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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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... to be honest I'm not sure

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“Oh well, you proved us wrong”, said the doctors when I arrived for a checkup on Thursday last week. “The X-ray was all clear, but we will need to do an MRI to get a full picture ‘tho”. Hmmm, glad I knocked back that chemo crap ‘cos I’d have lost all my hair and I wouldn’t look too good dead.

I have known seven people who have contracted cancer, including my wife of almost 40 years, all had chemo... and very quickly all died. I had refused to check out just yet, I have some important things I have to do yet and chemo was not one of the remedial measures I had planned on.

I have been reticent about explaining what I did do, because I don’t have an answer for anyone other than myself. So take from it what you will, it could apply to you too, but maybe not.

                                                            Not legally available here

Massive amounts of vitamin C, 2,000 mg per day (you can’t overdose on it) and maximum doses of highly concentrated hemp oil... both are illegal. And I suffered two serious overdoses on hemp oil concentrate while trying to arrive at the correct maximum dosage. I hate the stuff. Unfortunately doctors don’t want to know about anything other than chemo at $1500 a bottle.

The vitamin C sachets came from the US and the hemp oil from South Australia. Each course costs $4,000 but I have some amazing friends who ensured I didn’t pay a cent, but they still destroy me at golf as I have lost a lot of strength and muscle memory. But my aim is to be playing off six again by year’s end.

I also consumed heaps of fresh red stuff; tomatoes, beetroot, red capsicums, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, red oranges, rhubarb, red wine and red onions. I go through the supermarket and collect anything red. But NO sugar, you must always avoid sugar!

Now, I can’t be certain of anything working, it maybe just a positive mind, but I feel certain something is working for me.

The hemp oil arrived in a package that had been intercepted and opened by the Post Office. The sender was arrested the next day in Adelaide and her entire stock of expensive processed oil was confiscated. But another person who had been processing the marijuana undertook to send all her existing customers, including me, a complete new course without charge. 

It’s costing someone with a lot of faith a lot of time and money.

The problem is it needs to be free for two reasons... 1, it needs the maximum number of trial patients and 2, the provider can’t be seen to be “dealing”. Soon it will all be legal, and I then I can tell you  where to go... but not yet. I know a lot of my followers have cancer and I will be open about my experience as soon as possible without causing false hopes.

So, I cannot say anything has worked, I can only say it appears to have worked for me, but if I had taken nothing I may have been okay anyway. I simply flat out refused to die. And doctors refuse to embrace anything they can’t make a quid from.

You all might agree with the doctor who said this on TV yesterday: “If we could ban cigarettes, cancer would become non-existent.” Hmmm, well all I can say is that the dear doctor should know that cancer has been the bane of every species including man for millions of years yet tobacco has only been around for roughly three hundred years when it was brought back to England from the Americas in the form of snuff. 

This snuff stuff was sniffed until it was decided that cigars tasted better and cigars soon became cigar-ettes (or small cigars). The fact is that since the QUIT program reduced smoking down to 25%, cancer rates have increased. Those increases have been in breast and prostate cancer... but how much of that is due to better means of detection is an unknown.

                         Used to be $1.40 a pack but, thanks to Plibersek, now $68 a pack

So I place “smoking causes cancer” in the same pigeon hole as “global warming”. Smoking can’t cause cancer simply because cancer has been around for millions of years before tobacco. Yet it’s amazing what the public will be convinced of with a trillion dollars of advertising and promotions thrown at it. “Smoking causes cancer?” It's a chronological impossibility.

Now that you all have disagreed with that, I just want to say that there are other cures beyond chemo, and chemo is tantamount to being injected with the AIDS virus.

I just want my friends and family to say one thing when I'm in a coffin.... "Look, the bastard is still moving, and he's still on those bloody rollies!"

                                 CORRECTION: DRUM IS $68 A PACK, NOT $168


Hey Larry , I used to have trouble with gout . Got told about drinking Cranberry juice , and now no more gout pain . And just like the other good stuff you mentioned , it's RED !

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the Medicinal Cannabis Oil to start rolling off the production line. Even though it's now been made legal, we're still waiting for the bloody politicians to stop stonewalling the go-ahead.

So pleased to hear your good news, Larry - prayers the MRI is clear, too! :)

I have been taking Vitamin C 500mg x 2 twice daily for about 40 years - no cold, flu or sore throats. However, I got mouth cancer in 2011. I have never smoked. Had surgery and radiotherapy. Recurrence in 2014, surgery only and seem to be clear now. Chemo was not considered by my medical team. I am waiting for hemp oil to be available for severe chronic pain that I cope with from nerve damage and radiation but my GP can only prescribe for terminal patients and at 68, I am still pushing for 100!

Mainstream researchers finally admit vitamin C kills cancer

That can't be right Larry, the doctors told me that smoking caused me to have a DVT after a hip replacement so is it the cause of all illness and not malpractice?

As in affect, I mean no high but she is now clear of the Cancer.

Not sure if you will see this Larry, but a woman that had lung cancer in Aus used the hemp oil orally that made her "High" so she then used the hemp oil mixed with coconut oil and put it up the back passage that she said had the same affect.

Treating Cancer Since 1977
Established in 1977, the Burzynski Clinic has grown to be a nationally and internationally recognized cancer center that provides cutting-edge cancer treatments.
For over 35 years, Dr. Burzynski's cancer research and patient care has been inspired by the philosophy of the physician Hippocrates: 'First, do no harm'. Therefore, our approach to treatment is 'personalized' in an atttempt to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects for each cancer patient. More

Mate, where do you come up with such powerful stuff? Astonishing... that's all I can say.

Interesting Wen, very interesting indeed. I had a heart attack and died at 47 (almost 4 minutes and revived). Cellulites and removal of my lower right leg considered by doctors - diminished next day, gone the day after. Strange cold feelings in my chest a little over 5 years ago. Quintuple by-pass surgery two days after discovery and I'm still here at 75. Yep, you have to say "Somebody up there likes me!"

Serious now ... anyone with cancer, you'll never hear the global pharmaceutical conglomerates mentioning the truth (to protect their revenues from cancer drugs) that there really is a natural cure for cancer ... 'Sour Honey' found in Brazil. Trials show it has a devastating effect on cancer sells in a mere matter of days.

Congratulations Larry, I am so happy for you. Hope you live many more happy years.

I keep hearing that smoking is not that bad.
I agree.
All the a-holes I've known in my life who were also smokers are dead.
Can't complain.

LP - I think you should be a little bit careful about recommending alternative treatments and maybe discouraging people from trying conventional medicine. The modern treatments are very effective - especially if the cancers are caught early. If these "early stage" people tried alternatives they may well end up in a lot of trouble.

Schlomo Glickstein ?

Are you jealous you dweeby fool?

Last October I developed shingles and then shingles neuralgia which led me eventually to an astonishing book by Alfred B. Searle ‘The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease’, published in 1920. I have only dimly remembered high school science, but I gathered that colloidal elements such as colloidal silver, iodine, antimony, manganese and others kill pathogens ELECTRICALLY not chemically, i.e. via their positive and negative charges, including golden staph and meningitis bacteria, and can cure other conditions such as arthritis, cancer and even obesity.

Alexander Van der Bellen, Gent?

Thanks very much for that.