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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Treasurer Morrison’s highly aspirational forecast for a reclaimed surplus by 2021-22 is predicated on a consistent 5 per cent GDP growth rate over multiple years. Well, you cannot get more aspirational than that, considering he is forecasting double the average GDP growth rate of OECD nations. 

And Morrison’s aspiration seems more like masturbation when you consider China has recently registered its lowest growth rate in a quarter century. 

The GDP Growth Rate in Australia averaged 0.87 per cent between 1959 and 2015, reaching a record high of 4.40 per cent in the first quarter of 1976 followed by an all time low of -2 per cent in the second quarter of a 1976 economic roller coaster that followed the dismissal of a disastrous Whitlam. 

Multiple years of a forecast 5 per cent rate is sheer fantasy.

Would the Opposition point to this fantasy forecasting? Of course not, it may need to quote the same rubbery figures itself in future. 

Shadow treasurer Bowen is highly excited only over Morrison stealing his tobacco policy with an over estimated dollar return by Bowen of double Treasury’s estimate.

If either side believes anyone is going to pay $60 or $70 bucks for a packet of fags they are dreaming. So tax receipts figures are equally rubbery. 

This budget was designed to get Turnbull to an election without the electorate tearing him to shreds but he is destined to lose all but five or six seats of Abbott’s record landslide victory anyway. 

Five or six is a manageable majority that will allow him his Left mandate of a Republic and a form of carbon tax, something he hasn’t dared to mention since the coup and something he will get the Greens’ support for without a DD.

A Republic is starting to look an attractive option given recent events where a Leader can sweep his Party to a record election win only to be rolled mid-term by a perennial PM aspirant with Abbott’s hard won 90 seats to play with.

And Trump reckons the GOP is rigged!

So how safe is Turnbull now that the Coalition is polling lower than the ALP on 2PP... the very reason Turnbull gave for rolling Abbott? 

Well, he’s very safe for now, but mid-term in the next Parliament may be a different story, after all we seem determined to change Prime Ministers every year on average without the electorate getting a say in it.

So those on the conservative side who hate the ground Turnbull walks on (and there are plenty of them) have something to look forward to.


Trump for President, Hillary for Prison - 2016?

How anybody in Australia can vote Liberal , Labor , or Green , just beggars belief. Every vote for these glorified dole bludgers is a vote against the country. Not one of them does a single solitary thing to enhance Australia, and anyone just has to look at all their candidates , and see the vacant , ridiculous , childish nincompoops the whole bloody lot of them are. What a total , boring waste of space , and waste of time these people bring upon the country.

Shorten confirmed in his budget reply speech Labor stands for higher taxes and big spending. He is typical of a nineteen fifties lefty philosophy. He as no imagination, and I cannot wait to see the back of him. I just wish one of his female trophies would come out, and tell the public what a bastard he really is. We need a bit of dirt on this cretin circulating before the polls.

Hang on - Australia’s growth rate, I understand, is already a healthy 3%, way above comparable western nations. The beltway in Sydney, at least, is taking off at a phenomenal rate - not just residential - but industrial & commercial estates. That does not signify a country going backwards. And the sleeping giant, of course, is Agribusiness. Investment in this area, according to my contacts, is expanding at a huge rate. It is no longer “blue sky”.

One look at her and you understand why Bill gave Monica a prod in the rompers. Fuck, she's gross ... more wrinkles than a scrotum.

Go, the Donald, all the way to the presidency.

worried about ALA believing in Global Warming and Climate Change.

Very worried.

Is there anyone sensible to vote for?

HHHMMMM!!!??/OK for MT to be told What to do and When by a woman ...Lucy and JB...but it was NOT OK for TaA to be guided by Peta Credlin?Bludy hypocritical !! AND THOUGH WE wanted MORE women in Power in OZ.

Tonite on SKY . PM LIVE Gerrh Harvey and Ray Hadlee. Could be v . Interesting. G.H is a clever man , v. Perceptive .

WHO CARES .....???

Bloody marvellous. Top post Frank.

It looks like Shorten will surprise with an Opposition budget the LNP will be jealous of.

Bill Crews is a nut. Perfect fit as a guest on The Drum.

Ah ... time for a red .... and settle back and watch the Eddie's Millionaire ... cannot believe how uninformed some of those contestants are .....

O/T Just received pamphlets about BOYSTOWN homes now called YOURHOME. Did they change their name to be PC and gender neutral? Couldn't they say HOME either??

Get his emails about medicine every week

We need a Trump here in Australia to teach the media, and the Canberra establishment that we the public do not like to be told by self gratifying idiots that they know better than us. This is what has happened in the USA where they have chosen Trump to lead the charge on the smart asses. The problem is the media no longer report the political news but instead try to construct the news according to their political persuasion. In Australia a Trump like figure would not be afraid to come out and tell the public about the sex stories published in the past about Shorten, and also the detailed union corruption at the AWU when Shorten was in charge. I do not mean just a little bit at question time, I mean an all out every day shame strategy. He would not be afraid of telling the Muslims to cut out promotion of the Halal labelling. He would not be afraid to tell Senator Rhiannon we do not want known communists here hiding under a tree party name.etc. etc.


If any of you posters here, need hearing aid, false teeth, pathology tests, x rays or wooden legs, subsidised by the government, get them NOW. When being fitted with my new hearing aids today, I asked if the time was coming when we oldies would have to pay for them, rather than being bulk billed, and the answer was that " Yes, probably, the government is trying to sell Australian Hearing (privatise it?). I am so pleased I am getting my "lube and grease change " in, before the changes. What a lousy government...more and more money overseas while we Aussies who paid taxes for 40 plus years have to suffer. Roll on ALA.