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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It was winter in 2015 and bloody cold in Canberra as Malcolm Turnbull and the Stick Insect continued to plot the surgical assassination of Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. Turnbull felt it was important to use Abbott’s continued poor polling as a reason. All was going to plan, even a Canning by-election later in the year in the Stick Insect’s home State of WA appeared a certain defeat for the Libs and would consolidate even further justification for Abbott’s knifing.

Yep, 30 losing polls in a row without improvement and everything was falling into place. What could possibly go wrong when the Stick Insect herself remained as the Libs’ trusted deputy?

[Stick insects are known for screwing over their partners before chewing off their heads.]

But something did go wrong, seriously wrong. Polling in the seat of Canning began to inexplicably improve for the Libs, with the help of some filthy tactics from Labor. In fact with barely 10 days to go the Libs’ candidate Andrew Hastie looked likely to win by 5 points on a 2-Party Preferred basis and that could prove disastrous for the planned assassination of Abbott. It would give Abbott a healthy boost and render an assassination politically impossible.

After more than year of planning, and with the Canning by-election vote only days away, it became clear to the Stick Insect and Turnbull that a knife must be securely embedded in Abbott’s back before the constituents of Canning made their final choice in a few days, thereby leaving Aussies thinking that a change of leadership to Turnbull could have been at least partly responsible for this Liberal Canning win.

A secret night meeting of Lib numbers people led by Christopher Pyne was urgently arranged outside the ACT boundary to explain why the assassination had to be brought forward. You see, the Paris accord on the climate change hoax was due to be ratified and the Government under Abbott was certain to back away from it.

The numbers were arranged and a Party Room ballot ensured Abbott’s demise and Turnbull’s reinstatement as Lib leader, and therefore PM.

Turnbull addressed the media: “The one thing that is clear about our current situation is the trajectory. We have lost 30 Newspolls in a row. It is clear that the people have made up their mind about Mr Abbott's leadership.

 "Finally, let me say something about Canning. Now this is an important by-election and I recognise dealing with this issue in the week before this by-election is far from ideal. But regrettably, there are few occasions that are entirely ideal for tough calls and tough decisions like this."

[Even more regrettable was that Turnbull turned out to be even more unpopular than Abbott with, to date, 35 consecutive losing Newspolls.]

Turnbull continued: "From a practical point of view a change of leadership would improve our prospects in Canning. I trust I've explained the reasons why I am standing for the leadership of the Liberal Party.”

In the frantic few days ahead a stunned Abbott tried to mend and rebuild broken fences, he had been asleep at the wheel trusting deputy Stick Insect to have his back. But she had clicked her heels in the corridor before bursting into his office to excitedly tell him to pack his gear.

The UN’s “international panel on climate change” had won the day, now Turnbull, not Abbott, would be asked to ratify the Paris Accord and Turnbull would sprain his wrist in eagerness to sign it and damage Australia’s economy further.

The Party Room ballot as expected gave Turnbull 54 votes to Abbott’s 44 (a mere five votes had deserted Abbott) and the treacherous Stick Insect consolidated her position as deputy with 70 votes. 

The following Saturday Liberal candidate Andrew Hastie won the by-election for Canning by a convincing 5 points and Turnbull, not Abbott, bathed in the glow of victory before the media.

Andrew Hastie, said: "I want to thank and honour the service of Tony Abbott. From day one, he wanted me to succeed.

"I was immensely proud to have him visit and support me and my family on this campaign and I'm grateful for his support and guidance."

He also thanked Malcolm Turnbull. Hmmm.

Abbott had won a record landslide for the Libs in 2013 and in a subsequent general election with Turnbull at the helm, despite throwing more than a million dollars of his own money into the campaign in a desperate attempt to tip the scales, he scraped home by one tenuous seat. The rest is history.

But history will not be kind to the Stick Insect and Turnbull who, along with media’s Left, seem happy to exchange Australia’s healthy economy for an insane Green ideology that can only delight the EU and enrich the corrupt UN.

                      The Stick Insect at home with her Mr Wonderful at the UN.

If the Turnbull crew can adhere to this global warming hoax, as they now must, they will be lining up for luxurious highly paid positions on the bloated United Nations. You don’t believe that? Then consider what Kevin Rudd thought he was entitled to after he retired… it was only a jealous Turnbull who refused to endorse him as Secretary General that prevented his undeserved global elevation.  

Australia does not need to dump the Paris accord, it simply needs to walk away from it like India, China, Russia, Brazil and others have. Trump has already dumped it and the US’s emissions have fallen without any destructive global warming imposts like carbon taxes. No responsible nation believes in this farce.

India and China are opening new coal-fired power stations at the rate of one a week and they are depending on Australian coal to service them. Yet Australia is refusing to use its own coal for cheap, reliable power. 

Europe doesn’t give a damn as it is mostly dependent on clean nuclear power, and where will they be dumping the waste? Here, naturally! But will we entertain clean nuclear power? You’re kidding of course. Will Labor’s Greens permit clean hydro power? Again of course not, that would need the damming of rivers risking the welfare of a few frogs.

                South Australia's last coal power station destroyed at Port Augusta. 

Wind and sun subsidies are forcing energy suppliers to bomb their coal fired plants for fear of future competition from economic coal, yet the world’s energy usage, derived from wind and solar, makes up only one per cent of the world’s total usage.

It’s a forehead-slapping mystery how Turnbull and Friedanegg can justify wrecking our economy in the face of a one per cent Green inspired, futile power component.   

Five years ago the Greens’ little unabashed Communist, Lee Rhiannon, joyfully declared that Australian coal was finished as a resource. She was roundly ridiculed by the media and even by Labor for such an outrageous remark.

How rapid the deterioration when Conservatives remain asleep at the wheel?


And what's even worse, why pay the stupid bastards?

Why have politicians?

George Edward Cole is a doppellganger for Turnbull. The st. Trinians music resonates in my ears whenever I see the mongrel.

Oh if only we had a leader like Trump. As for the liberal party, I really do not think there is a word in the dictionary that could describe my feeling for the party. They talk about how bad shorten is, well, turnbull and co have a certain smell that is unbecoming.

I see Andrew Hastie as a future PM he is a no Bullshit person with strong morals and will display strong Leadership qualities.

Enough already!

Lady Macbeth-Stickinsect just finished another taxpayers pleasure trip to the USA with her latest shag "Horse Pantsoff " where she ticked another item off her bucket-list, that of a Rocky inspirational moment running up the steps in Philadelphia in black tights and boxing boots.Unfortunately Tony blew it when in-charge, good bloke as he is he failed to be a defined leader of his troops, to be succinct in policies and getting the message through to the punters. He's was in politics's long enough to know how things work in the Canberra Club.

I recall Lord Monckton imploring us to protect Tony Abbott as PM, against Malcolm Turnbull, a year before that nefarious event occurred.

Despite his warning, the die was already cast. Listen carefully of the seriousness of his warning.

traitors one and all

How different the polls would be if Turnbull pulled the pin on the Paris agreement, built a coal fired power station and cut immigration numbers. I don't expect Shorten will recommend Turnbull for UN secretary general so there is nothing to be gained.

But it lingers doesn't it.

No, Abbott is asleep. I can cope with this one. Thanks for asking .iE.


Be very sure, the trifecta of LNP; Labor and Greens are a criminal cabal, in fact they make the Mexicans look almost honest, at least the Mexicans don't pretend to be anything else but shitbags. What I find hard to digest is the complacency, the gullibility, the naivety and the unbridled stupidity of the Australian public in supporting/voting for this cauldron of camel shit. I guess you get the Government you deserve and we have either Turnbull or Shorten, FFS!

The Strange Death or Europe Series - NCA: 700,000 migrants in Libya waiting to board boats to Europe...Europe's problems with criminal trafficking gangs and illegal immigration are getting worse, the UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) has warned, just days after the United Nations (UN) claimed that boat arrivals were "necessary" for continent...Pointing to a sharp rise in the number of attempted crossings from Africa along with the emergence of increasingly sophisticated ways if trafficking people across orders within the EU, the NCA revealed authorities in Europe are struggling to deal with smuggling gangs and immigration related crime....Criminal networks are making profits of us to 6 billion pounds a year from charging would be migrants, the majority of which are from Africa,

All that good stuff I just told youse about is gone. No worries, I'll be back tomorrow to fill youse all in on their tactics.

Hey Larry, someone is deleting my comments. .Indignant Elder has been boasting that he has the admin codes for the site so I can only think it must be him and his mate the old bush pig from Ballina.

Frances Horrid Tue 10 Jul 2018 09:55:52 pm
haha, you're in perpetual damage control aren't you, you old bush pig. If there's one thing you hate, it's being exposed for the troublemaking old TROLL that you are. Give it up old girl, the game's over, we know what you are all about.

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Bounce, bounce, bounce . . . said it before & will say it again . . . stop lending your pogo stick to other non-blue-ribbon PP supporters, you horrid individual . . . (deletion imminent).

Hear hear -

The useful idiots of the "resistance" Following President Trump's Monday evening nomination of judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy's now-vacant seat, hundreds of protesters outside the Supreme Court broke open boxes of pre-printed "Stop Kavanaugh" signs - wasting a substantial amount of paper as the other Supreme Court nominees' pre-printed protest banners went unused. In other words, it didn't matter who Trump picked - this was always going to be the response.