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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


There is no more dangerous path to tread than to be an enemy of both major Parties... and Clive Palmer is certainly that. For the moment he has effectively become the Federal Government, as he said he would.

Financial altercations between business partners are usually settled in the courts and not in the pages of national newspapers. But Hedley Thomas of The Australian has picked up the scent of some dirty dealings between Clive and his Chinese "mates".

If Thomas is correct and Clive has dudded his former Chinese friends, then his former friends will need to convince the DPP to lay charges in order to seek redress and, if Clive is found guilty of a criminal act, he will have to stand down.

It’s doubtful the Chinese will go there, more likely a polite Triad settlement. 

But failing Triad involvement and any breach of the Electoral Act, this matter, if not settled privately, could possibly be headed for a civil action which would have no bearing on his Parliamentary ambitions anyway.

Hedley Thomas has done some excellent work on the Gillard/Wilson matter, but there are stark differences between Clive and Julia. 

Gillard was involved in a conspiracy to defraud that was covered up to enable her to become Prime Minister. Innocent union members were ripped off, lied to and defrauded by the AWU and a major law firm, and Government Agencies were deceived. 

In no way is that a civil matter to be adjudicated on the balance of probabilities.

Both major Parties and the Press took umbrage at Pauline Hanson’s “racist” attitudes, and they set a course to destroy her, not for her perceived “racism”, but for the political threat she posed. 

The Press, the Libs and Labor slept well while she sat, a decade before her time and wrongfully convicted, in a dirty jail cell.

Politics is about personal survival and Clive, like Pauline once did, finds himself in a very precarious position without the support of the Press or one of the major Parties... that’s a luxury Julia Gillard still enjoys.

Major Parties refrain from forensically investigating each other for fear that one day the same can be done to them. Skeletons still rattle in the cupboards of both. But Clive doesn't have the support necessary to launch an investigation into anything.

When both major Parties and the Press decide you must go, you usually do and Clive is a dead man walking. Not for the dirty deeds he may have committed but because he poses a political threat. 

But there is one difference between Clive and Pauline... Pauline’s motives were philosophical, Clive’s are vexatious. When Clive’s money runs out he will be sleeping friendless on a park bench with The Australian for a blanket. 

Pauline has unburnt friends and sleeps well.

Hedley Thomas should adopt the role of court reporter on this one and not self-appointed counsel for the prosecution.

This money matter may well be settled between the two adversaries but in the end it will not save Clive politically.


C'mon Larry! You can create better headlines than that. It's obvious that Clive just stopped using the "Just For Men" hair dye......

Palmers life would have to be short lived he must be hoping Abbott doesn't call a double dissolution as he won't have the money to fight for his PUPs

PALMER IS BAFFON THAT GRAVITATES AND VEGETATES where ever he goes, and this proves how stupid the people that voted for him or placed an objective vote and chose him or the other jokers like him into our parliament. HOW SAD AND WORRYING THIS IS FOR OUR FUTURE.

Oh my stars... Clive is now suffering from the Carmen Laurence 'bit'... just can't recall??? (lol).. shame Clive.. best you get out there and get a 'real job'.

Pauline Hanson is way before her time. Her time will never come.

Pauline Hanson was before her time, however she did not perceive the threat of Islam. Her focus was more on Asia which has a variety of religions, not all of which are a threat to Western civilisation or our Judao Christian beliefs. Clive Palmer however has no real care for Australia or it's people, he has only one thing in mind and that is financial gain. As for his clutch of senators, that Lambie is a fine piece of work who has a very undesirable history who should not be in the house.

Palmer has gathered a group of idiots who outshine the existing members in that quality, a hard task but he has aced it!


MT resigns ( before he is booted ) from the LNP and joins the PUP.
Clive picked Mal up in one of his exotic cars and took him out for another BIG lunch.
Clive offered Mal the PUP deputy Leadership with a lot of $$$$$trings attached.

Mal realised he is ‘ dead man walking in the LNP’ and did not want to be a self funding Independent.
Obviously Mal likes the idea of being the spokes-person for the PUP, who will have major controls in the Senate and maybe in the states after the next elections.

Mal reckons Clive will soon be a goner with his health and his wealth
and Mal can ascend to the PUP Leadership.

Mal reckons it is ‘to good an opportunity to miss’ being able to control the Aust Fed Govt now and all of Clive’s companies and money and fight the Chinese for Clive
and become the new PUP Leaders in the near future.

Of course Mal wants agreement to an immediate ET$, renewal of the Mining industry tax AND AN IMMEDIATE REPUBLIC REFERENDUM WITH MAL AS THE NEW PRESIDENT.

Time line ? >>>> 2014.

If you care of her past why don't you show an interest in those of the last parliament and this new one who have records for fraud , bankruptcy and the like but they aren't on your radar are they ?

All the result of a dysfunctional education system which has been pumping out bogans in increasing intensity since the Whitlam/Frazer era.

Agree, But that is the Labor way. Hoped these newbies might be different, Fat chance it seems.

She has a lovely pedigree doesn't she? One wonders if the Australian public is away of her history?

Almost forgot... SHE has also to develop some 'good manners'. I become very irritated by the rudeness that some people (in parliament and others) display and so often.