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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


While an obnoxious Christine Milne and a snarling Richard Marles unite in blaming Abbott for their own transgressions there remains a PNG lesson to be learnt for all.

A death has occurred under the Abbott Government’s attempt to stem Labor’s boat arrivals. But under the instigator of the illegal arrival policy, Kevin Rudd, at least 1100 deaths occurred (maybe twice that) while Julia Gillard nonchalantly looked on. 

Reopening Manus Island was the brainchild of Rudd just weeks before the last election. He knew it would be electoral suicide to retain Gillard’s policy of allowing tens of thousands of unprocessed Islamists loose on Australian society. 

But reopening Manus Island was a horrific decision made worse by Abbott’s decision to continue with it, despite having made a tentative agreement for a new detention centre at Honiara (The Solomons).

Politicians should employ at least one ordinary bloke with some common dogfuck as an adviser on this sort of stuff.

An Islamist has a poor record when it comes to assimilation but he should never, ever, be allowed within 100 miles of a PNG native. 

These two cults are at either end of the dogma spectrum and extremely volatile. One believes there is honour in a violent death, the other will kill him anyway, before eating him.

To a New Guinean “kill’im” doesn’t mean murder him, it means “hit him very hard”, and can apply to inanimate objects. The term is one of many that can lead to serious miscalculations. If you really mean “kill him” then you need to say “kilim i dai pinis” or “kilim ded”.

While on helicopter search-and-rescue missions I made close friends of many cannibals (and by their law they must remain my friends for life). 

It’s a cult far older than that of the visiting Christian missionaries, many of whom finished up switpela kaikai. And I’m afraid any Islamist will go the same way.

Christians of course will not accept cannibalism but will symbolically eat the flesh and drink the blood of their hero, Jesus Christ. 

Christianity and Islam remain as incompatible as Voodoo is to both yet a fool named Kevin Rudd wanted processed Islamists settled in Port Moresby! Port Moresby for Christ’s sake? What drugs was that bloke on?

Give the Muslims free housing, tucker, health care and free everything else and give the PNG blokes jobs as policemen with bush knives, then stand back and watch the fun and games. 

Pickering Post reported at the time: “Rudd’s PNG ‘solution’ will be an ongoing disaster for a future Labor leader to belt Abbott around his ample ears with.”

If Christine Milne talks for long enough she will eventually get something right. This time she has.... 

Abbott must get rid of Rudd’s PNG “solution” now, before he has a bloody massacre on his hands.


I say release the illegal innigrants into PNG at about 20 a month. I then wonder how many will be asking to be sent back home.

and a massacre there will be - let's be truthful - aussies do not like the asylum seekers, or illegals or boat people or whatever you want to call them - costing us billions of dollars - and if there was a riot in PNG - ask Rudd was that his intention ? He didn't do anything else properly, why would he achieve a risk free detention centre?

WTF? Christians take communion because they believe that the REal Presence of Christ is in the Eucharist and they were amongst his last commandments. Time you stopped daubing and did some reading old fella.

Pity he is not in the same shit as Shorten who no doubt will leave a bloody trail all the way from his cell to the prison infirmary after ex-union members and fellow inmates give home a flogging.

So much hogwash on the ABC 7.30 report this evening about S Morrison and how it is all his fault re this death, so bad I had to switch off, these people have short memories etc, no one mentions how these people are wanting to enter our country, we do not want these type of idiots in Oz causing all sorts of trouble, why can't T Abbot or S. Morrison come out and say this, instead of pussy footing around the issues.

If there is any doubt that we are surrounded/infested by left wing traitors look no further than the footage of the candle light vigils. Not one in sight for the deaths of 40 of the cream of the crop who died in the service of this country. If any of these left wing mongrels can be identified as being on the public payroll they should get the DSM (Don't come Monday).

He was an outstanding fighter pilot who was use to making split second life and death decisions. Maybe not cut out to be a politician.

the abc 7.30 is all for labor and making out that there were candlelight vigils all over Australia and filmed them with people crying and holding photos of him. All contrived by getup. Too much pressure on Minister Morrison. He's doing a fantastic job.

So happy to see the picture of Marles he makes me laugh in fact he makes laugh insanely when I drive to work after watching him on the morning Sky shows if Michelle Rowland is on the same morning I am a basket case.

John Gorton?

Who said Scott had blood on his hands?

Dear Mr Morrison: Could you do me a favour. I am a country boy and only get one vote but I have always liked you blokes cos you're aussie. Anyhow could you save a spare seat on an outgoing plane with those blokes who dont like us.I've found another one.His first name is Sen(Dont think thats sensible) Anyway I know hes one of them cos I have facts: 1.His droppings are different.2.Says bad things about our mob.3.He speaks funny. his name is Sen(funny name)Doug Cameron. I am following droppings to his wombat hole.Will let you know soon Yours truly Joe. P.S droppings smell bad.

After the RC the police will seize enough " proceeds of crime " to pay back LABOR'S debt " and there is nowhere left that the Union Thugs can warehouse the money until 100 years from now when labor wins an election.

If Scott Morrison has blood on his hand, then the ALP Green scum are bathing in it.

Just saw on Sky News PM Agenda George Brandis nail Mark Dreyfususususus arse to the wall. GB is a very class act.

S**T - I thought we had seen the last of this little prawn??

Just sent a message of appreciation to the abc for QT as follows, but I think the last 3 words are a giveaway.

Must thank the abc for putting on Question Time.

Best comedy in town, watching the ignorant labor dolts ask the same boring questions and be out done by the adults in the room. The comedic element is far above any other news/ current affairs programme on the abc, and is only surpassed by the new series of Shaun the Sheep.

Shorten is a rank amateur and out of his depth. Everything he says or does makes the comparison with the mature,competent,in control Prime Minister. Labor are stuck with him under Krudd Rules. At least Rudd got ONE thing of any value on the books.

Does anyone have a link to today's Parliament. So disappointed with myself that it was nearly 3pm when I remembered. Ta in advance!