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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Left’s unprecedented white hot hatred of a newly inaugurated President is no secret. It has now reached overt treasonous proportions and justifies Trump’s threat to cancel Press briefings altogether.

The Dems are hanging on to the unfathomably false Russian connection and they won’t let go. They are not content with House and Senate inquiries along with an ongoing FBI investigation. 

Heavyweights Sanders, Pelosi and Schumer (above) are demanding a special prosecutor be appointed or they will not pass any legislation.That is outrageous enough, but why are they insisting on a special prosecutor to investigate a story that will go nowhere and is already being investigated by three other entities?

Well, the Parliament and FBI inquiries will wind up in a matter of weeks but a special prosecutor will take years after setting up an expensive Left-wing lawyers’ picnic that will doubtless extend to cover the 2018 mid-term elections.

From left: Judge Richard R. Clifton, Judge William Canby and Judge Michelle T.      Friedland serving on the infamous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to stop Trump.

The Dems believe they can then get control of both Houses and effectively stymie anything Trump wants to do but they need this irrational Russian hysteria to last until those mid-term elections.

The primer is starting to show on this well worn story but the (small L) liberals, the media and the judiciary will never give up on trying to rid America of Trump despite that there is far more arable dirt to be dug in their own backyard with the Clintons.

                  Schumer himself shares a doughnut with Putin... no problem there

The Washington Post’s tiresome Woodward and Bernstein (above) have now claimed that this Russian "affair" is worse than Watergate! Bullshit! I lived through Watergate on the Canberra Times from 1972... and there is not the slightest similarity.

The Left’s unhinged determination is exemplified by their latest claim that Trump was exercising “dominance over others” by having two scoops of ice cream at a recent function while everyone else had one.

The whole thing is getting fornicating insane!


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The American MSM (leftist) learned their vitriol and tactics from the Australian MSM when TA was in power, ie, making fun of the person (TA Budgie smugglers, DT his hair) being accused of misogyny, attacking his family, writing fake news when there was a leak, was supposed to have hit a wall with his fist against some sheilas head, supposed to have denigrated the troops in Iraq _ the shit happens crap by that ch7 reporter - wasn't he close to getting a fist in the face and not into a wall, opposition to his refugee policy, They denigrated TA and his family so much that it worked - see polls and the rise of MT. The American MSM was watching this and commenting on it and they learnt how to get rid of a democratically elected leader.

Islamophobia is a nonsense word because it doesn't mean anything. Trumpophobia is a real word because it accurately portrays the mental condition of the Democrats, MSM, GayBC etc. Stay safe Donald Trump.

Apart from rinaldo, are we over the hysterical anti Jew crap of the last few weeks? Knowing that Christ was a Jew should make people realise that, including most of the world's Nobel winners (outside the "Peace" prize), Jews ARE very influential. Compare the best known Jew, Christ, to the best known moslem, Mohamed, and decide who has done more FOR the world. There is a criminal element in big business, worldwide, and it encompasses greedy shits of all faiths.

The GayBC is seriously suffering from Trumpophobia. While cooking dinner tonight I had to keep changing radio channels from Fine music to Local to National. If it wasn't Trump, Trump, Trump it was Pell, Pell, Pell. The GayBC really ought to consider hiring adults instead of university students.

Ps. Dinner was lambs fry and bacon. Absolutely scrumptious. Mopped up all the gravy with bread. Yummo. As I said to my better half, there won't be too many people enjoying our dinner tonight.

Unless I’ve completely missed the point, I thought we all KNEW about the laptop bomb possibilities. President Trump had put in place some restrictions regarding lap top computers in hand luggage way back in February. So where’s the problem? Unless the BIG secret is that Israeli intelligence first found the plot. The other thing that bugs me (apart from that complete fuckwit john Barron and his 40 y.o. juvenile offsider from the ‘Chaser” and his stoopid “Planet America”) is this nonsense about ‘impeachment’ . ( cont. next)

President Trump might have been unwise to sack James Comrey, but it was well within his authority to do so. And he did not say that he had “tapes” only that Comrey had better hope that there were no tapes. Anyway if Comrey was so concerned when Pres Trunp asked if the investigation into Mike Flynn could be dropped, all he had to say was” No, Mr President, that would be improper” Instead he runs off and tells tales! I’m sick of the trouble making Press both there….and here.

stringy, I actually think our more immediate target should be Turkey. Erdogan has almost completed its transition from moderate and predominantly free state to a totalitarian islamic dictatorship. It is becoming what everyone hated about Iraq and Iran except that neither of those other countries had its hooks into NATO.

Aren't we seeing Washington at its very worst over the last week. The people who voted to get rid of the monsters in the swamp are being vindicated. This crap they are carrying on about will not influence the people in fly over5 states to change their vote. The far left crowds in the coastal fringe cities in the USA will never ever vote Republican so the Don isn' t losing any of his popularity in the States that voted him in, they are being justified for voting for DT and seeing the filth coming out of Washington from the (left) MSM.

Malcontent Turmoil has just made an announcement from Brissy regarding the Budget . He confirms his Government will build the Brisbane to Melbourne rail line and Sydneys second Airport at Badgeries Creek , just as soon as Scott Morrison finds Lasseters Reef.

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Mr Bean

As a Western Australian I do have to ask - is Prue McSween one of the Abbott haters ? Anyway McSween is on 2GB talking about the increasingly demanded and received appeasing segregation of Muslim women and Muslims in general. This is because they are determined to set up parallel Islamic culture and no go zones in the West, taking over whole town, cities and suburbs on the way much trumpeted and threatened Western caliphate. Paris, Marseilles and Lyon are encircled by Muslim "no go zones". Savile Town Yorkshire is now Muslim after the locals were pushed out by harrasement - with the police saying they could do nothing out it - advising the complainants to move out - which they did. A Sharia Court was set up b Savile Towns residents.

No Surprise – U.S. Behind Violence in Venezuela

Israel said to be the source of intel Trump gave to Russians

This is how we all need to get back at ISIS.

O/T anyone else in the northern sunny coast with no ABC or SBS for days? I miss Halycon and Grantchester etc - doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my signal on other stations.

Time to get the fuck out of the UK, guys.