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Thursday, 22nd February 2018

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Okay, I admit it, I was wrong. All this time, I have been telling people that Muslims have been carrying out these Jihadist mass murders because they have been brain washed. 

From birth, they have been led to believe that All-Powerful Allah will roast their testicles for eternity if they don’t answer the jihadist call when it goes out. 

What a fool I was. Turns out, it was a simple mental health issue after all.

That is a huge relief for all concerned. Now we can clearly see what to do. We just need to pull out the old budget spreadsheet and make some minor adjustments.

Slice a bit off veterans' benefits here and trim the aged pension there.Then, we can pump more funding into the right refugee mental health programs and all will be rosy.

“No wait, it’s an election year. Better see those awfully nice bankster chappies and borrow a big pile of folding stuff. Don’t worry, the dumb voters can pay it off after we get kicked out of office by the next bunch of oxygen thieves. It’s no good skimping. Otherwise we’ll end up spending more on bollards in the end.”

WTH? Are these guys serious? Mental health?

We’re not talking about a bout of depression here, or minor anxiety issues. If this is a mental health issue, it would have to be one of the most extreme and dangerous cases ever seen.

Claiming to be a Kurdish Muslim, Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26, (above) drove his car through crowds of Melbourne pedestrians killing four people including a baby and injuring another 25. 

   He said, "I am a good sexy young guy and I am claiming a mental health issue ".

The words “bat shit crazy” don’t even begin to describe this kind of behaviour. I’m no psychiatrist so I am not sure of the exact terminology; but we are definitely into Hannibal Lecter territory here… and he was a work of fiction.

Australians have been driving en masse since the ‘50s. Car ownership here is amongst the highest in the world, yet out of the entire population of Australia, not once has any Dinki di Aussie bloke (or Sheila) thought to gun a car into a random crowd of pedestrians. Not once in 70 years.

Bring in a few “refugees” however, and suddenly this happens twice in one year.

What could we be doing wrong?

Did we close down the nut house too soon?

Did we fail to see the signs?

Were we too stingy with our welfare payments? The poor bloke only had a Vitara. Maybe if we’d bought him a Land Cruiser he might have liked us enough to not attempt mass murder.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that these idiots are missing the point here?

If these refugees are so mentally deranged that they would carry out mass murder on an industrial scale, then how did they get through the immigration screening process? Is there no kind of psychiatric evaluation? Is no-one expected to be held accountable for this decision?

Either the immigration screening process is entirely unfit for purpose; or someone screwed up so badly that they ought to be facing prison time for criminal negligence.

But we all know the real story. The cat is well and truly out of the bag on this one. We know it, and they know it. We’ve read the Koran. We know what the Prophet Mohammed’s game was.

Yet still these people stand there and lie to us. My God! They must have the hide of a rhinoceros. Do they really think we are that stupid? Do they think we are just going to keep “going about our business” forever?

People are getting angry, I can feel it. The tone of people on social media, on YouTube, in emails, is getting darker.

Oh, but don’t worry about the Muslims. You can’t blame a dog for barking.

No, the anger I hear isn’t directed against Muslims. It is directed against lying, scumbag politicians, lying, scumbag journalists and lying scumbag police.


A small price to pay for importing leftist voters.

Immigration - the EU's dirtiest secret

Interview with Ervin Kohn (Deputy Director at The Norwegian Center against Racism)

Norwegians are racists. They need to be less Norwegian and less white.

We visited the Norwegian Center against Racism which is a non-governmental organization whose main objective is to fight racism and discrimination. We made an interview with the deputy director, Ervin Kohn and an advisor, Anne Marie Mollén about important issues related to racism in Norway.

STOP WATCHING TV - Ex Russian KGB Agent Tells You What TV Is Actually Used For

Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, an ex Russian KGB operative, speaking in 1985, explains how TV is the best form of public brainwashing, indoctrination, propaganda, and the ultimate social engineering tool ever created by humans. It's all about the destabilization of society. Turn off your TV, if you have kids, don't indoctrinate them with TV.

Definitely got it right in that last sentence,, but it might be a little bit more than just anger...

Larry hits the nail on the head, bang on centre every time. I salute you Larry.

We go to all the Trouble, Pain and Cost of taking Australia from the Stone age to the modern age in 200 Years......Then they import Islam who want to take us back 1400Years......WHY, is beyond me.... Not exactly a step in the right direction for any Forward planning Nation.....That is without explaining all the Treasures the Religion of Peace brings with it as it walks among our children........

We have an Australian "Shithole"....Lakemba.

Watching coverage of Caribbean islands/countries awaiting one of the hurricanes last year, a video of a beach at Dominican Republic was shown completely covered in garbage/rubbish right down to the sea! I think we all said at the time, what a shithole! Hopefully, the hurricane cleaned up that pile and moved it to another sh!!

New Post Up ! Twice

New Post Up.

...."hear hear" to the last two sentences ....

Its time to face facts:- the demographics in place and developing apace have seen Australia become a Eurasian country. Even the winding back immigration will have little impact on the inevitable given the high number of Indian and Chinese immigrants. Muslims are the least of your problems.

ITS about time ALL our conservative parties got together and united. Together they would eliminate the lemmings of the left and our two major parties, and take control of our country. Come on people, do you love your way of life or would you rather stagger on to certain regime change. It is the people of Australia who are important, not our politicians and media.

Another Step Toward Armageddon
Paul Craig Roberts

Quote of the Day: S***hole countries......................

Donald Trump has made Quote of the Day two nights in a row.

Tax cuts that give America an economic advantage so devastating that it may finally get our own regulation-loving politicians off their backsides to follow suit are pretty special. But this is something else.

Donald Trump has been caught saying the truth about Africa:

“Mr Trump alarmed US politicians after demanding to know why he should accept immigrants “from s***hole countries” like Haiti and those in Africa rather than from places like Norway.”


Donald Trump is determined to secure the existence of our people. And it is quite possible that he reads The XYZ.

Naturally, all the right people are outraged:

“Haiti’s ambassador to the US has condemned President Donald Trump’s reference to the country as a “s***hole” and has formally requested an explanation for the remarks, US media reports…”

I can handle the explanation for the God Emperor, if you wish. The reason Donald Trump called Haiti a s***hole is because Haiti is a s***hole.

“The US President made the comments in a meeting about a proposed bipartisan deal to give legal status to hundreds of thousands of young immigrants illegally brought to the US as children — the so-called “dreamers” — according to The New York Times.”

This is my only concern; The New York Times are a notorious fake news organisation which is kept on life support by its globalist cosmopolitan elite owner. I do hope these comments weren’t taken out of context.

The article from The Australian lists a series of people The Don has upset. It gets boring fast, but I will leave you with this goodie:

“President Trump’s comments are yet another confirmation of his racially insensitive and ignorant views. It also reinforces the concerns that we hear every day, that the President’s slogan Make America Great Again is really code for Make America White Again,” Cedric Richmond, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said.”

Please, God, let it be true

Man slashed to death Hurstville rail station....Male arrested nearby with Bladed Weapon(code for Knife/Machete/axe) No description offered of offender..........Care to make a wager? As the Police and Politicians Concoct another pack of lies to feed to the Masses.......In Victoria they would probably report is " An unfortunate incident happened this morning when a Commuter and another male disagreed about redistribution of the commuters wealth when a piece of Cutlery used to resolve the dispute and the Commuter failed the Resolution phase of the negotiations"....The matter is under investigation and no further comment will be made as the Alleged Owner of the Cutlery is now in consultation with his Barrister and back up legal team until his Case officer and Immigration support persons attend

Donald Trump: Trump does not use “presidential” language..............Trump’s detractors are reliably predictable...................

If you want to see how Trump can do or say nothing good in the view of his screeching detractors, this story explains it all. Trump questioned why America would accept more immigrants from Haiti and “shithole countries” in Africa, rather than places like Norway. And the proverbial hit the international fan. What some people refuse to understand is that Trump does not fit the traditional mould of diplomacy. He uses vulgar language which eliminates all misunderstanding. If he was calling Haiti a “shithole” he is right. Go and see for yourself—it’s a dangerous shithole. Just like the Sudanese black gangs waging a terror campaign in Victoria also come from a “shithole” of a country. That is why such people flee “shithole” countries. The problem is that they bring with them “shithole” ideology incompatible with most decent and civilised societies in the Western world. Trump does not mince words. That’s why he was elected. Meanwhile another record stock market close. Jobs up. Manufacturing up. and the list goes on but not in the socialist media. [More]

Disappointed that ISIS has been defeated, US, israel step up hybrid war in Syria
The Russian airbase in Syria, Hmeimim, and the naval base at Tartus came under simultaneous drone attack on Saturday. The advanced Russian air defence system thwarted the attack. A wave of 13 drones was involved, and, interestingly, three of them were brought down intact.
After forty-eight hours of careful analysis of the incident, the Russian Defence Ministry in Moscow came out with a statement on Monday:
During the hours of darkness Russian air defense facilities made clear 13 remoted unknown small-sized air targets approaching the Russian military assets. Ten combat UAVs were approaching Russia’s Hmeymim air base and three more — the logistics center of Tartus.
Engineering solutions used by terrorists when attacking Russian facilities in Syria could have been received only from a country with high technological potential on providing satellite navigation and distant control of firing competently assembled self-made explosive devices in appointed place. (TASS )
The countries with such “high technological potential” and capability for “Satellite navigation and distant control” which are involved in the proxy war in Syria are just two in number – United States and Israel. Take your pick. To my mind, it is improbable that Israel, despite its bravado, would dare to attack Russia.
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Wouldn't it be great if we could find such a leader here to cut through the PC crap & deliver some real & popular outcomes starting with scrapping the usurious Paris economic suicide accord then stopping the Islamic invasion then sacking half the useless fatcat bureacrats who dictate every aspect of our lives while sucking up the wealth of this country.