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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


[I disagree with Paul Zanetti’s post mortem of the coup and I have told him so, but hey, he has a right to express his considered opinion and, despite many posters falsely attributing the opinion piece to me, I have a duty to publish it and a right to disagree with it.]

Julie Bishop is, and always has been, a person of the Left with ambitions very much in the mould of, although not quite as radical as, Julia Gillard’s.

As Deputy Leader, she was trusted by Abbott. He relied on her as an early warning sentinel, someone who had his back while he was foolishly cocooned under the spell of the Credlin Emperor Moth.

Abbott’s administration was woeful but his trust in Bishop was fatal. She had been in collaboration with her close friend of 20 years, Malcolm Turnbull, since Abbott’s 2013 election landslide.

Bishop had more time for the UN than for Abbott and his flawed style of leadership. She hated Peta Credin, detested Joe Hockey for his cuts to foreign aid and shunned Abbott’s senior Ministers.

No person had more to gain from the second coming of Turnbull than Julie Bishop.

Turnbull makes no secret of his passionate trinity of intentions: Destruction of the Marriage Act (under the guise of “marriage equality”), reinstatement of the carbon tax (to reverse “global warming”) and the reopening of our borders (as the UN’s NWO demands).

The current Euro basket case is a direct result of that “no borders” policy.

We all know of Turnbull’s seedy business dealings, no secret there, and his passion for a Royal disconnect, but we know little of what Julia Bishop’s secret passions are. Well, here is an inkling:

Immediately after the 2013 election Bishop, as Foreign Affairs Minister, successfully pressured Abbott into bringing AusAID under the auspices of Bishop’s own DFAT.

AusAID had been out of control under Rudd/Gillard/Rudd supporting many bizarre interests like the Clinton Foundation ($25 million) and financing many lobby groups pressuring for increased foreign aid. How about that? AusAID has been financially supporting lobby groups that demand more AusAID!

Julie Bishop, since her appointment to DFAT, has been using taxpayer funds to finance submissions to her boss Tony Abbott asking him to desist from further cutting of the aid budget! WTF?

DFAT, under Julie Bishop, has also refused to disclose how $60 million of Australian taxpayer funds is spent in Cambodia each year, with very little to show for it. And that’s just the notoriously corrupt Cambodia.

No matter what the recipient country, and what the accusations of corruption, DFAT flatly refuses to reply to many serious questions with this response, ''The department does not intend to correspond further on these matters,'' or no response at all.

The ABC has refused to run a devastating documentary on DFAT/AusAID by film producer, James Ricketson, because he could not get DFAT to comment. The ABC curiously said that without the required “balance” the doco was unacceptable. Hmmm.

All of Mr Ricketson’s requests to film Australia's aid programs conducted worldwide by AusAID and Foreign Affairs, costing Australian taxpayers billions, have been refused.

No-one has tried harder than I have to get answers but Julie Bishop has decreed that DFAT is not obliged to answer any questions. Which means the illegal activities of Gillard, and now extended by Bishop, can never be challenged while AusAID remains under Julie Bishop's DFAT.

Bishop has successfully hidden the worst of Gillard's activities while ensuring the worst of her own activities also never see the light of day.

The best response I have had so far, regarding DFAT’s illegal involvement in kidnapping four Italian girls and AusAID’s $25 million donation to the Clintons is: “Please forward your queries to the Department”, to which there is never a reply.

Julie Bishop’s DFAT has also been anointed with the responsibility for Australia's climate change negotiations and, "bringing the right expertise to bear on the management of these negotiations". Hmmm.

At last count AusAID employed 2,124 people - 1301 in Australia and 823 overseas. Of the overseas staff, 227 were members of the public service and an astonishing 596 were on contract from the private sector. You can guess where most of the money goes.

It seems Julie Bishop was running a fully financed and fully protected agenda quite separate and distinct from Tony Abbott’s... and surprise, surprise, it is an agenda that is very much aligned with that of Malcolm Turnbull’s.

Perhaps Peta Credlin’s distrust of Julie Bishop was thoroughly justified, and the timeline of deceit that led to the knifing of an unaware Abbott keeps pointing back to the duo of Turnbull and Bishop and an exquisitely conducted professional political hit.

Or did you not notice the thinly-veiled delight on Julie’s face at Abbott’s demise, or her swooning over Malcolm’s elevation. Oh, and did you not notice her unabridged excitement at today’s swearing-in ceremony of Turnbull’s new crew. Not a tear of bereavement for her former loyal boss.

I look forward to Peta Credlin the author. Julie Bishop, the innocent deputy? Bullshit!


What a great photo up top. I do like Credlin.

Who advised TA to break his core election promise to amend 18C?

Also good dog food.

..... and peacock poo stew at the Don Dunn (?) Detention Centre makes headlines !!

Palmer is the Titanic and she's already hit the iceberg. And to think people voted for that tub of lard.

As Mark Twain said - "If voting made ANY difference - they wouldn't hold elections"

Done that to, chrisk.

Turnbull has made the equine redundant. Lost for words now.

twright... in my days "neutral" was called "Angles Gear" a very dangerous practice, I have been in a truck with 20tons on board doing 85MPH down hill with absolutely no way to stop even if someone drove in front of us, we must have been mad those days especially with the old rag tyres we had then.

rin..anyone who know anything about the jewish cult know that it is 'anything goes'...interestingly Islam has the same attitude (and almost identical rituals). Even better both are openly funded and protected by our fact ALL govts run by the Central Banking Cabal mafia....elected by a majority of people who are neither moslem or jewish..this naturally ensures that Aussies are slaves to these insane cults..Christians act as the buffer ..providing endless apologias for both supremacist racist cults..overnight the Jewish mafia which runs German arrested a 90 year old woman who used to answer the phone at a concentration camp..she;s accused of murdering hundreds of thousands of..well 'ew know..

My definition of neutral is out of control running down a hill to an inevitable disaster

Incompetence? Give me a break Harry. If Tony was incompetent, he would not have had the ability to singly handedly turn around the flatlining fortunes of the liberal party under the leadership of a certain Malcolm Turnbull, and turn them into a landslide victory at the last election. I would also suggest to you, that you would also be branded as incompetent if you were saddled with a team of colleagues that were actively undermining you from the word go. A government is only as strong as its weakest link. In Tony's case, he was surrounded by a group of villainous self-seekers, who had the loyalty of dandelion spores.

Nothing wrong with decency, honesty and integrity Conker but you forgot to include incompetence, which Tony has in abundance. That's why he's gone, no other reason.

DH - I have no problem stating that I share Tony's values. At least he has some. If as you say, Tony 'fails to identify with the majority of Australians' it is because the values of decency, honesty, integrity and age old respect of traditions in the populus are now either seriously eroded or gone all together. I would suggest to you that after the attempted character assassinations by all and sundry that Tony has endured for years on end make him a very strong character, and one worthy of respect. If I were in the trenches I would certainly rather have someone like Tony next to me. You could have Turnbull - if you could find him.

Bruce... get that prescription renewed NOW.

Jesus wept!

Slipper was a grub and had been rorting for years before he got caught. If you think the media will go after Turnball in the same way as they did Abbot, you are mistaken.

Oh NOW we get it, Conker's values mirror that of Tony Abbott's. Why else would the boofhead not see his copious failings and failure to identify with the majority of Australians? Because they're peas in a pod. Tell us Conker, are you starting up a Save Tony Fund?

Australian Prime Ministers are NO longer selected by the people - Let's make that very clear !

Turnbull is a NWO Shill - Australia eventually gets the PM that the Zionist/US wants - Russia is the only country standing up to the 'Genocidal' US foreign policy - The Rothschilds start ALL wars - Turnbull is Rothschild's 'Man in Australia'