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Saturday, 27th May 2017

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


        The Clinton and Obama Administration was arguably the worst in US history.

The Gillard Government was definitely the worst in Australian history.

You would be excused for believing the US media promoted and protected Obama and the Clintons’ clear criminality.

You would be excused for believing Gillard was promoted and protected by the Australian media despite that she was, and still is, clearly guilty of a criminal offence.

Trump was determined to drain the swamp and was elected to do so, but was met with fierce opposition from within and without, again supported by media.

Abbott was determined to drain the billabong but was met with implacable opposition from within and without, again supported by media.

                                          Trump figures on a fightback

Impeaching Trump is now the Left’s singular aim, based on the most spurious of false evidence that he inappropriately spoke with the Russians. Putin denies any impropriety.

Assassinating Abbott was the Left’s singular aim based on the most spurious of evidence that he inappropriately looked at his watch, bit on an onion and winked at another bloke.

Judases on both sides in both the US House and recalcitrant Senate are determined to kill Trump.

Judases on both sides in both the Australian House and recalcitrant Senate were determined to kill Abbott, and they did.

THE SWAMP FIGHTS BACK... as Trump still searches for the plug

Remarkable how politics never changes and buoys the worst of people in the very worst of ways to fulfil their craven personal ascendancies.

How was it possible that media ignored Hillary’s blatant criminality, that may yet be resolved?   

How was it possible that media ignored Julia’s blatant criminality, that may yet be resolved?

So when the people spoke after elections in both nations, the Left refused to accept the result and set about killing the victor. Well, they succeeded here and they are determined to succeed there.

Excuse my rant but allow me to mention a few important facts: FBI Director Comey, if you watch Senate inquiries, clearly demonstrated his ineptitude and bias. Both Houses demanded his dismissal, Trump duly complied. Yet his (Comey’s) seat was still warm when the Democrats cried foul in feigned outrage.

Republican John McCain (above right) discusses tactics with his mate, and Hillary's                                              running mate, Democrat Tim Kaine

The Dems, including sourpuss Republican POW John McCain are now calling for Trump's impeachment. We should recall what Trump said about this two sided weasel during the election... “I’m more interested in talking to those who weren’t [silly enough to be] captured in the Vietnam war”. (My brackets.) No wonder he wants Trump's scalp.

   FBI Director James Comey, sacked midst an avalanche of admitted stupid "mistakes".

Now the Democrats are claiming “obstruction of justice” on the basis that the New York Times (which has become the Dems daily news sheet) reported that Comey had a memo note that said, “Trump told me 'he hopes' this will be the end of it”, [in re-relation to General Kelly’s sacking over Russian and Turkish undeclared payments].

An expression of hope seems hardly an obstruction.

Okay let’s give Comey the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn’t (easily) backdate his notes. It was only after Trump sacked Comey two weeks later that Comey came out with his memo note that the NYT interpreted as an “obstruction of justice” which is an impeachable offence.

            As with the SMH, the NYT staff rally outside the failing New York medium

At the time of posting this story neither the NYT nor anyone else had sighted this memo. Yet the media is prepared to believe this unsighted, self penned memo, over anything the President might say.

The most interesting part is that Comey is legally required to inform either or both Houses of any “obstruction of justice” immediately it came to his attention, under threat of three years’ jail.

Hmmm, any fair-minded person would see that this stinks like a two-day-old Obama turd. And it displays Comey as either criminally culpable or a dead set moron who should never have been let near the FBI directorship.

Trump will win this battle as he has already appointed Judge Gorsuch (above right) to the Supreme Court (the equivalent of our High Court) vacancy despite the Dems' angry endeavours to prevent it. 

The farce continues. And I hope Trump cancels his overseas trip until this bullshit is settled under the new DoJ-appointed, former FBI Director, Robert Mueller (below) as “special counsel” to get to the truth. 

And if that takes longer than a week, Mueller is dragging his feet on a very high retainer.

Until then the dense smoke will continue to pour from both the despicable Democrats’ and reprobate Republicans’ backsides.


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Mueller is hardly independent. He was Comey's boss and possibly recommended his promotion to head the FBI. The Swamp is pulling out all stop to ensure they nail Trump.

“The television business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There is also a negative side…”

Democrat Maxine Waters admits there is no actual evidence linking Trump to Russians but says his calls to "Lock Hillary Clinton up" are straight out of the Putin Handbook! Yeah! Right. She just happens to have a Putin Handbook on hand!

The Swamp won in Australia but I don't think the swamp is going to win in the US.

Robert Mueller is well known in the US for how he didn't investigate the Clintoons very well when Bill was in strife when he was the head of the FBI..

The Foreign Minister accuses the former PM of using Australia’s aid budget to ‘buy votes’ for a Security Council seat.

Australia’s top spy chief says there’s an “ongoing trickle” of foreign fighters returning home with their children.

WA...Colin Barnett - Former Premier of Western Australia - WA ripe for another WA Inc. - definitely says Winston.......


The hysterical reporting of Donald Trump’s sacking of FBI boss James Comey ignores one thing: the facts.

We’re told Trump sacked Comey to stop him investigating his campaign’s alleged links to the Russian Government, and for that he should be impeached.

But the chain of letters starting from Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein that led to the sacking destroy the conspiracy theory.

They make crystal clear that Trump haters were actually right the first time – back during the election campaign – when they insisted Comey had trashed the reputation of the FBI by his handling of the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for her official emails.

As Rosenstein concluded, Comey acted high-handedly, assuming an authority that was properly that of the then Attorney General, and even now refused to concede he'd made a mistake. He'd also gratuitously made derogatory comments publicly about Hillary Clinton and destroyed confidence in the FBI.

New post up.

Bloody hell , after 35 years I've lost my job . My origami business has folded .


Shappelle Corby concerned about media pack when deported back to Australia next week

WTF. Silly bitch and her feral family could not get enough of the media when they thought the publicity might have got her off or at least a significantly reduced sentence and they didn't mind taking the money for paid interviews

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AUSTRALIA has become the “walking dead of debt” due for a financial reckoning that could shock the housing market “bubble” within months.

That’s according to “anti-economist” Professor Steve Keen who defines Australia as a “zombie to be” given soaring personal debt that has created a government-induced property bubble ripe to burst.

“Australia has simply delayed its day of reckoning,” he told in reference to the global financial crisis that shocked many countries around the world from 2008 but left the lucky country relatively unscathed after a series of government interventions.

The Kingston University Professor claims first homeowners grants rolled out by successive governments have artificially kept prices high creating a form of “instant prosperity” that politicians are loath to stop.

“The housing bubble makes the politicians look good because A, people are feeling wealthier, and B … people are borrowing money to spend,” he said.

“Then the government runs a balanced budget and looks like it really knows what it’s doing”

“It hasn’t got a f***ing clue frankly, because what’s actually happening is the reason it’s making that money is credit is expanding,” he said.

Looks like the songbird had a wisdom tooth out.

Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Tax Office Michael Cranston allegedly borrowed and drove some of the expensive sports cars that his son bought with the proceeds of a tax fraud worth at least $165 million.

The senior tax official, who was in charge of high-worth individuals and private groups, also allegedly sought to intervene in the investigation taking place and pressure colleagues to cut a deal with his son, sources said.

Mr Cranston learnt of the investigation after his son, Adam Cranston, approached him and said he believed his company, Plutus Payroll, was the subject of an inquiry.

Michael Cranston is alleged to have subsequently approached a Tax Office assistant commissioner, raising the possibility that his son's company was being targeted.

Sources say Mr Cranston snr told one of the assistant commissioners that his son was worried that he was being investigated. Mr Cranston said the case should be settled by some sort of resolution.

The Tax Office sometimes resolves matters by agreeing to receive a payment from those accused of tax fraud.

After that conversation, one of the assistant commissioners allegedly accessed the database.

The two high-ranking Tax Office officials who spoke to Michael Cranston about the inquiry have been stood down, pending further investigation, sources say.

AAP/Australian Federal Police
It is understood that Michael Cranston allegedly inquired if a deal could be struck to resolve any probe.

Michael Cranston also allegedly sought to contact Tax Office investigators who were involved in the multi-agency probe. However, the Australian Federal Police had already warned them that such an approach might be likely, and to rebuff it.

Adam Cranston was allegedly involved in the unlawful tax fraud scheme from the middle of 2016, and sources said it had yielded $60 million in just three months. Investigators have said it was worth about $165 million, but it is understood the true figure is difficult to estimate.

Authorities are scrambling to seize more assets, but it is understood that they may not recover all the funds.

Michael Cranston is suspected to have been unaware that his son was the subject of the probe until Adam approached him, despite the massive wealth his son was accumulating.

"If ever there is a case for a national Independent Commission Against Corruption, this is it," said one source.

Is the Turd the worst disease ever to be in the liberal party

“”France and Germany prepare creation of an EU army after Brexit: Member states will pay for joint military 'projects' in move Britain had blocked
The cash would form part of Franco-German efforts to develop a more integrated European defence to respond to threats on Europe's borders. “”----The Mail UK

Germany getting nuclear arms through the back door. The USA and Britain should step in and block the country that lost the two world wars getting any influence in the use of nuclear weapons. France who has nuclear arms is being sucked in on this one.

Most of the comments in this article are head shaking IMO. These people live on a different planet. Unbeleivable. Go the Don.