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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

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... a report from someone who was there

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Well, he certainly wasn’t an “asylum seeker” or a “refugee”, as the ABC continually refers to him as. He was a well-heeled Iranian illegal immigrant who was beguiled by the promise of a land of milk and honey where people are actually paid not to work.

The ABC claimed to have a graphic inside story of how he was killed... sufficiently graphic to incite thousands to protest across Australia demanding Morrison’s head on a plate.

Of course the ABC and Fairfax didn’t remind anyone that reopening Manus Island was Kevin Rudd’s idea. 

And not a single protester was to be seen when reports surfaced that 1200 “asylum seekers” had drowned. Oh yes, I remember, that happened under their Labor Government didn’t it?

Information received by Pickering Post this morning differs somewhat from the sketchy ABC report and is not included in the Cornall report. 

To be fair, the information is from a local and it cannot be verified, but nor could the inflammatory ABC report. 

“That Berati bastard was the ringleader, he was the one who started the riot”, said the informant. “When the New Guinea security guys of G4S got to the compound, the inmates began throwing rocks and chairs and tried to light fires. They were yelling insults and stuff, that’s when it all got out of hand.”

According to the informant, Berati was well known to security, he was the one they were after, it was he who had led the chanting that had been intimidating the guards for weeks. The chanting went as follows (excuse the language):

“AIDS pigs, we’ll fuck your mother, we’ll fuck your wife, we’ll fuck your sister and rape your daughter.”

When the G4S guards arrived they were met with a hail of rocks, stones and chairs. “I was only looking on but that’s when the guards broke through the fence. It was clear to me that they were only looking for Berati but he had taken off into his unit and was hiding under the bed.” (The ABC report said he was sitting in the computer room.)

“I didn’t see them kill him but they were yelling his name and seemed intent on getting him.”

Many other inmates were injured but the fatal injuries sustained by Berati indicated he was specifically targeted.

“It had been brewing for weeks”, said the informant. “It was Berati who had tried to get everyone to the riot, but only a hundred or so joined him. And many of the injured were innocent bystanders. 

"When they carried Berati out you could see from his head wounds he wasn’t going to make it.

“No-one will convince me that they didn’t especially go after him.”

Now, it’s easy to understand Berati’s frustration but perhaps he was not the innocent faced victim that his family and the ABC portrayed him as. 

(The informant claims he has already spoken to the ABC but his account of what happened was ignored.)

Bias by omission is the ABC’s MO.


The P.N.G Police are unaware of political correctness & use common sense to deal with a problem as it occurs . The method thy use includes a guarantee of no reoccurrence . Thy should have sole control over Manus Island security .

Reza Berati has achieved martyrdom, he is now Saint Berati to the leftist scum who whinge and whine about the stoppage of the boats!! the vicious Coalition Government has stopped the trade in human misery and illegal access to our country and now because of the death of one intended illegal in a holding area created by Labor?? they now want it stopped and our borders reopened?? go figure? yet how many died under the policies of Rudd and Gillard, SHY? over a thousand! Yet no street march for them, no protest or condemnation for that! "accidents happen" according to SHY. There is a memorial on the banks of Lake Burley Griffen, ACT for 300 odd illegals that apparently drowned in Indonesian Waters in 05 or 06, put there by leftist scum who blamed John Howard for it, Gross Hypocrisy by the Left

Bruce if you have something to say then say it. I would not worry what others have to say, it is not their website and I don't hear Larry complaining. I for one like your comments, you make sense for a Kiwi. However Bruce, being a Kiwi, I would still bowl underarm to you just to annoy you, take care.

'Thank God for the Salvos'. Apparently Reza was finished off by a Salvation Army worker dropping a rock on his head. I'm now reconsidering my decision not to donate to the Salvos.

Yes manboobs, every thinking person would agree with you on this accasion. But, apparently, the problem is more obscure that which you reveal. The "head-of-the-international-snake" that controls all worldwide political/financial theatre is inherent in the reported statement attributed to the former patriarch of the mighty banking House of Rothschild, Amschel Rothschild, viz " Permit me to control a country's credit and I care not who is 'democratically' elected to govern". And therein, manboobs, lies the nub of all our troubles. Always has.

I still reckon he was probably an agent-provocateur, infiltrated into the ranks of the asylum seekers, most likely by the Iranian Secret police, or their equivalent.

Tony F***ing Jones. They deserve each other. Barry may be helping Jones out. Thye are an incestuous lot.

This was once Pickering Post. No longer. It is Bruce Rugby Post. Since he has taken over most of the original crew have left. I am going too. I will look forward to the return of Pickering Post when I will also contribute. Congratulations Rigby. You have a bigger readership than your "son's four newspapers " !

Isn't Sarah Ferguson married to Barry on Insiders? Nepotism is alive and well at their ALPBC.

My father served in a field ambulance in New Guinea, and he said the fuzzy wuzzies were akin to angels, and that's what they were known as "fuzzy wuzzie angels".

"Muslim community leader Keysar Trad says he has spoken with Labor and the Liberals about running for Parliament." Here we go.

Bruce, keep on doing what you are doing, I enjoy your comments and as I have never met you and most probably won't I feel you are a friend, hope you can understand this comment.

Good one Warrick. PNG'ans regard Australia as a great neighbour and friend. The fuzzy wuzzies celebrate ANZAC every year and remember the fallen with passion. If they were as keen as Muslims to invade Australia for the dole, FNQ would be densely populated by easy access through Thursday Islands. They love their country and enjoy their simple easy going life without wanting to migrate to feed on taxpayer handouts. Have some respect for them and quit calling them cannibals as it is a thing of the past. There may be few bad apples, but isn't that a case everywhere?

I can't open the reply boxes of Eunita and Lordy just below her, 3 hours ago to agree with them both ACMA is useless, if you can navigate their website to find where to complain, and fill it is, you may wait 5 months to get a reply which tells you that there is no case and you are mistaken, same as the abc website, only they take between half a day and four weeks. I emailed all politicians the same thing ... about this story with lots from it in there and the uselessness and bias of the media, especially the abc, and NB to Turnbull not to send me an email telling me to complain to acma or the abc as I've done that over a hundred times in the last 9 months.

The fuzzy wuzzies love muslims. Claim they taste like chicken.

sharianonmuslim.pdf Sharia Law For Non Muslims If you give a shit read it!

What is wrong with a bit of honesty about oneself when contributing to Public discussion and comment? It is a form of HONEST! NOT PLEADING FOR ACCEPTANCE. It would be very helpful to the 'audience' if the writer, commentator 'declared' their worthiness to input, their political leanings, their business experience, their mistakes, their successes. The we audience can more accurately take it on board or simply disregard it as 'not for me'? That would save a lot of time with we the readers and listeners having to "call them out ..for what they are' ...what is their REAL agenda they may be wanting to impose on our ,open minds'?

Firstly great article Larry it's always refreshing reading, secondly the comments here are disturbing to say the least. You guys actually believe in labour vs liberals etc rubbish. please sheeple you have to wake up! One minute you are disgusted by muslims and their eons old beliefs and way of life, then you swing back to defending politicians of your ilk??? Please read the lima declaration, please understand every politician in this country [since colonization] has been hand picked. that you have been offered a "choice" is illusory.

Is this the only photograph of this joker?

It appears to be photographed from another image as there is a flash flare under his chin.

The top half of his head does not match the bottom half. If you look at the picture at a 45 degree angle from the top of the head down he looks “normal”

Or is that the way he really looks and this has resulted from inbreeding?