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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


PM Malcolm Turnbull has just done exactly what Donald Trump has publicly forecast he will reverse. For Turnbull to ratify the Australian commitment to the Paris global warming scam after the President-elect  has called it a hoax and has given notice of scuttling the entire fraud, is plain bloody stupid... and gives a dangerous middle finger to America's next Administration.

Turnbull could not have approached Trump to discuss the matter as Trump is not yet the President. So Turnbull should have sat tight until after January 20 when he could discuss both this doomed climate nonsense and his deal with Obama to ship over 2,000 dodgy unwanted illegal immigrants to America, 800 of whom are claiming to be Syrians, and others Iranians.

Trump rightly claims that Syrians cannot be processed and therefore will be rejected as immigrants. They could be terrorist operatives of any group from Al Nusra or Al Queda to ISIS and there is no way to know which. Unlike Obama, Trump will not accept them.

                                                                 Modern Tehran

Iranians are either economic migrants who are attracted to outrageous welfare payments or they are criminals. There is no war in Shia Iran and there is no valid reason to claim persecution because there is none, unless you are an escaping criminal or a Sunni with an AK47 and a vest seeking retribution.

Trump will certainly attempt to return these 2,000 illegal immigrants but no country will take them, including Australia, so Trump will do exactly what he said he will do and incarcerate them. Is that what Turnbull anticipates? Is that what he wants? Is that his plan? 

After all it would send the best of all possible messages to the smugglers: “COME TO AUSTRALIA BY BOAT AND YOU WILL FINISH UP IN A U.S. JAIL”, but that message would harm the US alliance. 

To ratify the IPCC warming hoax and to ship these dodgy illegals to America right under Trump’s nose and only weeks before his inauguration is a provocative “up yours” gesture to an ally looking to drain the Obama DC swamp and tighten its belt. 

Both Turnbull and Shorten are delighted with the hopelessly destructive Obama and are still in denial over the US election outcome. Neither sees Trump as a valid President. 

                                                               European chaos

If Australians haven’t yet figured out that Turnbull is a dangerous mix of idiocy and guile then we better prepare for a petrous balancing act between China and Trump’s Russia while Europe pays a well deserved price.

Only Fairfax, The Guardian and the ABC see any merit in this offensive Turnbull venture. 

Forget the emotionally shattered Left wing students, we should be offering free counselling to dumb Parliamentarians who are still seriously traumatised by Trump’s victory.


1000/1 is under the odds Dante. It's got me confused how that could be taken serious

How's it going Harry. Made some nice Brandy tonight......better than the bought stuff. Are you putting any money on Credlin for PM? What are the odds? Cheers.

You don't have to be in the army to be queer.....surely Andrew. Nurse! on...Turd is the enemy of he has made himself an enemy of President Trumps giving Trump the two fingered salute continuing to pursue the climate change fraud..and trying to implement the TPP, despite Trump saying it is finished..there are no lengths Turd wont go to enrich himself and destroy the lives of is incredible

"If this state can't acknowledge God, then other states can't ...And eventually the United States of America will not be able to acknowledge the very source of our rights and liberties and the very source of our laws."
Judge Roy Moore
Last week Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was suspended and his Ten Commandments monument removed from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building.
Consider the irony: the injunction "Thou Shall Not Steal" is banished from the Judicial Building. How long can the concept of justice survive when it is divorced from belief in a transcendent moral order? As Moore says, the source of our rights is God. Abolish Him and soon we will have no rights.
The action which upheld the separation of church and state was in response to a suit by the American Civil Liberties Union, It is part of a nationwide campaign to eliminate all references to America's Christian heritage from the public sphere.
The ACLU is a Communist front dedicated to abolishing the United States and establishing a totalitarian world government. They are following a satanic blueprint laid out in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."
I hate to sound melodramatic but unfortunately the truth may be very bizarre. I want to be wrong because if I am not, the forces responsible for the worst horrors of the last century are still in charge.
We are in the eleventh hour of a multigenerational conspiracy designed to first degrade and then enslave mankind. September 11 proclaimed the beginning of the final stage in the establishment of a totalitarian "new world order" (a.k.a. "globalization.")
The war on terror is a ruse designed to mask the creation of a police state. There are new developments every day. Canadians can't smile on their passports pictures because they will be used in facial recognition and surveillance systems. All British cars will be fitted with microchips, which "will automatically report a wide range of offences."

It's because we're on the opposite side of the planet, and we drive on the opposite side of the road and our power switches are opposite too.

Big Pic on topic . Is Turbdull picking a chockie ?

A chalet in Perisher with Eddie Obeid.

Pelican - Turnbull's obvious haste to stage the coup was to make sure he was leader before the Paris Climate Change summit. Goldman Sachs needed our PMs signature to ensure that Oz was a willing participant in ratifying the yes vote. Lord Monketon wrote a piece before the coup took place warning people that this was coming should Abbott be ousted. He urged people to protect Abbott because of the risk to Australia if Abbott lost office.

The well respected correspondent to 2GB , STEPHANIE has echoed this morning my post of a few days ago that TURDBULL has not the faintest intention of altering 18c or replacing Gillian Triggs. What a fool. He would garner goody points by standing down Triggs with many , but his pig headed attitude to being forced to change and his admiration for the elite and tertiary educated interlectuals is too difficult for his weak nature to overcome. To be more susinct , the blokes a c##t !!

Labor of that era was pro working class and more than mildly Nationalist. Sure it had its dickheads like Evat and co, but it did stand for the people and the Nation by and large. Not so today.


Nailed it john.
Agree the LNP needs a good purge Jim.

Ha ha dusty. Looks like you touched a Saddler-Soros nerve there.
Came from a rough area Micky. Also shot through because cops kept questioning me about my mates. One told me I was an associate of known offenders. I had no record but the bastards wouldn't leave me alone. The upside was I learnt the basics of sheep and cattle farming in NZ and met some great people.

Michael McLaren talks to Professor David Flint about farmers and water rights - and Pauline Hanson's arguments in support of t

Turnbull decides its time to take away our cash..starting with the $100 note...the media has embraced it claiming that ..well likes them (unless you are a criminal) uses them (oh unless you are a criminal) needs them (oh yes, unless you are a criminal)...get the if you use cash (currently just $100 notes) its only because you are a.. criminal!!...these mofos can get fked... with their BS brainwashing and conditioning...

Soros’s plan has always been to subvert and destroy America. The way this is being effected by Soros and the NWO is to use their puppets such as Obama to flood the country with hispanics and moslems. It doesn’t matter a hoot whether the moslems are radical or not, the disease is Islam. So Obama will do a Gillard if he leaves, leaving as many time bombs behind him as possible, and he will take as many moslems as Turnbull can give him. Of course there will be a quid pro quo, probably ratifying the Paris shit before Trump assumes power.

BILL LEAK in today's Australian: Hope he has offended someone again.

Bonsai Howard admitted on the ABC last week..that he was in fact a 'Globalist'..that is code for saying he is a Rothschild Zio NWO stooge.(thats open borders everyone) surprises then that Howard now boasts of getting self proclaimed Jew and Goldman Sachs stooge, Turd into PM, by backstabbing surprises that Bonsai was in the US when 911 WTC demolition went down and the missile attack on the Pentagon ( to unleash the US endless war on invisible terror - which Bonsai brought back to Australia (remember bins disappearing off railway stations due to 'terrorism'..but Bonsai kicked it all off with taking away our guns via the Port Arthur massacre, of which his involvement remains secret to this day...

Even Wally Weed is crying.