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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Okay, I think I’ve figured it out, it’s certainly not a religious requirement as there is no mention of it in the Koran, so it has to be something else that would convince a woman to cover everything. 

Look at this way, we as males only want to see what women hide. Most women in public cover their back bottoms, front bottoms and their breasts... and that’s exactly what all we blokes want to see! Anything else is a yawn. Why is that?

Let’s take a back bottom. Well, that shouldn’t be of any interest as it’s a waste product source. A front bottom? I’ve seen quite a few of those and very few seem to be works of art. Breasts? Well I’ve seen blokes with better mammary glands, so what the hell is all this, “show us ya tits” business? The truth is that if women covered their elbows it would be, “show us ya bloody elbows”.

When women wore below-the-knee dresses we were looking for a bit of thigh but when they revealed their thighs we wanted to see a bit of bum and when they left their bums uncovered? Well it goes round and round in seductive circles, a slave to A-list fashions in Woman’s Day.

So, men are only bewitched by what women won’t allow them to see and as a bloke I reckon that’s bloody awright! I find a woman’s stomach very sexy but once I’ve seen it, I’m instantly thinking “lower”. 

Could it be that the Muslims have got it all over us? Could it be that they’ve got the art of perving down pat, and these mobile letter boxes are actually the sexiest form of attire on earth? 

After all the burka covers every bloody thing! So any hot-blooded male should be crazy with desire at being able to see nothing!

After living in Saudi Arabia for a month I can see myself standing on a street corner saying, “show us ya, er... everything!”, before being carted off to jail.

I guess it’s like that well-wrapped Christmas present you’re excitedly undressing, tearing at the paper anticipating what it might hold... anything from Jaylo to Christine Milne! But once it’s laid bare, it’s all over and time for a leisurely beer. 

So Muslim women have figured out how to make Muslim men permanently prefer them to a leisurely beer... clever!

The burka should be banned from Parliament House as provocatively promiscuous and likely to promote male masturbation.


When Mohamed saw the Muslim women to the first time,they was so ugly Mohamed said to them "In the name of Ala cover your face up women!" That when the burka started!


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Enough of the whinging and moaning you whimps - be positive, do something except complain all the bloody time ! Check out what the Australian Liberty Alliance proposes to end the Islamisation of Australia, and to address of your worry's and concerns that you post here. ...........

Good article Hermes.

There will uncover them selfs soon. Think back when the first ladies came out here warring long dresses,gloves and hats.There fond out that it was too bloody hot to ware.

Yes I get that, and I agree Brian. My point is simply that if we can see it, why can’t the Greens and the other lefties see it tool. It’s an argument that they cannot just retreat from. If Islam has failed them in the middle east, then why bring it here. No one, not even the left can argue with that basic logic. All they are left with is to call us “racists”, but that’s ok because if that’s all they’ve got then we know we’ve won the argument.

Does the hijab or hojob they wear send them bald?

Now that summer is here I hope they cook.

Thanks alpinist - I'm pleased to see Great Ocean Road there !


no bruce, no one here has called for the beheading of abuse either.

bill, it appears to me that the islamists have declared war against the such a case we should do what we have always done in war and suspend the normal niceties of life and just clean them out of our cities into camps until we are satisfied that they are vetted and pose no problem for us.

yep, whenever i post my displeasure about the 18c backflip I get jumped on by the law professor (DJT) seems you cannot say anything about free speech.

bill, so have a couple of my comments to oh really about putting up examples of the links she claims are a problem..obviously she couldn't...mystery about the missing comments though.

bill, see that its gone, happens to me every now and then also...whenever oh really is on the thread in fact.

thank you bill, it seems oh really and others would have us believe we should tolerate this madness that is islam just to pretend that they and they alone have the right to speak.

Funny, but in the end it is about male domination of the female, which by the way they seem to prefer, look at the Sheila's joining the ISIS, (whatever) "life of mistreatment by men. YAY" Go figure...

I've never had a girlfriend that ugly that I made her wear a bag over her head.