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Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“Ban all Muslims”, suggests Pauline Hanson and Barnaby Joyce comes out swinging with an eye only on maintaining live-cattle exports to Muslim countries. Joyce sees no harm in past and future Muslim atrocities when it comes to his socialist Nationals’ portfolio of Agriculture and Water. His only claim to fame is that he prevented the duplicitous cat who gave us Gillard returning to the seat of New England. That cat being Tony Windsor.

Barnaby's "batshit" comment derives from the myth that bats must defecate from their mouths because they hang upside down so when shitting they would cop a gobfull. What a load of frog droppings, like we do, bats also get out of bed before dumping a load.  

How Muslims cruelly kill our live cattle doesn’t worry Barnaby, he hasn’t heard of Shariah Law and won’t even discuss the ongoing fraud on all Australians known as halal certification. He lives in a bucolic haze separated from the reality of urban life.

He is an accountant, a catholic and his heritage is Kiwi... do you need to know more?

Pauline Hanson is poorly advised and without a competent speechwriter. Her “Ban all Muslims” policy will do nothing but excite the moron mob led by Barnaby, Bishop and Keyser Trad.

It is impossible to ban all Muslims, as Donald Trump quickly found out and changed tack to “Ban majority Islam countries until we can establish a proper vetting process”. Majority Islam countries cannot be trusted to vet any Muslim as thousands have already been sent here and have settled in terrorist cells awaiting calls to action from ISIS.

Pauline must concentrate on banning Islam, not Muslims. Islam is erroneously seen as a religion and Muslims as mere adherents to that “religion”. But Islam is no more a religion than is Nazism or the KKK, in fact it is far worse than any racist movement. Despite that, it attracts massive taxpayer funded aid and enjoys tax free status around the world.

Islam is anathema to Western values and always will be. I will always defer to Harry Richardson’s greater knowledge of Islam when he says Islam will be “finished” within the decade. Harry may be right but that will not happen if we continue to welcome Islam as a “religion” that demands our and Israel’s total destruction.

 A Muslim woman tries desperately to ignore the victims of terror on Westminster Bridge.

Get hold of a Koran and read it, as I and many others have, but we were reading the sanitised version for Westerners. The really nasty stuff has been redacted for our oversensitive eyes and ears in the same way as Qatar’s Al-Jazeera TV has an English version and an Arabic one that would make your hair curl with its adoration of terrorism and Osama bin Laden. Well, not my hair.

Three million “refugees” are now sitting on Aegean islands awaiting another kind invitation from Germany’s Angela Merkel, while Turkey’s Erdogan threatens to let the entire three million loose across Europe anyway.

To defeat Islam it must be established as a murderous, totalitarian, political cult that has no place in the West. Islam must be the enemy, and it must be denounced and eradicated on the basis of its instructed intentions and beliefs.

There were two horses in the stalls, the filly Pauline has jumped the start, bucked off its rider and bolted the wrong way. The gelding Barnaby remains in the stalls in pain with severe colic and in the hands of vets who are debating whether to put him down or not. But don’t rely on our political stewards inquiry, they invariably get it wrong with concerns only for their well-paid positions.

Ban Islam and Muslims will follow its decadent ambitions down to oblivion. But our government is hell bent on an appeasement policy and Muslims can’t believe their Islamic luck! 

                         Even the lame-brained Pope reckons Islam is not violent

The game of whack-a-mole comes to mind with Islam... defeat it in one place and it immediately rears its ugly head elsewhere, but Western leaders have tired of the game and walked away from their open borders.

A war between Islam and the West is coming, and it’s a bigger war than we ever imagined, (sorry Harry). Islamic Turkey is now appeasing Russia as Erdogan plans his Ottoman Empire rebirth. 

The trouble is that Putin, who appears to have forgiven Erdogan's shooting down of his warplane, is also planning his mighty USSR rebirth and many adjoining States are needed to be annexed by both. Who joins who will decide the sides in the war.

Turkey believes it can strategically use its unique geographic position of straddling both Europe and Asia... it is already doing that. Yet the West’s Left has already established that Putin is the enemy and Erdogan is peeing his pants in Ottoman anticipation.

Turkey’s recent fake coup has allowed Erdogan to murder 3,000 of those who knew what he is up to and the incarceration of 30,000 others. I reckon this bloke has a twin brother in the Philippines called Rodrigo Duterte.

Enemies of Erdogan’s are in the rural south-east of Turkey but he believes they and Kurdistan’s Peshmerga forces can also be quieted.

Therefore, Isolating Russia is the worst geopolitical move imaginable right now. 

But here’s the nub...Turkey is a member of NATO and is assured by some to be accommodated soon as part of the EU. The West continues to paint Putin into a corner in favour of Ukraine’s corrupt Poroshenko and under Article 5 of the NATO Washington Treaty, any attacked NATO State must be defended by the other 27, including by the UK and the US.

That leaves Putin friendless and isolated with only cyber-warfare as a defence. Moscow would be rubble in a day under a NATO attack and Putin would have no choice but to opt for a nuclear defence. 

The end result would be a world divided in two... Islam and the West, and that’s what Islam wants because Allah is on their side and therefore they cannot lose. The fact is that we now need Russia more than ever. It seems only Trump agrees.

Unfortunately the West will already have the Islamic enemy to contend with at home. And we in little ol’ Australia will only have dumb bogans like Barnaby to blame for 1400 years of a new round of the Crusades.

(Sorry Harry, but we do encourage diversity of opinion here. The way I see it is that the real enemy is Islam... 

                                                           ....and Turkey.)     


Sorry. Too rude.

I like cats. Tony Wingnut was & is not a duplicitous cat. He is a duplicitous cunt.

There are two types of muslims. (1) Those that feel compelled to destroy the West, democracy and individual freedom, and won't rest until every infidel is killed or has converted to islam. (2) Those who are the opposite to (1) and just want to live a normal life. The muslims in (1) are called ISLAMISTS. They are the ones that threaten us. These are the ones Australia must ban.

Talking Heads on tv yesterday reinforced the fact that if you fail the mental to join the army, become a tv " talking head ". Twenty four hours of useless prattle. The worst head,as always, Koch.

lg my father who is now 82 got shingles a while back, apparently it can be brought on by stress, I'm not saying that is what caused yours.

How many Muslims does it take to change a lightbulb?

Cyclone down graded to Cat-2 at 7pm EST, and yet media still banging on about it being Cat-3. How inept are our MSM? It takes about 2 seconds to check latest warning advice from the BOM.

Some good reading in that lot.

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Correct, Marco. I did have chicken pox as a kid.

My grandad had fond memories of your kind "services" in Kal before WWI Granny.

Never did like cats much, even less now. Poor old smartgirl, she was the only Pickering Poster to stick up for Mr R Harris, if my fantastic memory serves me right.

Don't forget to charge the customers GST Granny and lodge your BAS.

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