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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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(Part 2)

Paul Zanetti

Paul Zanetti is a Walkley award winning syndicated cartoonist with over 30 years in the media. He blogs at


Leading the charge for same sex marriage is openly gay Labor Senator Penny Wong. Ms Wong feels we should hurry up gay marriage, criticising Tony Abbott's option for a plebiscite. Agree or disagree with PM Abbott's position, it has always been consistent - both before and after the last election.

Prior to the last election Tony Abbott said he did not want the marriage laws to change. 

But he conceded the issue would be a "matter for the post-election Coalition Party Room" if the Coalition won September's Federal poll.

"I'm not trying to say that the party is committed forever and a day to the current position," he said. "I'm saying that this will be a matter for the post-election Coalition Party Room."

There's nothing surprising or inconsistent in Abbott's recent decision to take the issue to a joint party room and announce the Party's position for the next election. 

In contrast, when Penny Wong was a Labor Minister she said, "On the issue of marriage I think the reality is there is a cultural, religious, historical view around that which we have to respect. The Party’s position is very clear that this is an institution that is between a man and a woman.”

She agreed with her leader Julia Gillard, and opposed same sex marriage! The former Labor PM said, "...marriage is a special status between a man and a woman".

During six years in government Labor did nothing to promote gay marriage, in fact it opposed it. 

Today, Labor is demanding Tony Abbott allow his Party a free vote to enable the Marriage Act to be changed, now! Without a fair and reasonable input by the people. 

Does anybody else sniff a whole dose of political opportunism and not so much political principle?



I saw 2 fags on the plane yesterday and they were all over each other like newly weds. I was just returning from a retreat so actually felt a bit like aww instead of wanting to throw stones at them. May be it's when our beliefs are tested we get defensive - I don't know but I sure as hell didn't think that we should accept them into the marriage camp. They can have civil unions and rights but just like happy folk can't be called gay, gay people can't be considered married.

An example from America, of how LGBT activists shape US politics:

If Liberal/National party MP's are given a conscience vote on same-sex "marriage", the activists target individuals and pick them off one by one.

Has anybody told shortONMEMORY about Penny Pong's statement?

Does anybody else sniff a whole dose of political opportunism and not so much political principle? Yep, I do. What a bunch of cocksuckers labor members are.....except Ms Wong, of course, or maybe she has a dildo to suck?? Maybe Ms Wong has been tutored by Bill Shorton? I dont know what the PM said, but I support it!!!! She went along with anything the then leader said, regardless of its merit.

“I am getting out before it is made compulsory.”

It used to be a facetious cliché now it isn’t so facetious.

• Under the guise of equality, homosexuals were given all the rights given to normal heterosexual couples.
• The marketing fraternity mostly composed of left-wingers and homosexuals successfully promoted the adoption of the euphonious label, “gay” for homosexuals.
• Tax-payer subsidised mardi gras, and other “gay” festivities promoted that homosexuals should be proud for being “gay”,and going beyond the aspects of intimidation, bullying and equality.
• The fundamental cornerstone of a sustainable society i.e., the institution of a normal heterosexual marriage for the procreation of children and their raising with the love and care that is inherent between one’s own flesh and blood, should be enfeebled to include the abnormal proclivities of homosexuals.
Beyond tolerance, acceptance, equality, our society is now progressing well into realm of affirmative action with regard to the advancement of the homosexual lifestyle.
If we are to accept this human anomaly to that extent why not some other anomaly such as paedophilia, schizophrenia or any other mental disorder or sexual deviancy?

Hypocrisy, double standards, dishonesty, convenient memory lapses and out-and-out lies is par for the course in the labor camp.

I just looked up the stats on what % of the population is gay. An Australian survey conducted in 2014 with 20,000 respondents found homosexuals accounted for 1.9% of the male population and 1.2% of the female population. So why the hell is this "marriage equality" bullshit presented by Labour and the media as the most pressing issue of our time? This is utterly ridiculous to pander to this fringe minority when roughly 97% of the community is heterosexual!

Some wise cracker said Wong was suffering from "Penis Envy". How true she doesn't know which camp she is in. What a confused bitch.

My Thoughts on these Persons is that they can do what they like to fulfill their Sexual Proclivities ..... However As their Union cannot bear Children the LAW should Ensure that NO Children are fostered to or Allowed to be part of their relationship and subjected to a Life of No freedom of Choice 2 Mothers or 2 Fathers who are performing Sexually in ways not desirable for a Childs Psyche ---

So to all you gay right people you are taking my rights away form me to vote yes or no to what has been a normal process between a man and a women. This discrimination in reverse and you all should be ashamed. This will cause nothing but anger in the Australian community if you take away our right to vote. As for bill shortens short term political I want to be PM at any cost you are a piece of shit. Also the media try been fair to the ordinary Australian. How dare you claim that most Australians want this to happen. Give me my right to vote yes or no to marry changes. I sick of minority's groups shouting us down. We have bloody rights too.

......"The disproportional amount of actual gay life style adherents per the amount of media time they get is a dead give away that there is an ulterior motive at work behind the scenes embedded deep within the 'Gay Rights' debate. Frankly the only people with enough power, money and connections to make the 1% of population a national issue is the very wealthy 1% elite who run the world....."

O/T placed above but lost in TA's disruption. The Melbourne Cup has been taken to Sandakan by one of the few survivors. The men ran their own Melbourne Cup in 1942 and made a cup of tin cans. Nearly all 2500 were brutally murdered by the Japs, some after the surrender. Only 5 escaped. The veteran spoke movingly about how the souls of his mates would be so pleased he has brought the real cup to them. A reminder of the real Australia. The GG is there.

Errr, Penny - your penis envy is showing.

Just another day in the Capital of hypocrisy.

Good story Mr Zanetti. Picking out the hypocricy of the left is easy. Yet they see nothing wrong and go on regardless.

Being a homosexual means that you have a genetic disorder. Changing marriage is NOT gene therapy, but "gay??" marriage takes away from those who believe in proper genetic process. Of course, the gay lobby know that as a gay you can't be normal, so instead of "suffering in their jocks", they insist in trashing an established and very important family tradition. I am married and don't want to give it up to those with bad genes.

Is it RIGHT and Simpilistic, to say ' the world is in a F...k...g mess!?'

In middle age, I discovered exactly what a woman wants from her man. (Her lawyer told me!)

So glad I'm straight. Consequently, I don't suffer from the overwhelming need to tell everybody.

Why is no one screaming pecuniary interest ?