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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Abbott is right, the Liberal Party must revert to its roots. Not because, as Greiner suggests, the Party will otherwise lose to Shorten, but because it's Menzies Liberal Party, not Turnbull's, and Shorten is simply unelectable anyway… along with a few other reasons.

Turnbull intended to drift the Party to the Left and he knows he is detested by the Liberal core, but he intends to campaign on a single ticket, as a presidential style candidate, like he did in the last election. 

He couldn’t care less about the Liberal Party but he cares deeply about where he wants to take Australia, and that is no secret.

His latest election paraphernalia did not mention the Liberal Party, (above) it mentioned only Turnbull, and that also upset a few Libs. But they should have realised what he was up to. He despises the Party he used as a conduit to personal power.

Turnbull knows that when the Queen checks out soon, Australia will be faced with that Lefty dickhead, Prince Charles as Head of State, and that’s his time to strike with a referendum on a republic…and it will likely get up if the terms and conditions are viable this time.

Shorten will also campaign on a single ticket because the Labor Party is also basically unelectable, particularly after successive Labor State Governments have dragged the country down to where people die of the cold and heat unable to afford electricity bills that have tripled due to inane renewable energy targets and outrageous subsidies that have made our own clean coal unviable.

So we will have an election in November of 2019 with two egomaniacs to choose from. And look how far Shorten has always trailed, and will continue to trail, Turnbull in the polls.

That is not a plus for Turnbull, it’s simply an indication of the disdain in which voters hold an unelectable Shorten.

                               Fools like SA's Weatherill won't help Shorten

Labor worships at the Global Warming altar where even the candles have gone out. It will not allow coal-fired energy and its coalition partner, the Gangrenous Greens, will not allow nuclear energy. That’s a severe election minus for Shorten.

By late 2019, most unsightly, useless, wind turbines will have passed their use-by dates and we will start to retrieve our beautiful countryside. They are known to be too expensive to upgrade so they will be dismantled, and the destructive $10 billion worth of subsidies cannot possibly be repeated for new ones.

If Trump holds firm with his promise to dump the Paris Accord, then by 2019 the entire hoax will have given way to common sense and the Left’s platform will decompose under the weight of its harebrained, socialist, ideology of redistribution of income under the auspices of a corrupt EU, IPCC and UN.

So we will be left with Turnbull versus Shorten and unfortunately our compulsory voting system will convince enough mugs to make a choice between the two deplorables. Therefore, on every indication Turnbull must win.

In the meantime, if the above scenario is correct, it means that both leaders are relatively safe. Only Turnbull has the Abbott problem and that can be solved with a Cabinet appointment such as Defence or Education or, if Turnbull really hates him, the suicidal Aboriginal Affairs portfolio.

Abbott will then abide by Party rules, shutup, and maintain Cabinet solidarity.

Then Abbott can use the Party Room to privately garner support for a return to Liberal values where internal distractions won’t reach the salivating media.

Most believe Turnbull to be an intellectual. I don’t. All committed political ideologues are as thick as pig shit and never seem to make sensible decisions even in their own interest. They are blinded by the dream of arriving gloriously at their respective Nirvanas and they are imbued with hatred for anything and anyone standing in their way. 

Politics is moving quickly and Turnbull has issued a thinly veiled threat that if he is removed he will ensure that the Liberal Party is destroyed.

That unacceptable threat will be remembered and Abbott in the Cabinet can, and will, use it.

                   Voters haven't forgotten Shorten's dual knifing of his own comrades

But as has been said here over seven years  Abbott is not foreman material,

...there are others more suited with exactly Abbott’s message and Abbott now accepts that.



people have short memories...but this opportunist grub backstabbed both of his previous labor leaders. doesn't say much for him as a person.

Windfarms will soon be gone, Shorten will never be PM. Larry, you have become the eternal optimist. But I suspect you are wrong on those two predictions.


Warning Warning ....Sailor is on the piss.....again!

Thanks a bloody lot, IE. Went to the new post and there was a picture of Yassmin staring me in the face. I'll get you for this!!! . . .

Love be reading these comments. Makes my day. So spot on.

The Woeful Wanker Wilkie opposing as usual. If the government were going to give all age pensioners three free meals a day The Woeful Wanker would " oppose ".

Clearly the greens are basically dipshits, however the follow list shows politicians born over seas, we are surrounded by bloody wogs.
To be quite honest the Cinerama suspects a lot of PP’ers have a bit of the tar brush in them as well.


Belgium (1)
Sen Hon Mathias Hubert Paul Cormann

Canada (1)
Sen Larissa Joy Waters

Egypt (1)
Ms Anne Aly

Germany (1)
Sen Hon Eric Abetz

Greece (1)
Ms Maria Vamvakinou

Iran (1)
Sen Sam Dastyari

India (1)
Sen Malcolm Ieuan Roberts

Italy (1)
Mr Antonio (Tony) Zappia

Malaysia (1)
Sen Hon Penny Ying-Yen Wong

New Zealand (2)
Sen Derryn Nigel Hinch
Sen Scott Ludlam

Nigeria (1)
Hon Sussan Penelope Ley

Singapore (2)
Mr Ian Reginald Goodenough
Sen Peter Stuart Whish-Wilson

United Kingdom (10)
Hon Anthony John Abbott
Sen Hon Douglas Niven Cameron
Hon Paul William Fletcher
Sen Alexander McEachian Gallacher
Sen Nicholas (Nick) James McKim
Mr Brian Keith Mitchell
Hon Brendan Patrick O'Connor
Sen Hon Nigel Gregory Scullion
Mr Joshua (Josh) Hamilton Wilson
Ms Rebekha Che Sharkie

[Information published is that available at time of publishing, 21 March 2017]

A man’s country is not his own any more.

Fans of Sean Spicer can rejoice His back and on form

Spicer argues against 'Made in America' protectionism – for Trump's businesses

The White House press secretary dodged questions about the irony of "Made in America Week" as President Trump and his daughter's businesses manufacture products overseas.
Spicer reasoned the U.S. does not offer the same "supply chains" or "scalability" in an audio-only, off-camera briefing on Monday.

This sobers you up a bit.

Waters replacement is likely to be Andrew Bartlett, remember that moran , use to be leader of the Democrats , broked down and cried for fuck sake in Parliament in 2004 over gay marriage and a big advocate for illegals and hates America .

Someone might remember more but did not this guy have some problem with booze and was a very ugly drunk

As usual, a pommy union grub calling the shots taking Brisbane busses out on strike. Deport the grub Peter.

Probably all in great shock that the wild left have been exposed for the frauds ....and antagonists that they are...

What happens if MORE frauds and parasites of the left are exposed , THEY could be next.
When the money runs out and the scams are shut down, no more free money.
Then you will hear some noise.

More Immigration back flips from the team that brought ...err nothing yet

The Trump administration has already had to bend on its much-vaunted travel ban, with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson conceding in a memo that grandparents of US citizens from six Muslim-majority countries are now eligible to receive US visas.
The memo, or cable, was sent to all US diplomatic posts overseas on Friday after a US district judge in Hawaii issued a ruling late on Thursday limiting the scope of the administration's temporary ban on refugees and travellers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
The administration has asked the Supreme Court and the San Francisco-based 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals to block the decision.
In the meantime, Mr Tillerson's cable reversed the State Department's previous, narrow definition of close family and stated that "grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, and cousins" are eligible for visas.

Shu Yu Yun, trading as Bill's Chicken, pleaded guilty to all 12 charges and was handed a total fine of $34,000 and an order to pay more than $6000 in professional costs for the offences.
"This was one of the worst cases we have seen. Poor handling of meat can cause people to become very sick," said Mr Lees [NSW Food Authority food regulation executive officer.]

Those damn 457 visas just didn't work out for the Greens to field candidates for the Senate... bugger...

Haha, the greesnots lose yet another bogus senator.

Any more proof needed that it's a party of fuckwits?

The person responsible for uncovering the fraudulent and treacherous behaviour and their subsequent removal from the Australian Parliament of parasitic scum, Waters and Ludlam deserves our undying gratitude. Great work !!

Hundreds of U.S. Military Vehicles Enter Syria from Iraq
The following report has been partly corroborated by an earlier report in the U.S. Military Times: US Stryker vehicles lead Kurdish reinforcements into Raqqa, dated July 7, 2017. In effect the Fars News report suggests that the U.S. is expanding its military foothold in Syria. The […]
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Mohamed Noor -- apparently a Presbyterian -- murdered Aussie woman Justine Damond:

Just heard on the radio that the Aussie woman was talking to the driver of the cop car for a minute or two while she was standing on the street before that mussie prick opened fire..... Something very wrong here.