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Monday, 25th March 2019

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...Christians look away now

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I was about eight when I began to question everything. My parents became more and more entrenched in their religion. I hated it and all the people I had to be nice to. 

To me this Christianity stuff was a load of bullshit. I mean, I believed there was a bloke called Christ or Jesus or whatever they called him but as for being something special, why? 

All I read was what his few literate mates had written about him, and all of that was translated many times over. Anything translated is invariably dodgy.

Let’s face it, Christianity and Islam are both fraudulent and with murderous histories. 

Easter has nothing to do with Christ. Xmas has nothing to do with Christ! No-one seems to question it tho’. 

Easter was a Pagan fertility festival, celebrated thousands of years before Christ was a twinkle in his father’s eye, (and god only knows who his dad was). 

His mother was very convincing: “I’m pregnant everyone but, honest, I never shagged anyone. It was God who snuck down one night and got into my nickers while I was asleep! I awoke to find an apparition penetrating me.” That’s pretty plausible, eh?

You see, an important person like Jesus must have a known father or all sorts of nasty things would have been said about him. So why not God as a father, that’s a top idea... if only we could have got the Romans (who has already proclaimed themselves as gods) to believe it. 

Our Autumnal Easter is the northern hemisphere’s Spring. A time of rejoicing, fertility and birth. Thus, the egg. 

The Easter bunny? Well, bunnies have been known to breed like rabbits too. It doesn’t really allude to ascension, only fertility. The Pagan Goddess of Fertility was “The Goddess Oestra” (contracted to Easter). That’s why they named the fertile, female hormone “Oestrogen”. 

So tell me, what the hell has Spring, the Goddess of Fertility, oestrogen, an egg and a rabbit got to do with Christ? Nothing, of course! 

Xmas? Well, that was the Pagan mid-winter festival of Saint Nicholas (contracted to “Santa Clause”). Yule logs, holly decorations, hot roast dinners and plum puddings. Not a lot to do with the birth date of this Jesus bloke! 

The impious Pagan people never had a heaven or hellfire, punishment, reward or fear. They were simple, hard-working people of the soil who tried to defend their land from marauding Romans. 

They worshipped only the seasons and their gods were Gods and Goddesses of the elements. What a wonderful basis for a religion, a seasonal, joyful appreciation of the earth’s bountiful gifts, an innate, unashamed, understanding of fertility and regeneration. The phallus and vagina were revered and exalted. Tch tch. 

But the Pagans were mercilessly slaughtered and burnt at the stake by the Christians as atheistic infidels, witches and heretics. 

“Bugger!” said one of the Christian bastards, “What are we going to do about all these terrific seasonal festivities now we have killed all the poor pricks off?” 

“Shit, we have to keep the troops together, and anyway, those festivities were sort of fun”, said another, “I know! Let’s re-name all the festivities after our beloved Christ!” 

What a top idea? Has there ever been a greater, more overt fraud? 

A clue in crosswords for “Easter” is still “A Christian festival”. 
It most certainly isn’t! 

The bible says that everything revolves around the Earth. Of course that’s simply not true. And if the bible is the sacred word of God then God hasn’t got a clue what he’s (she’s) talking about. 

I mean, if he really created the World then someone should have given him a brief astronomy lesson so he could at least have dumped it in the right place. 

That uneducated rascal Copernicus proved God’s word wrong. Using simple mathematics, he showed ours was a solar system. He kept the concept to himself for very good reason. The Catholic Church trusted the word of God, and heresy was death. 

When, 1600 years after Christ was executed for sedition, Galileo plagiarised Copernicus’s findings, he declared that ours was indeed a solar system. 

What did the Catholic Church do then? Did it accept the obvious? No, it made Galileo either retract the concept or lose his head. 

What a wonderful history of wise tolerance and intellectual understanding Catholicism has. 

Anyway, Christianity is only a Johnny-come-lately religion, a mere two thousand years old. So were the much older religions all false? Were the adherents of former religions supposed tread water until Christ came along? 

Were the religions of the East no more than millenia of folly, mere stop-gap measures until a man called Jesus was born? When he did arrive, were the existing religions meant to be scrapped? What the hell was this God thinking? 

Was “his son” a belated after-thought? Maybe God isn’t that smart after all. If I was him I would have impregnated a woman called Mary in Moses’ time and not allowed the other religions a 5,000-year head start. 

Jesus grew to be a hero, about as famous as Elvis was, (and who they still think is alive, pumping petrol somewhere in Tennessee). Christ obviously existed, but sans miracles. 

He probably helped a little kid up from his sick-bed to go to the toilet one day. By the time that circulated around the peasantry, who used word-of-mouth as their only form of media (and Christ’s followers were the poor and illiterate anyway) it became “healing the crippled”. 

He turned water into wine too. They all must have been really pissed that night. 

The loaves and fishes, Noah’s Ark, Jack and the Beanstalk? They are stories. Nice little stories, parables and myths, with a moral thread, handed down over generations. 

Without the aid of media they were translated and re-translated again and again by many of the few available scribes, attempting to outdo each other by imposing their own spin. 

It’s easy to imagine family groups, sitting around fireplaces in the evenings, no radio, no TV, swapping and repeating stories with each repetition including a personal add-on or embellishment. 

Old Testament parables may be nice stories but are in no way credible and should never be seen, and probably were never intended to be seen, as fact. 

Most Christian zealots believe these stories are true. They are a necessary part of the ridiculous fabric that binds the whole fraud together. 

It’s truly amazing that they will not accept Little Red Riding Hood as truth but will embrace Noah’s Ark as the inviolable word of some god. 

Noah’s Ark is a story that bore its roots in regular historical floods that were confined to the Nile and its environs. There were many floods but only as part of the Nile delta. Ancient dams were built to protect cities from the annually flooding Nile. 

It rained, so they say, for forty days and forty nights (may have been 10 or 12) and encompassed “the World” yet “the World” of course was flat then. 

If the story is to be believed, the flood from the deluge, according to the bible’s chronological sequence, lasted 18 months before it subsided… probably more like 3 or 4 months. 

Okay, two of each kind in the Ark for 18 months, let’s say 3 or 4 months? Any koalas? What did they all eat? No refrigeration. No generators. The lions surely must have scoffed down both the antelopes. 

Mosquitoes, with a 10-week life cycle, had no stagnant water in which to regenerate. The only thing Noah could have kept alive for that amount of time was two fucking ducks! (sorry about that, but I am getting a little frustrated here). The symbolic tale is worthy of no further dissection as to its veracity. 

But it does illustrate nicely the inventiveness surrounding the increasing exaggeration of the parables handed down over millennia. 

The fact is, a deity is futile if we cannot support it with interwoven mythical tales that bind the whole, illogical tapestry together. 

The frailty of all men demands a god of some sort. Could be a Rainbow Serpent (involving equally fanciful tales) or one of the Aztec gods or Buddha or a thousand others! 

Every race and every aboriginal tribe on earth has developed a deity of some sort. 

The mythical tales in themselves are harmless and really quite twee. It’s when they are extrapolated to become bases for dogma that they become harmful. 

Man has always craved an omnipotent power greater than himself. If there were no god, men of all credes would have invented one anyway. 

Is one mythical god more credible than another? Is one god sufficiently more important so as to justify the slaughter of people who worship a different god, or even a different version of the same god? 

Gods fill a lame purpose; man’s innate insecurity, a failure to accept death. Witness all our statues to the beloved dead; the paintings, edifices, obelisks and headstones in our cemeteries. 

The dead fish on the beach didn’t believe it was going to be “saved” in the arms of King Neptune. Why? Well, simply because it did not have the intelligence quotient to invent something as fanciful as that. We DO, so we do! 

As for that conduit and “holy word” they call the Bible: Apart from getting everything else wrong, including even basic astronomy, it starts off pretty well: “…and God created Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve begat two sons, Cain and Abel (and then a third, Seth and more later). 

Cain slew his brother Abel in the fields and God was not pleased, so he placed a mark on Cain’s forehead and banished him into the land of Nod, so all who came across him would not slay him but would cast him out!” 

Hmmmm, so who the hell are all these people in the land of Nod? And I’m only on the first few pages of Genesis. If we read any other book that starts like this, we would chuck it out or complain to the publisher that we want a refund. 

I queried my parents about the dinosaurs. I was infatuated with dinosaurs (as most kids are) and how they could reconcile them with the bible and “creation”. 

Their response was that the bones were fakes. They believed creation “happened” 7,000 years ago (sort of yesterday). Hmmm, that didn’t help an enquiring mind much. 

My theory later was that egg-producing reptiles depend on temperature in the nest to determine the sex of the offspring. A mere 5 degrees differential at a certain level in the nest will determine either male or female. 

A sudden small change in the earth’s climate (which happened, and still happens, often) would have ensured the next generation are of one sex, thus extinction. A procreative tragedy of even a mild climate change! 

A drastic change in temperature will ensure extinction anyway. I have not yet heard of a similar thesis but their extinction was likely due to the effect of a change in climate. 

The Papal edict of no meat on Fridays was intended only to economically support the floundering Roman fishing industry at the time, that’s all. 

The Shroud of Turin was carbon dated to 1400 AD. Still they worship the ridiculous artefact as some sort of holy cloth that Christ was wrapped in. What a load of frog droppings!

It doesn’t matter how fraudulent, immoral, disingenuous or destructive religion is proven to be, we will still believe. Why? 

Because many of us, including me, were indoctrinated prior to the age of reason, nurtured, christened and locked into a cunning network of reinforcing practices before we had a chance to question anything. 

All part of the plan to ensure the longevity of the fraud. And the Christian fraud has competed with Islam to permeate and devastate our societies for 2,000 years. 

When Aaron Baddely wins a golf tournament, the first thing he does is publicly thank “the lord”. What rude arrogance to suggest that “the lord” had no regard for the efforts of the other players, only for him. 

Not only do other competing golfers need to suffer the loss of the game, they need to be told by this arrogant little prick that “the lord” held no winning tickets on them. 

When the more talented Tiger Woods wins, does it mean Baddely’s “lord” has let him down? Or did this fickle “lord” simply decide to caddy for Tiger that day? 

That same arrogance is a microcosm of the reasons for the World’s wars: I am the chosen one. My god loves me, not you; therefore I am right, you are wrong. My moral virtue is beyond reproach. Yours is not. Follow me and my god if you want to be “saved”. 

“My saviour died for me and I will give my life for him in return for a heavenly reward!” Is that not the motto of the suicide bomber? 

Is there really a difference? Or is it relative only to the degree of dedication to the dogma? 

There are no winners in this war of illogical beliefs.


OMate, she's a fool, and I believe most posters have woken to that fact. Its a nit picker. She has problems and attempts to off load them to others.

.......and your nastiness is a reflection of yourself.
How many other posters have you "checked" on with regards whether they are "new" or not? These are all you words coming back at you. You are a sneaky little what ever, coz I don't even know if you're a "girl" but I do I know you sure aint "smart". And of course the prime suck-up, mentioning that some posters have no blue ribbons . Keep to a topic and stop your insanity entering the drip line. I also notice your initial posts, i.e., originals aren't replied to much and all yours are tack-ons, now simply go and STFU.

SG, if you say I have no idea what I'm speaking about, then that's your inability to comprehend what you have said prior. I have zero concern about copyright, evil as you are, you were the one that brought this up as a threat as you are obsessed with other people's avatars for some reason, why? Are you doing a faeces on them at uni? Is it the cute little pictures that catch your attention? I'm sure there is a medical term for it. And by the way, I have never touched a beer in my life so your imagination is still running riot.
As for saying I'm the little man, or I'm not sober, or any other criticism you land at me, you are the one that needs to take a damn good look at yourself. Look to the other side of the mirror before you start tapping at the keys, you're a vile creature.

It's all Abrahams Fault.


Tony Abbotts?

Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his tongue; when he shuts his mouth, he is perceptive”
Having the last word in a disagreement or being famous for a silly reason can be a real burden.

Beware SG she is a down right liar. She does troll this site even checking on others avatar to see if they are copyright. Can you believe the evil that exists in this so called christian? And yes Pie, I could see you were responding in the right thread, possibly piously pissed again on alter wine. She is the ultimate attention seeker, slushy mushy to a few who fall for the diatribe. Posing as a psychologist in her dreams.

The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments posted in Parliament or in a courthouse, is this -
You cannot post 'Thou Shalt Not Steal',
'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery' and
'Thou Shall Not Lie' in a building full of politicians, lawyers and judges ......
It creates a hostile work environment

The basic reality of God's plan is enough. Open your eyes and there it is! By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can not see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of the divine being. So nobody has a good excuse.

Every day the World News has convinced me that;
We are living in The End Days.
So - I believe that THESE Guys are right on the money. They have an answer to ALL of Larry's Questions above. My only hope is that I will be able to write ;
PS: Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his tongue; when he shuts his mouth, he is perceptive”
Having the last word in a disagreement or being famous for a silly reason can be a real burden.

Yes - notice how the strongest words of Jesus are reserved for church officials.

yes, we are all talking about Gaddafi at the moment - it wasn't Gaddafi who allowed Muslims into Europe and now Australia - it was our stupid bloody governments at the time.

How very true you are Larry (being of the same vintage) - Genesis gives it away - did we all come from 2 people?

Does God actually exist? Can you know for sure? Can you prove it? Is there one true God, or are there many gods? Is the idea of God merely the product of the human imagination? Does it make any difference if you believe in God or not? These are among the most important questions you could ever ask. Click the Link to find out .

You certainly jumped in the deep end of the pool with this one LP. Not surprised there weren't more responses but we are a nation of hedonistic yobs. Agree with much of what you said but astounded by your statement that JeSUS actually existed when, as far I know, there is no representation of him dating from the time he supposedly existed. Being the creative person you are I'm sure you can come up with something. A few points that need to be considered on what is an extremely broad topic:
Egypt is regarded as the first civilisation to have arisen in the region where Judaeo/Christian beliefs originated. In my view then, our "religion" is nothing more than a bastardisation of ancient Egyptian teachings, which spread throughout the region and adopted/adapted by Persians, Greeks, Romans and numerous other ethnic groups over an extremely long time period. Interesting that the largest portion of the world, comprising east Asia, Oceania and the Americas had no conception of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Satan or any other of the major players or concepts from our Bible, yet lived quite happily in ignorant bliss until Arabs and Europeans blundered in to the region in relatively recent times. They also managed to develop extraordinary civilisations which stunned the early Old World explorers.
If you wanted to pass down key information for posterity you simply wouldn’t write it on parchment, as is the case with the Dead Sea Scrolls. You carve it stone as the ancients did, such as the Edfu texts, the Pyramid Texts in the vaulted chambers of the Pyramid of Unas or the stone stelae and calendars of the American Indians (still in use today).
The Egyptians, and other major civilisations, created earthly "beings" to represent their most important celestial bodies. As in the heavens, so on earth, e.g. Isis (mother of Horus and representing the star Sirius). It is highly unlikely they were “flesh and blood beings” and the same could possibly be said of individuals mentioned in the Bible.
In my view, it is impossible to grasp any religious teaching without a good understanding of astronomy, because that is their foundation. For example, why is it JeSUS and exactly 12 disciples? Wouldn’t be because JeSUS represents the Sun and the disciples the 12 constellations that make up the Zodiac? Too easy. The Zodiac, BTW, is a convenient way of measuring Earth’s “precession”, something that you rarely hear about and certainly not taught in school or Church, yet all major ancient megalithic structures are designed to measure it. In fact, all religions run into a brick wall when they have to confront the “ancients”.
It should be obvious to anyone that the Sun controls all aspects of life on Earth. The ancients certainly understood that but we don’t. We like think that we are under the control of some divine being. Therefore, if you want to see God, open your window during the day, stick you head out and look up into the sky. In the New World the radiation from the Sun, or energy, electricity or what name you want to call it, was represented by the wriggling Snake. What better way to represent it. Brilliant. In the Americas “God” was the Feathered Serpent, Australia the Rainbow Serpent and Asia the Nagas.

......maybe its not for you today or ever , but it might sow a seed in you mind for another hope is that it maybe so, or that someone else reading gets something out of our conversation....ISAIAH 55;11 so shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void,but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it....

No thanks

......pie the whole chapter.....the bible always gives the answers....just don't stop at one quote or verse, read on and you will find that the meaning will be made clear as you read on.....get yourself a good bible with a center column x reference, these will take you to other books of the bible where there is an echo of that verse or word....

I don't understand that quote . tony - as you can see from my ignorance of Shakepeare quotes I'm a bit of a dope really. Can you decipher that in simple terms. " Faith is the substance of things hoped for" - does that mean wishful thinking? " The evidence of things not seen." I don't see how "hope" can be "evidence" I think those old Hebrews were a bit tricky. expounded in HEBREWS CHAPTER 11; VERSES 1 TO 40... Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Larry I am a long time reader of your blog. I am saddened that as a journalist, with your resources, you could write such stuff that would not pass a basic test of accuracy for history, or Christian content. I am a retired Anglican Clergyman after 50 years service. Ministry took me all over Australia. Rural, Suburban and ADF and ministry with the elderly and with the Academic world. The bad taste in my mouth after reading this article, which is just so shallow, leaves me in a position to question the veracity of everything you now write. I find myself questioning your claimed reliable sources as whether they even exist! As a minister I would never dare make such outlandish statements which are patently untrue and upset people. As a supporter I implore you: Please be more careful!