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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


Bruce and Julia have to stick together. They have no choice. They're in very deep doo doo. They need each other. They have to sing from the same hymn book for any slim hope they can survive the Royal Commission inquisition.

But while Bruce is protecting Jules, she's cast him adrift. Why?

He can hang, as long as she saves her own skin. That's how Jules operates.

The WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner rejected the first application for the incorporation of the AWU Workplace Reform Association slush fund. 

Gillard was called by Wilson to have a second go to ram it through.

The only way to ram it through a second time is via an allowance in the WA Associations Incorporations Act 1987 – by an application to the State Administrative Tribunal for a review of the decision of the Commissioner.

Appeals to courts or tribunals are usually done via a lawyer – and always done in person before the member.

The lawyer was Julia Gillard.

There can be no doubt that Julia Gillard did go to Perth to apply in person to the State Administrative Tribunal


(2) If the Commissioner refuses a request made under subsection (1), the person who made the request may, within 14 days of receiving notice of the refusal, apply to the State Administrative Tribunal for a review of the decision of the Commissioner.

Gillard has always said that she only gave advice in setting up the association, in trying to keep herself at arm’s length from the slush fund.

She was much more heavily involved in the establishment of the association, and Bruce Wilson has confirmed that in his evidence. After the initial rejection of the incorporation of the association, the appeal was done via a tribunal appearance.

Up until now, the general belief was that Gillard had appealed the decision of the Commissioner by a letter. 

But nobody could find that letter. It’s always assumed the letter had mysteriously and conveniently gone missing. 

But there never was a letter. A letter would not have succeeded in the appeal process. So Julia had to appear in person at the tribunal

And here’s where it gets really interesting. 

There’s a recording and transcript of Julia’s appearance at the tribunal.

Every  word of her appeal is available. Anybody can simply apply for it. But nobody until now has realised it’s all there.

The smoking gun has been under our noses the whole time. If only someone had bothered to read the ASSOCIATIONS INCORPORATION ACT 1987.

Gillard’s quick phone call yesterday to her lawyer at the Royal Commission Neil Clelland QC to deny Wilson’s evidence that Gillard flew to Perth to appeal in person at a tribunal was designed to quickly hose down any potential bloodhound who would go in search of the recording and transcript. 

That transcript is the last thing Gillard wants to be found.

And you can bet the tribunal will now be inundated with requests for the tape.


Comparing Gillard with Hanson is like comparing Stalin to Ghandi!

Hello there Mr PaulyZ* .It was good to read Ms K Jackson excelled honestly to day 18/6/14* @ the HSU Royal Commission.I am so relieved for her* ,and grateful she strongly stood firm , for justice unto Health workers, and her loved ones*.What a fine woman indeed.

She and her allies use scare tactics and abuse and ridicule, as with all things! Thats all they have. She abused her power by having Milne and Smith sacked ( although Smith states he resigned). Yhe silence by the MSM is deafening. Almost as if a "D" notice was put on it! ABC, Fairfax, certain celebrity journos like Oakes, Koch et al scoff and sneer! We will see how stupid they look, as they have with Williams and Thompson! Thry should en be asked serious questions about their bias and alleged Professionalism!

Look closer.... She's Pauline Hanson of the left - she just lacks the work ethic and integrity.

It must always be remembered that if due-diligence was carried out into the initial investigation of the AWU slush-fund matters, Ms Gillard would never have been a member of parliament let alone PM. This not a sexist-rant, but a fact, that will eventually be exposed during the current RC proceeding.

That woman in the pic above used to be our prime minister. What a joke! Goes to show how many bricks, vote.

Gee you make some excellent point`s with precision Mr Zanetti*.

You can't sue for defamation when you may be in fear of what is revealed. Without knowing what evidence the person you are suing holds especially when their allegations are so close to the truth. You simply deny. Only totally innocent people sue for defamation.

Paul, I am sure you or Larry would be off to get a copy? VicPol fraud squad, the RC commissioners lawyer assisting, everyone accept the ALPBC.

One can but hope!

That`s a bit uncalled for Mr Allen is utilising his allowance to comment.No need to be personally offensive .He is on `topic`, and bullying with no findings worth offending is cruel imo.

Stupid bitch! Just as meaningful. Write some sensible.

Hello Mr PZ* :) Hope you are having a fine day in Qld. It rained heavily for our farmers in NSW early this morn.I wish them full dams and a good year of green pastures.

Pretentious nonsense Brian. Do not attempt to write on any day with a "Y" in it you twerp.

What a twit to write such pretentious, ill-phrased nonsense. Do not attempt to write while in your cups Brian.

I hope so Free speech. Just seeing her here on PP starts me hearing that awful screeching fish wife voice of hers in my head. What an "Alley Cat "she is.

Have someone chasing this recording down. I'm looking forward to hearing some more bullshit from a 30 something old lawyer who's porking her client.

if Malcolm is positioning to tip Abbott out he will need the ABC. He has an ally there. The tea leaves are becoming clearer.


Esada is a disgrace. That was just a put up job so the Pardy could take the credit for exposing drugs in sport. KIf they had the proof they would have charged the men long ago. They are acting as if the footballers have to prove their innocence when it should be Esada who has to prove the charges. That is the way our law works. I hope it turns out to be just another Labor stuff up!