemning China” he said.

“Why should our position be more hard line than Singapore’s?” He warned that ties should not be “even remotely put at risk by a flamboyant diplomatic gesture aimed at China, in a complex of overlapping maritime territorial disputes”. 

After a meeting with top Chinese officials last month, Carr said,  “if Australia, as a middle power, were to become more involved in action in the South China Sea with the US, following The Hague’s Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling, it risked ‘getting hurt’”.

Hmmm, so Labor’s Carr warns us not to side with the yanks while speaking in defence of China and warns Australia of “getting hurt” if we complain too much. Golly!

Dastyari’s response seems somewhat less strident... the major difference is that we have no idea how much Carr is being paid. But if the payment amount depends on the extent that Australia is warned to stop criticising China then Carr should be loaded up with enough yuan to turn Mr Bean green with envy.

Oh well, all we know is that the aesthetically challenged Carr and his cosmetically challenged wife certainly fly first class.


It is the other stuff, That we do not know about, that has me wondering.
Bastards All.

Cory is still looking for more signatures to Freedom of Speech petition....I just received another email.

who needs to study when you can wave Auschwitz around..and no-one will challenge you...

certainly sounds like it

Another bleeding dirt bag.

Just a this fairy tale with Slippery Shanghai Sam a front? He goes and Labia slips someone else in his place.
Roozendaal was born in Sydney. His family is of Dutch-Jewish descent, his grandfather perishing in Auschwitz during the Holocaust.[3] He studied Commerce at the University of Sydney, but did not complete the course.
In 2010, Roozendaal was accused of wasting taxpayers' money after he took two trips to New York at a cost of almost A$100,000. Roozendaal claimed the trips were designed to reinforce New South Wales' AAA credit rating through meetings with Moody's and Standard & Poor's, even though both companies had representatives in Australia that Roozendaal could have met with.[13]
used his farewell speech to criticise Labor over the failure of power privatisation — an issue he said had dogged the labour movement for almost two decades.[21] On 31 July 2013, ICAC cleared Roozendaal and Eddie Obeid of corruption over the motor vehicle transaction.[24][25]

How do i get the Chinese to pay my bills [since they have an unlimited amount of $$$$] now that Sam chong gee has gone ? Maybe Scott Morrison can help

OT. Loved the inside news article where the new Rambo Philippines President when being chastised by Obumma ? Told Ob!!! Don't lecture me !! You son of a Whxxx re !! My news paper would have THAT on the FRONT page!! Bet Ob cried!!!

NSW Education Department has given teachers a book to teach year 10 children about a married father masturbating and fantasising about rooting men and that it is normal. The NSW school system is run by filthy perverted Marxists seeking to destroy future generations.

Can't imagine why Super Street-Smart Mal would want to have "Sam-forSale" removed. He has become the Lib's biggest asset! Every time he opens his mouth, even Mal will say "Who paid for that comment?" It's amazing how someone can so thoroughly and quickly fuck up a career just for a bag of bucks. What a dickhead! Why would Mal want him removed when he can provide such fun? Will Shorten drop him? Nup. Fantastic!

"Bill Shorten presented himself as a champion of the need to ban all foreign donations and introduce a host of other reforms, but how could he be taken seriously if he was seen to condone Sam Dastyari's bewildering stupidity?"

better yet - offer to sell them the information! brush up your negotiating skills...

@Dracula: you should contact the MSM and ask why you have to do their job for them.

Roozandal..another one of them you know whews...

That is the biggest story of the whole grubby mess.

It looks like Slippery Sambo must read what we wrote of him in the Pickering Post and came to the realization that he is as dodgy as we know of him so it's so long Sambo .

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Ah, the Rooster. Never far from a scandal that one.