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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In a nutshell? It has become increasingly certain that Shorten cannot possibly beat Abbott at the next election. The Left wants Shorten gone all right, but only because it wants Abbott gone even more.

The way the ABC and Fairfax have turned on Labor’s leader is unprecedented and does not indicate in any way that they believe Abbott to be a better leader... they have already tried by every devious and unfair means imaginable to bring him down.

But they have failed miserably and now it’s time to retreat to a fallback position and institute Plan B: “Let’s return to the main game, let’s find someone who can beat Abbott, because we can’t!”

Only people like Graham Richardson and John Hewson believe Shorten still has life, but the political predictions of those two make the weather bureau look like Nostradamus.

Abbott has survived false accusations of misogyny, punching a wall 30 years ago and a recent near-death experience. Shorten will never survive accusations of rape, pregnant secretaries, vile treachery, union theft and thuggery and having ruthlessly knifed two of Labor’s first-term Prime Ministers to satisfy his own personal ambition.

Clearly Shorten is the most unelectable contender for PM since federation yet he is still the darling of media’s Left and polling suggests both he and Abbott are neck and neck as likable blokes.

Abbott cannot claim any Brownie points while he polls so closely to a person of Shorten’s calibre. Any other Lib leader would be polling unbeatable numbers. 

It’s a fine balance with the hatred of Abbott equalling the contemptibility of Shorten.

So which way must the Left move now it’s clear they cannot possibly cling to Shorten? Well, the answer is further Left to either Plibersek or Albanese, but not even Labor would be stupid enough to risk Plibersek. (Then again I thought the same about Gillard.)    

Albanese will make a viable Opposition leader and prove a vigorous Parliamentary combatant for Abbott, but would he make a Prime Minister? No! The far Left will prove electorally unpalatable in this climate and anyway he lacks the presence of a PM.

So perhaps Tony Abbott can afford a few more near-death experiences yet. 


He has been caught out in his true colors. Karma is on the way Short-on, I was surprised it took this long. You make a Sterling Opposition Leader, I hope your career can end on that note.

My guess is that the left wing media have at last begun to sniff the odour of putrid corruption swirling around Shorten's aura.

WHY HAS FAIRFAX TURNED ON ME? Coz you're a twat.

about some union stuff down here in Geelong recently. Is there any chance that extra issues, like these, might be raised at the Commission? One of the local papers advertised for people to come forward regarding underpayments by Go Traffic, a local traffic control company, which, it was estimated, might owe it present and past workers up to $2 million in wage underpayments. The AWU placed the advertisement, but it is interesting that Go Traffic had an EBA (and probably still does) with the CFMEU, which allowed the CFMEU to send in its industrial officers to examine the company’s books, at any time. This was, to my knowledge, not done, and one time, when I went to the CFMEU head office in Carlton, I asked one of the industrial officers (these are the guys that look at the books) what had happened with the investigation? This guy said he did not know-problem being that the investigation, as far as CFMEU-related activities on that part, had gone mysteriously quiet. Nothing ever happened with Go Traffic after that. Interestingly, the owner of Go Traffic is an ex-policeman who had serving police moonlighting at his company, which is apparently against copper’s rules!!!

Sure does! All I need now is a bucket of billiard balls to shove down his throat.

Let SHORTON MEMORY stay. Besides the negative exposure he will give to the LP, think of he payback to mumsie-in-law. The hypocritical trash that was Gov Gen, accepted a bullshit honours title and then went on to support the republican system of government. Remember, she spent up big in office. So now payback - while shorton is in government she is also open to exposure. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

Either Albo or Policysick would be a blessing to the coalition. Albo can't even pronounce the name of the country, and I don't think that middle Austrlia wants another Gillard.

SO!!! Billy-boy is in trouble!! The official ALP organ, the Fairfax press, seems to think so, so it must be true. That explains why dear old Wayne Swan has delayed his departure from the federal scene. He wants a crack at true glory. Let's face it - he's the best they've got. Intelligent, charismatic and committed to Bruce Springsteen philosophy. And loyal to a fault - see how he supported the Chief Victim Sister during her troubles. Can't wait to see how he moves through this so he can lead the country to complete oblivion.

Mass Shooting Distracts from Sneaky TPP Fast Track Trade Approval

Can assassins be created?
Yes they can. It's been an obsession with governments since the beginning of time.
Here's a case study of how one famous assassin was made.
- Brasscheck TV

"The former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn told a French court that he participated in sex parties reminiscent of orgies in antiquity because he needed “recreational sessions” while he was busy “saving the world” from one of its worst financial crises............."

I tend to think that this ia rats deseting a sinking ship

In that photo Shorten looks like he is either about to blow his load or Gillard has just shoved her strap on up his arse

Actually, I thought that was in reply to Jack French. I think I'll Delete it, probably went too far, had a big night, last night. Sorry about that.

Where does it hurt Oliver?

Looks like unfairfax have not been paid off.

Crikey, Rosie Batty celebrated her dead son's 13th birthday today. Totally **** off you sick psychopathic witch.

Rosie 'the Psychopathic Bitch' Batty, and accessory to her son's murder has shown her truly evil nature and agenda at the National Press Club Address in Canberra on the ABC.

She said domestic violence is a male gender issue, a male culture issue, and that all men were inherently oppressive , psychopathic and violent towards women, and this was the problem.
**** off you evil witch, ... you are a psychopath and you were attracted to psychopathic men exclusively, and you married one, ... and used your innocent son as an object and as a pawn in your victim role play "push me pull you" relationship, with your murderous husband.
**** off Rosie, murderer, and child killer.

Gees TA, you have created a monster with this one, ... and you thought Gillard was an evil piece of work.

Sent to me by a friend

Like most normal people in the community, I have trouble in establishing just what planet it is you live on!

Your strident outpouring of crap on illegal immigrants is incredibly offensive to the vast majority of Australians, which is why you and your nutter mates Milne, Bandt, Brown, Rhiannon and co, attract only 8% of the national vote, and they are the extreme looney left in our community, to whom you obviously relate.

The majority of illegal immigrants come from Muslim countries from, which in case you haven't noticed, 99% of all terrorists emanate. Every muslim country in the Middle East is in total turmoil and, with notably few exceptions, are poor, violent, and have not been able to govern themselves for centuries. Their vile islamic religion with its jihad and fatwah spew forth hatred and terror across the world, and anybody who does not follow their crazy doctrine is considered an infidel and should be executed and Allah is obviously quite OK with that, yet you are in the forefront in assisting more of them to come here?

Muslim immigration into civilized western societies is a huge drain on the welfare systems of those countries, syphoning off much needed funds for our own disadvantaged people. The majority of muslims in western countries are unemployed and unemployable, they create unrest, squalor and dependence on welfare.

In Denmark the muslim population is around 5% yet they account for around 75% of that country's welfare payments.

Muslims refuse to recognize the elected governments of democratic countries and have allegience only to their despicable Allah and their vile sharia law, yet they are all happy to live on the public tit in any western country they can infiltrate.

Last time I looked, the muslim community is the only ethnic group to have its own dedicated police task force (Sydney's middle east crime squad) to deal with the anti social criminality that is rife among all muslim ghettos in western countries.

Witness the two muslim maniacs that hacked a decorated soldier to death in the UK last year? I suppose you would let them out on probation to be rehabilitated.

And what about the subjugation of women who are treated as mere chattels by muslim men, with children being dragooned into forced marriages, in many instances with men they have never met... Are you OK with that?

The European migrants that came here from Europe after the second world war assimilated into Australian society and made this country what it is today, and I as a 6th generation Australian of 71 and married to a Dutch woman, greatly admire those people.

You keep harping on about discrimination and on that subject we can agree with one point of difference: there is not enough of it. The regular executions and drive by shootings in Sydney's western suburbs, the drug dealing and organized crime that necessitated a special police task force, the draining our welfare system, are all due to muslim immigrants.

And there you are with your bleeding heart all over our television screens castigating Tony Abbott for protecting Australia's sovereignty and preventing the massive drain that unemployed muslims place on our scarce welfare resources that can certainly be used for much more deserving causes.

Get this through your dumb green skull! The vast majority of Australians do not want muslim immigration into this country, and if a referendum on this issue were held tomorrow, you and your scaly mates know damn well what the result would be.

So give us all a break and refrain from your pathetic outpouring in support of illegal immigrants, the vast majority of whom are muslim, we could give a rat's arse, and you and your nutter associates in the greens are a disgrace to this country!