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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


With the assistance of China, North Korea has embarked on a war without warplanes, tanks or nuclear armed ICBMs and the damage wrought could be greater. Not a single shot will be fired in the cyber warfare of Kim Jong-un’s choice and once again, like with the ISIS, the West has been caught with its pants down, ill prepared and embarrassed.

The brute force of manpower and state-of-the-art weaponry is futile when combating the sophisticated technical minds of highly-trained hackers intent on destroying an enemy’s infrastructure. They can do that, and North Korea wants to show that they can. Sony is nothing more than a tasty entree.

China has already hacked Australia’s new ASIO headquarters in Canberra rendering its blue-print plans exposed and useless.

The collective mindset of our expensive intelligence agencies is one of weak reactive responses. ASIO sits waiting for the enemy to do something it can say it’s dealing with.

It depends on the public for clues and then ignores them while its Director for the past five years, mate of Rudd’s and Lefty, David Irvine, was busy on the guest speaker circuit telling all who would listen how in control he was. WTF?

And guess where Abbott’s unaccounted for extra $630 million will go? They are already checking the new wine list at Aubergine restaurant.

ASIO members I have known in Canberra were more interested in the next Embassy cocktail party, bitching about overtime rates, the fourth at Flemington and bullshitting about their golf handicaps than the nation’s security. None I knew had any concept of a cold war.

ASIO is a useless bloated organisation, accountable to itself, and it has been that way for half a century. It is locked into a politically correct MO that can tell you exactly what’s going on immediately after it has happened while the AFP struggles outside the wire.

North Korea has been screening schoolkids for potential IT careers for years and has developed an arsenal of 14,000 black-hat hackers, any one of whom has a readout of Obama’s medical records, defence procurement orders and anything else on a computer between the White House and the Pentagon.

North Korea has not made the mistake of having its army of hackers housed in the one building like China did. No, they are spread across the country in back rooms and on dynamic IPs. Kim Jong-un now taunts Obama with, “catch us if you can”.

Russia is close to China’s hacking proficiency and Iran is close behind. Obama should make friends with Netanyahu because he at least knows what the hell is going on.

The West’s infrastructure, everything from water supply to electricity grids and transport, relies on computers and all can be shut down by tabs on a keyboard in a foreign country, if not right now, then tomorrow. Everything happens exponentially more quickly now, once left behind there is no catching up.

Preoccupation with boys’ toys, tanks and strike fighters should take a back seat to the looming cyber warfare we are miles behind in. Reactively building better firewalls is not a solution, we need to become proactive in the new lounge-chair war games that involve satellite directed drones and banks of code. We never seem to see something coming until it’s come.

ASIO even refuses to recognise Islamic terrorism when it’s in its face and shoved up its bulbous, runny nose.



Newest U.S. Stealth Fighter ‘10 Years Behind’ Older Jets America’s $400 billion, top-of-the-line aircraft can’t see the battlefield all that well. Which means it’s actually worse than its predecessors at fighting today’s wars.
When the Pentagon’s nearly $400 billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter finally enters service next year after nearly two decades in development, it won’t be able to support troops on the ground the way older planes can today. Its sensors won’t be able to see the battlefield as well; and what video the F-35 does capture, it won’t be able to transmit to infantrymen in real time. - See more at:

Where do all those ribbons come from on the noggie officers? They must get one every time an innocent civvie is killed. Or am I just being cynical?

Has anybody else noticed that ruggage is spelt incorrectly in the picture at the top of this article?

It would seem a lot of people talk tough on these matters, but not many follow through.

Sony free for over 20 years. Good on you, rudi. It's the only thing that makes these crooks take notice; a hit to the bottom line!

PS: And don't forget the rootkit on their music CD's. A lot of people were bitten by that one as well.

You receive replies to your emails from a computer no different to anyone of us .

India - Russia Alliance


"..........The above paragraph proves quite conclusively that the western affliction with Russia far predates our alliance with Russia. It stands to reason that the British, having alluded to US support against Russia, would have discussed this with them. The western preoccupation with Russia is what started pushing India towards the Russians, slowly but surely. As proof, Pakistan joined the alliance in 1955. The Russians, initially cool towards India, also naturally followed the developments, and took advantage. Then came the chance to provide technology to India: in the form of steel plants. This technology was refused – but was given by the Russians, who were quick to spot an opportunity. Further, knowing the pride aspect of Indians, they offered technology transfer as well. The first Military deal was signed in 1962 – with full technology transfer – something the USA is yet to do. It also needs to be noted that Indian and Russian interests did not clash in any segment – a fact which holds true to this day.As regards the Russian angle, we were never part of the Russian block. We were just allies. Further, please note that Russia offered technology transfer right from the start; and actually helped us whenever we were in dire need – whereas the USA always denied help – right from the 1930s and 1940s. Documented fact. US denial of help to India right from the Atlantic Charter predated the Indo – Russian alliance. Atlantic Charter, Refusal to give steel technology for steel plants, Military help to Pakistan from 1955 etc etc all predate India’s alliance with the Russians. I dont think the West has any right to object, given that they had refused us help consistently, right from 1947. An American president is even on record stating “I didnt think it (India) was important (as shown above)”. This statement also predates India’s so-called alliance with the Russians. If we went to Russia, it is the west which is responsible for it, with their refusal of help on innumerable occasions as well as building up Pakistan militarily. We had no option; we had to ally with Russia for self-defence. The West had better examine its own actions before preaching to India.The record shows we approached USA first – and were spurned on each and every occasion. The reason is that USA was not interested in altruism or friendship; they needed a means to control the middle east and Russia – and Pakistan met the requirement.".......................

North Korea would be able to hack into it in 5 minutes. They are that far ahead of us we have lost sight of them!

One particular Company where my brother works gets over 40,000 attempts to hack it's computers daily. Most of them are from the Chinese Govt.

foreseeable prospect of ever having one. It is not Abbot, Milne or Shorten to blame directly, just the fact that we have no workable structure and system of govenment and it looks like we never will, that is what scares me, not who has the best spooks.

usually, nothing more sophisticated than a stab at your password. On occasions when one private email is attempted from outside its home address, Microsoft will contact you just to let you know and ask if you really were in North Korea last week and to assure you it was unsuccessful, so if your turn comes around do not be alarmed. It is not a one way street we do it, they do it, ignore the BS nobody blogging here has the slightest insight as to who has their nose in front, but I would back their commercial discipline and diligence to be superior to ours. I am sure Larry, means well and tells it like he sees it but all and sundry would be far better concened regarding how many more decades are we going to continue living in a land with no real government in charge and no foreseeable prosp

I was a cipher operator a long time ago,we and the Americans were without doubt the best in the world, leading on from the undoubted communication superiority from WW2. Much has changed but the underlying principles are still the same. discipline and procedure are the key. The main frame computer is secure all the time it stays off the Internet but the business has to go online somehow,sometime. Obvious infrastructure targets are well known,governments, major utilities,banks and so on, hacked, that is attacked, mercilessly, poor online procedure and discipline heightens vulnerability. Meanwhile a random trawl is made of all foreign internet users, hoping to find something productive or useful, mostly by trying to open your email, yes your email. This stuff is not seriously hacked, usua

Is this the computer that replies to our emails to MP's ?

Kick up the **** more than a tuneup.

What do you expect from an organisation that exclusively recruits uni graduates, Larry?

Good question W.

My question exactly. Why??!

Imagine if Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, (you name it), can control our JSF's or frigates or reconnaissance craft from a laptop? Frightening thought. That is something to prompt ASIO and similar organisations to make a proactive move.

I cracked my slide rule out of cold storage and found some ink for my fountain pen

The problem with the western world is that it thinks everyone will play fair and not break the rules, and everyone will live happily ever after. The do-gooders are the biggest enemies of state, always acting as apologists for the left wing twits and green ideologists that hate our freedoms and democracy, and yearn for the simple de-industrialized life ... such as in North Korea. After all, North Korea does have the lowest carbon footprint, right, and to the do-gooder nut-cases, that's all that matters!

Great hats!