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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A unique set of circumstances gave Turnbull the keys to Kirribilli House, but he didn’t want them, he decided to stay in his far nicer house at Point Piper while he does his filthy global warming deals with the Greens in exchange for economic reform.

The first of his deals will be what he takes to the Paris Conference on Climate Change with the support of the diminutive Green global warmist, Greg Hunt and the UN besotted, NWO convert, Julie Bishop.

Tony Abbott may not have been able to change his spots after a near death experience in February of this year and you can rest assured Malcolm Turnbull has no intention to change his.

It is now clear that Turnbull’s grab for leadership was always planned prior to the IPCC Paris Conference but a Canning by-election suddenly emerged and looked certain to favour the Libs so it became imperative that he move early.

Turnbull was left in the luxurious position of having more than 30 terrified Lib backbenchers in marginal electorates who were prepared to do anything to save their seats and they looked to Malcolm Turnbull as their saviour.

Despite this unique political windfall Turnbull won the leadership by a mere ten votes (only five were needed to switch back to Abbott and Turnbull was gone to Gowings). But the urgent gamble paid off and he is now able to bury Abbott’s objection to inefficient windmills and the global warming myth and present Australia as a willing participant in the IPCC’s warming hoax.

Mr Turnbull has no problem finding the money for his electricity bills and the Greens care only for their ideology and they all must have sore hands from either high-fiving each other or masturbating over Turnbull’s exciting intentions.

Abbott said warming was crap and windmills were an eyesore, he was right, but now it’s too late, there were enough Judas backbenchers with nothing to lose to save the day.

Greg Hunt’s thousands of magic windmills, that can add nothing to the essential base load, are costing between one and two million bucks each with between $200,000 and $400,000 paid for by the taxpayer and a mere $10,000 going to the landholder, many of whom now wish they had never seen the bloody things.

We can now see why our electricity bills have gone through the roof and the Turnbull Government intends to ensure they keep climbing?

The UK Tory Government under Cameron has signalled it will end subsidies to onshore wind farms from April 1 next year.

The onshore wind industry executives have attacked the move as "political intervention", while the trade body “RenewableUK” called for an urgent meeting with the new energy secretary, Amber Rudd (gord there’s another one) to discuss the implications of the announcement.

Scottish energy minister Fergus Ewing claimed that British consumers could end up paying between £2bn and £3bn more in bills because Scotland would now be home to 70 per cent of all future wind farms. (I can only presume he really meant to say bn.)

Conservative governments and windmills make poor bedfellows except when an erstwhile conservative government is led by Turnbull and a few UN sycophants.

These outrageous subsidies must soon stop but windmills will not survive without them. These inefficient, million dollar monstrosities only have an average life of 11 years before they need replacing. (No, industry advice is not reconditioning but replacing... they say replacement would be cheaper.)

The urgency with which Greg Hunt threw taxpayer funds at windmill construction companies meant that they will need replacing in a very short time... and all at the same time!

But who in their right mind would replace them without up to a half million dollar subsidy on each one? And if the subsidies continue under the Turnbull Government that half million subsidy becomes one million when it's for the same replaced windmill.

The fact is no-one will ever construct a windmill without being heavily subsidised! What we are doing is replacing power that costs 3 to 5 cents per kilowatt hour to generate with windmill power that costs at least 13 1/2 cents per kilowatt hour.

And these bastards know exactly what the sums are!

So, even a Lefty Government led by Turnbull and a windmill addicted Greg Hunt cannot continue forever with subsidies that support inefficient power! So what must be the end result?

Thousands and thousands of these noisy, visually polluting bird killers will become land fill. And who will be forking out the brass to dismantle these eyesores? Yep, again it will be we the poor taxpayers.

Only the limited brain of a Green gopher could conceive that a windmill could be an efficient producer of power. And only a Green will argue that it actually is.

So if the Green gopher is right, why the bloody subsidies?



I supported Pauline Hanson. I also read her book and she is nothing like the feral media portrayed her. I also read her very sensible maiden speech in the parliament which was empty because all of the spoilt so called representatives absented themselves. She is "one of us" and not "one of them". Queenslanders loved her. She nearly got in last election too.

That wind turbine is very ugly, and I'll bet it makes an awful low pitched sound all the time. After it looks like this, it would sound better.

How many windmills will Mr Turnbull have on his land......ahhhh, that's another story...

This current madness can only end in scenes reminiscent of what we saw in the Serbian/Bosnian unpleasantness of the early 1990s - and almost certainly, far. far worse than anything we saw there. I bet there are more than a few ageing Serb ex-militiamen, some of them in prison cells in the Hague, chuckling into the greying beards as they mutter: "I told you so".

Who Is Pauline Hanson?

Don't let it bother you Bruce, it's all about alternate view points.

Bruce, maybe she has learnt, this is her last go round.

Things can only improve.... (that is my Pollyanna perspective)

I fear that there is very little else going on and this provides focus.
To our cost.

Not so sure, Frank. One time, I read every post of Bruce's and I was very supportive of Bruce. We have exchanged emails and he phoned me, one time, for a 30 minute chat. However, right at present, If Bruce never posted again, I would not lose sleep. He has gone too far overboard.

It will be a bugger of a job to clean that hotplate!

Turn down to SIMMER would do for now. ;-)

I just sat down and 'pop, pop, pop, up come three comments from ages ago. I see your point, Frank. Many times, I make a small, contributory comment, and then the crap starts. I then delete my small, contributory comment to stop the resultant crap, particularly if Bruce gets involved. However, if you started the train of replies, deleting will leave total confusion. I wish that someone would turn Bruce OFF.

@ B K at least they are AUSTRALIANS and not MOSLEMS

Omfg, has a troll stolen your identity?

Bruce, I have been a staunch supporter of the Liberal Party, but no more, its time for change. Liberal/Labor they do not deserve to be at the helm, there is little difference in their ideologies. I hope Pauline still has the fire in her to do well and to get her message across that we really are fed up.

@ C S she was up here in BUNDY has a starter in place against PITT who would,nt give me a reply on the halal tax , so he,s fkn history as far as I,m concerned A L A senate paulines starter in the MHR

From Proud cashed up German Nation to Eurotrash in less than 2 months..All thanks to the treasures that Islam has brought with it.

Ban God botherers all together and there would be a lot less conflict in the world, everyone could concentrate on personal greed.

Ban God botherers all together and there would be a lot less conflict in the world, everyone could concentrate on personal greed.