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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Former FBI Director Comey can say nothing that will cause hyperventilating “Never Trumpers” to reach for the impeachment button.This Russian collusion crap is nothing more than a normal inter Ambassadorial function. All diplomats are eager for information (albeit that it can usually be gained from any newscast) to show governments back home that they are doing their jobs.

What else is there for an Ambassador to do except launder a few quid, supply guests with the latest party drugs under diplomatic privilege and entertain blokes like Bob Hawke, Mark Arbib and Slippery Sam. 

From my many late nights in Canberra’s Red Hill district, I can assure you nothing approaches serious espionage, well not these days. That’s left for the hackers out back.

The so-called “Russian collusion” is nothing more than inter-diplomatic intercourse with a sprinkling of canapés, expensive liqueurs, girls, and often wives for that other type of exchangeable intercourse. Often all clothes need to be shed in the foyer to prove there are no wires or pinhole cameras. After a year or so you knew which Ambassador’s cocktail party invite to attend.

It is common in Canberra and it is the norm elsewhere as leaving your visitors in a compromising position is the preferred modus operandi of all Embassies and Consulates, it’s what they are paid to do.

So Congressional interrogators will not dare ask too much of Comey as their wives may switch from “Days of our Lives” to take a renewed interest in proceedings.

As for the “obstruction of Justice” claims, I suggest the conversation may have been more like: 

Trump: “I hope that’s the end of that.”

Comey: “What do you mean by that Donald?” 

Trump: “I hope I don’t hear any more about this Kelly shit.”

Comey: “Are you telling me to drop it?”

Trump: “Come on Jim, that would be an obstruction of justice! Anyway I’ve already sacked him and I’m about to sack you!”

          Infamous pillow biter Hoover had a pillow biter file on everyone in Washington DC

Comey: “Well, I’m not that pillow biter, J Edgar Hoover, mate!”

Trump:  “Not what I heard Jim... better Turn that tape off now Pence?”

Nup, the main interest tonight will be how much the Pommy Commo Corbyn loses by. 


Couldn't be done in two world wars, now they seem to be doing it by their own hand...poor Brits!

paisley, as you said history........... ancient history1

M---A little bit of history, the Romans conquered the whole of Europe , and they had a few goes at Scotland with even the Emperor coming to have a go, but they failed, and eventually built a bloody big wall to keep them out of their English territory. Too hard basket mate, so beware do not piss off a Scot, or you will be drinking soup through a straw.

Not much chance of that happening as I would not be in the shithole to start with! Apparently its full for angry, alcoholic men with a chip on their shoulders about being forced to live in a shithole. BTW the Scots deal in pounds not dollars!

Read my last post I was talking in the singular not a crowd. After the Glasgow kiss your nose would require cosmetic surgery pal.

paisley Tue 13 Jun 2017 07:02:15 pm
Missio----Studied there mate. Go into a pub in Scotland and mouth off mate, and you would not walk again. They are one tough crew. By the way have you noticed they told the witch to get stuffed in the election, they are not stupid. Canny Scots, a dollar is a dollar.
Point taken the Scots are only tough in a Scotland pub...with nunbers on their side...weak coounts!

That is why everyone is trying to emulate the Scottish economy , as they have set the standard for strong economic growth and a manufacturing industry???? The only thing that Scotland is great at is gloom and leaders of that

Tommo---- I just love guys that drink to get Dutch courage, our local alcoholic Misson C. would not dare to say boo to a Scot, as he would be taken apart very quickly, as it would be interfering in the Scots drinking time, and they do not like being slowed up.


Missio----Studied there mate. Go into a pub in Scotland and mouth off mate, and you would not walk again. They are one tough crew. By the way have you noticed they told the witch to get stuffed in the election, they are not stupid. Canny Scots, a dollar is a dollar.

Pretty much confirms you're a woman LP, no bloke would recall that ditty :)

I expect the lights will be burning into the early hours as the Brit conservatives try to understand why large numbers of people voted for a communist and Islamic sympathiser, a tool of the unions and a believer in the one gov, of and by the EU. They suffered many decades where the left ran the state and what they had was endless strikes ,in fact there was the term ""The UK disease" ""The poor man of Europe"" etc, and it was a fact, We have had our doses of left wing socialism under Whitlam and Rudd/Gillard , and both were failures, ran up massive gov, debt, It might be that the voters have had it good under "" soft "" conservative policies, and are unaware of the damage that rabid left wing govs, can wreak on their economies, ex, over a billion a month in interest ,

Stab one Pearl one!!

Oh dear.


You know the drill people, aimlessly amble you way over to the new post. and For crying out loud please try to stay on topic. Otherwise it gets a bit messy when I try to reign posters in for 'topic straying'.

warp speed to the exit

and in another part of town, the Jewish run FFA has received another million dollars or so from Rabbi Turd to make yet another bid for a Soccer World cup (remember the last fizzer and the missing $40 million or so?)..this time the Zio FFA wants the Womens world cup - because according to them it will increase 'tourism'....if the FFA want it..they can use their own fkn money.and pay us a FEE for putting up with the people traffic..yet another Zio scam..

meanwhile in Canberra, Scumo and Turd declare India and China can burn our coal..but Australia must be banned ....hey that's us!!!...apparently this constitutes Australian 'Government'

VicPol now preoccupied with dragging away african gang members on peoples driveways...this is like trying to keep ants out of the house...Andrews ALP Govt sets up new task force to go after the Mr Bigs organising endless streams of robberies of homes and business...actual black african perps are however set free (all on unlimited refo welfare by the way) repeat over and over...that sounds like the definition of well the Andrews Govt is setting up a new terrorist need to bother, its doing the best terrorising of Victorians anyone could hope for...

Aussie workers Party the ALP..demands that Turd 'Shut the joint down'....Union movement clearly represents something or someone other than actual workers who pay union fees...what a circus...hmmm