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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, President George Bush chased him and his “million strong” army out of there. Despite the urgings of the hawks he had the intelligence to stop at the border, refusing to go on and take Baghdad. 

When Al Queda attacked New York, President George W Bush felt enough was enough... he had to attack something. But he attacked the wrong something.

Afghanistan and its links with Pakistan was the real threat, Iraq was never a threat to the West. But it is now that America has poked the hornet’s nest. 

They hung strong man Saddam Hussein high, high enough to decapitate him, yet Saddam was the only person who was holding the dysfunctional State together. 

Now he’s gone and so is Iraq’s stability, along with most of its oil fields, taken over by a bunch of Islamic extremists in utes who call themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

These are the worst of the world’s worst of Islamic extremists, they are the people who decapitate children, inflict the most heinous and sexually fatal injuries on women and eat male opponents’ organs. 

These are the people hundreds of Australian Islamic youths have gone to fight alongside. 

They have spilled over from their unwinnable Syrian crisis and are now marching south to Baghdad. 

Good luck with getting as far as Baghdad!

Iran is now aligning with its bitter enemy, Iraq, to repel the ISIS while America is preparing to launch drones from its aircraft carriers in the Gulf.

The ISIS rebels are heartened by their ability to take over most of the unguarded oilfields in the north of Iraq, they are selling gas and electricity to Syria to finance their atrocities, while Obama’s CIA provides them with weapons and Putin provides Syria’s Assad with bigger weapons. 

Syria won’t fall to the ISIS and it knows it, despite Obama’s assistance. It has now turned its sights on a weakened Iraq. 

At least Putin has his priorities in order. Incredibly, Obama is about to bomb the very same people he has armed.

North Africa’s strong man Gaddafi was holding Libya together before the Americans killed him. America doesn’t like strong men, they don’t fit plans for its ridiculous aim of democratising the Middle East. 

And now Islamic extremists slaughter American diplomats and fire-bomb installations like in Benghazi.

The cause of the current Middle East powder keg is Obama. He created it! He prematurely withdrew his forces for electoral reasons and now he needs to drone-bomb the very people he has armed. They also intend to kill Syria's Assad. 

Good luck with that too!

The ISIS realises just how vulnerable Iraq is now that the Americans have “restructured” its government and armed forces. It is so weak that, when confronted by the ISIS, they showed their innate Islamic cowardice, dropped their guns and ran, leaving their American tanks and materiel for the enemy... despite the fact that they outnumber the ISIS invaders forty to one.

Will President Obama’s makeshift Afghanistan government be any different after he withdraws forces there too? Of course not, the Taliban will take over and enforce its Barbaric Sharia law with even greater fervour.

Obama is either as thick as pig shit or he is knowingly encouraging Islamic extremism in the Middle East. That extremism will eventually reach the West in the form of increasingly sophisticated terrorism?

Just look at what this Obama bloke has done!
1. He has defied Congress and the Constitution and sent arms to the Al Queda backed Syrian rebels via the CIA, hoping to kill another strong man, Al-Assad. Those same Al Queda offshoot extremists are supported by hundreds of Islamic Australians who have travelled there to fight in a dirty internal war. It’s the perennial Sunni against Shia, and Iraq's Kurds in the north look on for a piece of the pie.
2. Obama has created a humanitarian crisis of over a million refugees who are pouring on to Europe’s doorstep, Turkey. Just imagine the horrific result if Damascus fell and Assad with it. At least Putin has imagined it and is trying to stabilise the situation despite Obama’s determination to further destabilise it. 
3. Obama is releasing Gitmo terrorists and feting army deserters.
4. Obama bent his knee and bowed his head to the Saudi King and his rotten family of crooks who are arming the ISIS right now.
5. Obama has alienated the only democratic country the West has as an ally, that pinprick of donated territory called Israel.
6. Obama encouraged Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow its strong man Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the only autocratic symbol of stability in the Middle East. To Obama’s delight Egypt’s very first election saw the Brotherhood’s Morsi installed as its first elected President. To assist the original founders of terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama Administration ensured them another $1.3 billion shipment of state-of-the-art weaponry. The Brotherhood lasted only months before it was overthrown, marginalising even moderate Islamists. Christian Churches now continue to be burnt down while the new President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, looks on.
7. Obama refuses to use the terms “terrorism” and “Islam” in the same sentence.
8. Obama promoted the building of a mosque adjacent to the destroyed World Trade Centre.
9. Obama’s State Department found that, “Islam and terrorism are not linked.”
10. Obama if not an Islamist, is an apologist for Islam. Islamic terrorism has mushroomed under his watch. On his left hand he has worn a gold ring since he was a teenager. Michelle took it and slipped it on his ring finger when they were married. On it is an Arabic hieroglyphic that says, “There is no god except Allah.”

Post Obama, the one lesson America should take from the mess it has created in the Middle East is that it should ignore the grandstanding rhetoric of Middle East strong men, they are speaking to a domestic market, as is North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. As was Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi, as was Iran’s mad midget, Ahmadinejad and as is Bashar al-Assad. 

Leave them be. While they are busy killing each other they aren’t killing us. Isolate them, ignore them the moment we no longer need their filthy oil.

They have been killing each other for 2,000 years. They will quickly change sides when it suits, as we are seeing now, and when they get tired of that they will start killing each other again. 

They are driven by a Barbaric Islamic culture we should not even try to understand... but we should join Europe in rejecting further Islamic immigration. The UK is proposing to disallow Middle East immigrants receiving social benefits for the first six months after arrival. 

Only fools would allow the Middle East’s despicable culture of Islam to gain new footholds in the West.

Unfortunately Obama ain’t the only fool in the West


" 6 viscious stabbings". What on earth does this mean?

Willey: Yes I have been to two wars. Togoolawah and Beerwah in Qld. Seriously I served during the Vietnam era but my number never came up so to answer your question I am not a returned Veteran.

B.R. Allen, spot on. Marcus Tullius Cicero made many very wise observations that hold true today.

Hunter, have you ever been to war?

Oigle. Have you invited the accepting naive natives of your acquaintance, wedded to the owned and operated international media, to Google - "Dancing Israelis"?

Greetings Sheeples - Hmmmm Are you mocking me?
So – I’m Paranoid? I’m a Conspiracy Theory Nut?
Question - When does a THEORY become FACT?
Answer – When the Tests all return a Positive Result. When the Facts are proved to be CORRECT.
Yes – I base my beliefs upon DVDs and U-Tube Videos and CCT Videos and upon what I SEE an these Videos and Photographs.
So - What do You base YOUR Beliefs upon? - Answer is “You believe what you are Told to Believe”.
Don’t bother to Think for yourself – Answers will be provided. – Answers made up by the Illuminati (NWO, OWG etc.)
Do you believe in Global Warming? – Because the Experts like David Suzuki say it’s so? Even though all the Tests come back NEGATIVE? Do you just take these “Prepared Answers” for your own?
Or do you look at the Results and draw your own conclusions?
If so you therefore labled a “Climate Skeptic Nut” or -
rather a “Climate Warmest DENIER”?
I’m therefore a self proclaimed “Conspiracy BELIEVER”!
9/11 was an Inside Job!
9/11 was an Inside Job!
9/11 was an Inside Job!

Oigle, you are obviously a thinking person; an individual who ‘thinks-outside-the-box’. And I do admire you for that fact. In support of your topic, I am attaching some websites for the further enlightenment of other perceptive readers of this great site. Thank you, and goodluck.

9/11 was an Inside Job!

OK Now that I’ve got your Attention.
The BIG Question is – WHY would these Evil Mongrels DO such a Horrendous Thing to their Fellow Americans?
The Short Answer is – GREED.
The Illuminati (AKA One World Government, AKA Agenda 21, etc. etc.) want it ALL!
All the OIL, All the Uranium, All the Gold, All the Earth.
None of the Swine will Live any Longer, but their Families will Inherit the LOT. ( Even Dumb ones like Geo.W)
9/11 was the 1st. False Flag Attacks on their Agenda.
..... It WORKED a Treat. It started the War on Terror and also the Patriot Act passed Congress.
The FINAL Goal is ... The De-Population of the Earth.
You want to live here? Too bad ....It’s for “MEMBERS ONLY”
So – Feel free to discuss this among yourselves for a while.

Ill Be BACK!

9/11 was an Inside Job >:~]

The tragedy in Iraq was started by Western Illuminati for 2 reasons: 1) Saddam Hussein abandoned the petrodollar and began trading oil in euros 2) Iraq had no Rothschild central bank. Now a 3. factor has joined up: The NWO will govern the Moslims under one hat, the Muslim Brotherhood. ISIS means: Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (Syria). ISISThe Daily Mail 12 June 2014: ISIS butchers leave ‘roads lined with decapitated police and soldiers’: Battle for Baghdad looms as thousands answer Iraqi government’s call to arms and jihadists bear down on capital. The Mail brings a long series of postulated decapitations. I do not find the photos convincing – and in fact, the MSM is tuning up a hysterical war propaganda – not only about Ukraine – but now also on Iraq.

Larry you asked who's behind I believe this article answers your question 'Iraq: US Chief Muslim, Mason Obama Using US´Selfmade Proxy ISIS/Al-Qaeda to Establish Planned Masonic Muslim Brotherhood NWO-Caliphate'

(SKY)Just a matter of semantics) Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott allowed for potential Australian support in any military action the United States may take in resolving the current conflict in Iraq, during and after a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday. Tony Abbott expressed concern the situation could become a problem for Australia and the rest of the world. In remarks to Sky News, he said, "I want to do what we reasonably can to protect Australian citizens, Australian interests and Australian values, and there is a very strong community of interests and values between the United States and Australia and our other principal allies".

Me thinks you have all been had...hey Sarah

Yes, the one who was decapitated was in fact Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, who was in charge of intelligence under Saddam's regime.

Given the topic, here is a very appropriate you tube link.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident"
—Arthur Schopenhauer

9/11 was an Inside Job!!!

The best way to stop suicide bombers is to collect any body parts left over after the explosion and wrap them in a pig-skin before burial. This would stop them going to Paradise - and suicide bombings would stop immediately. The British did this successfully in India after an official was stabbed to death by a Muslim.

"Never turn up to a gunfight with a knife"

Neil Davis (cameraman) was a fine war correspondent. The likes of him will never be seen again.

How come Iraq now has an air force?

Goose - You are the only one who can clearly see the solution to this nightmare! You are right about our government here, (on both sides), they are supporting Muslims and terrorists because "Simple Simon Says" Obama has got our PM by the balls! The scary thing about our Constitution is that Abbott does not have to submit to the Parliament to put us into a war! He just declares war on whoever he likes!