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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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... eventually the child will

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Ever since Whitlam and his “Minister for the Status of Women”, Susan Ryan, graced Canberra, successive Governments have been dedicated to getting the fairer sex into the workforce because, they say, it doubles PAYE tax revenue. It doesn’t, never has, never will and the meagre tax take is a drop in the bucket compared to the current child care cost of $7 billion!

So, Mrs became Ms, “housewife” morphed into “home duties” until “home duties” became too demeaning. Tits didn’t have to look pointy any more, bums could wobble, petticoats, stepins and garter belts disappeared, gender became a choice and, “I s’pose a fuck’s out of the question” became the respectable ask of either sex.

Okay, so I’m an old fashioned troglodyte, but I will always believe child care is the responsibility of the child’s mother and not some greedy, subsidised “Kids R Us” entrepreneur.

I don’t usually talk about personal stuff but here goes: After I married my childhood sweetheart, I had two kids while still a teenager and it was hard keeping a home on an under-age wage as a proofreader.

So I also worked the night shift at Brockhoff’s Biscuits and drove a cab the entire weekend. Although my head buzzed with tiredness it gave me take-home pay of around nine quid which was two quid more than my Dad earned. We lived well.

For the next 40 years, until she died suddenly from cancer, my wife never needed to work and she proved to be the most amazing mother of amazing kids.

When I remarried seven years ago, my wife insisted on keeping her full-time job and employing a nanny for two more beautiful kids. She is now happy I talked her out of that because the time she is now enjoying with her children in their formative years has proved as irreplaceable to her as much as to her children.

This treasured experience has an inestimable price tag, a unique value beyond comparison for both mother and child... and a mother and child only get one go at it.

Dads are great but they can never replace a mum’s warm breast when a child is regularly not feeling well.

I tried the child care option but it didn’t last a day, I couldn’t cop an unknown 30 year old bloke with a blue card, a beard and a ponytail taking my 3 year-old daughter to the toilet when she wouldn't allow me to do that.

Tonight’s budget will wrestle with balancing the unsustainable cost of child care against the right for mothers to work. But there is no advocate to plead for a child’s right to full-time mother care.

Tony Abbott’s doomed PPL signature policy was designed to get women back into the workforce, but what did it actually do? It enticed them OUT of the workforce with an attractive six months’ paid parental leave scheme, eventually throwing another toddler to the child care industry.

Where is the assistance for the mother who chooses not to rely on a government child care handout and care for her children herself?

Does that not have more value than a double income? “Oh, but we need a double income these days”, is the retort. Do we really? I know I’d happily hand-wash Bob Brown’s laundry for a living if it meant my children had a full-time mother.

The bourgeoning child care industry is indelibly linked to the later social cost of disillusioned, delinquent youth. Why is it with every social experiment someone needs to suffer?

With the child care experiment it’s only the little child with neither a vote nor a voice who suffers.

So who gives a stuff?


Hey teacher leave them Kids alone

Twinkle, our eduction system is no where near as bad as the US and I have read and seen videos by people high up in the eduction system which state that they are purposely dumbing down people via the eduction system. I realise this will all seem like BS to you.

Twinkle, you and I were programmed from birth via the education system. You daughter in law teaches what she is mandated by the education SYSTEM. Teachers don't willingly set out to do anything but teach children to the best of their ability. They were also programmed.

This is what the education system teaches
1 truth comes from Authority
2 intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat
3 Accurate memory and repetition are rewarded
4 Non-compliance is punished
5 Conform intellectually and socially

Marco My Daught-in-law is a school teacher. They don't have a minute to spare and every hour of the day is taken with preprogrammed learning. i don't know where they would get the time to teach children beliefs and values. Manners are necessary as some of the kids don't have a clue. She is not even close to being a brainwasher and neither are all her friends. How long is it since you went into a class room? Maybe you should venture into one.

TSC's made shooting himself in the foot into an art form. :)


T.S.Cabot 39 minutes ago
well if you dropped the jew shit concentrate on the real issue we may all agree Investmentwatch (InvestmentWatchBlog)

Chill, you have got it exactly! lesbians or poofters it doesn’t matter as long as the family unit as we know it is destroyed and children get their beliefs and values from the system. Investmentwatch (InvestmentWatchBlog)

When you see all these things happening closer together know that your redemption draweth nigh.
. Investmentwatch (InvestmentWatchBlog)

Imagine a world full of kids without a proper dad, just two lesbian Mums, what a world young kids today have got to look forward to the way things are going!

The potty mouth gives greebo away. Liebor to it's rotten core.

thats ok with me Twinke :)

We shall agree to not agree. :)

Twinke, I realise you speak for yourself as we all do here but there are already a few here who believe as I do, if I can wake one person up or introduce them to some new information which will start them thinking and wake them from their stupor I believe I am helping to stop what is happening.

Twinke, I realise you speak for youself as we all do here but there are already a few here who believe as I do, if I can wake one person up or introdce them to some new information which will start them thinking and wake them from their stupor I believe I am helping to stop what is happening.

List of “stan” countries or regions. Every one of them a sh#thole.


M-e You can think what you like but is this the correct forum to push your cause? TPP blog site? You won"t get any converts here.