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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Dave Pellowe

Dave Pellowe is the director of Axiomatic Events, architect of the annual Church And State Summit and writes for the Spectator & Quadrant online.


I celebrate Australia Day because it’s who I am. I am Australian. My wife & kids are Australian. My neighbours, either side of my home and about 25 million more are Australian.

These people share a common destiny with me and we’re in this together. I care about other nations, but my duty is to my nation first.

We also share a common history. Whether we’ve been here for centuries or weeks, being Australian is to join in a journey which has many fellow travellers with diverse stories of how they found themselves on this journey.

Some have no record of their ancestors ever being anywhere else, most were born here, many chose to be here.

I love our cultural identity, something all too often diluted and neglected. We are forged upon British civilisation: a Westminster style of government, common English language, Christian values and appreciation of natural law and love for our neighbours in the belief that every person is created in the image of God: equal to ourselves.

It was the English that brought Christianity to much of the South Pacific and the world, ending the global slave trade, cannibalism, infanticide and many other barbaric practices widely accepted before English colonisation.

English education & civil advances increased native populations, lifespans and lifestyles. They brought roads, schools and hospitals, democratic government and justice to many isolated societies being left far behind a developing world.

Too often the cynical critics of our proud culture insist the shortcomings of 18th & 19th Century totally eclipse all the advances and achievements we, Australians, accomplished.

They refuse to see anything else or to allow anyone else to be positive or patriotic. There is no one denying or celebrating our ancestors’ failures. Horrible failures mar the history of every great effort, and pre settlement, this divided continent was no exception.

Who we are has been honed by centuries of harsh conditions: relentless droughts, raging bushfires, fierce floods – and then repeated.

Any Aussie who’s not been coddled in a city since birth has been toughened to simply make the best of the cards we’re dealt. We’ve developed a work-ethic determined to prosper in unpredictable wilderness while loving its unforgiving wildness.

Australians have an inherent distrust of authority like politicians, government. We prefer self-reliance: just leave us alone.

It’s not that we don’t know we need some government, but we have a code that says we prefer to do mateship our way, not the way some stuffed suit a thousand miles away thinks we should.

If some bloke comes the raw prawn he’ll get pulled into line real quick, no need to get the government involved.

I love our anti-PC sense of humour: a dry, sardonic wit that sounds startlingly serious to other cultures but ironically expresses an underlying affection and acceptance for our mates.

We’re overly familiar with strangers with few of the formal sensibilities which are common to our British & American cousins.

I love that every nationality is welcome here, as long as they’re willing to have a go and chip in. We have a low tolerance for bludgers, but we’ll always lend a mate a hand when he’s in need.

Despite the diversity in paths that lead us here, our common wealth is that we share one flag we fight for, one anthem, one language, and one future.

It is despite, not because of, our failures, that we have grown to become a destination of choice for those fleeing nations plunged into violence and chaos.

Better men prevailed over the occasional ugliness of our past, and still do. It is what we are building together that we celebrate, so don’t get distracted by the detractors.

Celebrating our journey is as much about our determination to do better with each generation as it is about our appreciation of how far we’ve come.

I am, you are, we are Australian. That’s why I’m celebrating Australia Day.


apart from all that......what has the English ever done for us?

Maybe Gillard can take up his post.

Can't recall deleting. I think it may have been the one where I said Abbott and his Chinese mate jailed Pauline Hanson or maybe not. I rarely delete posts...If I do its because I have made a flippant remark in a thread that goes "viral" and I am inundated with further inane posts....usually in such cases I will delete. I rarely if every delete an initial thread starter. I certainly didn't delete one recently....perhaps hackers or moderators.

Onya Harry. Free speech. One day they will take that away from us. BK is in election mode. Flooding the site with hate WWW love Abbott. What a dickhead. Abbott had the chance to cut WWW at the knees but did not have the brains.

By the way, a Court of Appeal overturned the prison sentences but upheld the court order requiring repayment of the monies.

??? take your complaint to Queensland authorities if you have the evidence, or shut up.

You conveniently ignore the process the led to prosecution and penalties. When a citizen reports a crime to the police that citizen is an informant and only evidence gathered by the police can result in prosecution. In the case you cannot stop carrying on about from so long ago many were involved. The Electoral Commission investigated information received and decided to hand the matter to the Police. The investigation that followed indicated fraud had taken place and the evidence was handed to the Director of Public Prosecution where it was decided the matter should be referred to a Court of Law. It was that Court where the two accused were found guilty as charged. The penalty was a prison sentence for both and a court order requiring repayment to the EC of the monies received fraudulently

Very interesting....a web of intrigue. Does BK know all about this about his friend?

NEW POST UP ------ The new post concerns Imam Tawhidi. This man is a good, worthy man of Light who has been sent (from above) at great risk as a leader to bring reform.

New post.

Back on topic:
The first commemoration of the First Fleet Landing was thirty years after the event, on 26 January 1818, which was proclaimed a public holiday (and long weekend). The 30 gun salute on that occasion is now a 21 gun salute from the other side of the harbour (and in some other capital cities). The grant of One Pound of Fresh Meat to most of the residents to celebrate the occasion on 26/1/1818 is now celebrated as the traditional Australia Day BBQ. See the attached notice from Sydney Gazette 24 January 1818:


I call crap on this petition: "A new housing development in Baldivis is due to commence sometime this year. As part of this development the plan is to euthanise the kangaroos living in the bushland where they want to develop. I have started this petition in an attempt to save our local wildlife and have the kangaroos relocated. ... Please show your support and sign."

What's to stop the roos just hopping away all by themselves? Has anybody here ever heard of kangaroos being euthanized for a housing development?

yes rin, we do need to have everyone look at what a police state is. that is what the left is trying to impose right now.

admiral hypocritical, you're a f*&king hypocrite

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Could someone change the PP trivia and all that page please ?

Stumbled across an ABC program called "one on one". The bitch Gillian Triggs was on with her story. Interviewer mentioned her disablex daughter along witb her other 2 kids. All very sweet was not expected to survive out of hospital but she smiled and said she lived to 21. Smiles all round but no mention the bitch didn't look after her! TY