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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The hard Left is close to death with the loss of its bodily functions. It has devolved into its infancy years of early learning where things repeated often enough become fact, much like the times tables where eventually, through repetition, they sound right, even if they’re wrong. “Four fours are fifteen”… say it often enough, it will sound right, so why not stick with it?

Same thing with, ‘the globe is warming’, 'we can run industry on wind', ‘the Reef is dying’, ‘coal is evil’, ‘white males are born sexual abusers’, ‘all rape accusations must be true’ (except of course when the accused is Bill Clinton or Bill Shorten) ‘Green energy is cheaper’, ‘Trump is a disaster’, ‘the ABC is balanced’, ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, ‘smoking causes cancer’… oops, a non sequitur say our PP readers.

Apologies, but the smoking-cancer link is just another example of something that we are told often enough being accepted as true, when in this case it is chronologically impossible. 

We are also told that smoking will cause, among a range of things, babies to die, gangrene, blindness, stunted growth, alzheimers and tooth decay. So clearly if the QUIT lobby is telling us that nonsense is true, why wouldn’t their cancer link also be bullshit? It bloody well is!

It is, because for millions of years, cancer has been the bane of every species on earth but we have only been smoking for 200 years. Tobacco was brought back from the Americas by Columbus (or it could have been Drake) in the form of snuff. Merchants then eventually made cigars from the leaf and only in the 19th century did they make the cigars smaller (and they called them cigar/ettes). 

So, I’m pretty sure sabre tooth tigers, sharks and mammoths didn’t smoke and there wasn’t any tobacco to cause the prevalent human cancer anyway. 

Hmmm, of course it is a genetic problem that may never be solved, but cancer has bugger all to do with tobacco.

                                         Steam... you know, water vapour!

And coal has bugger all to do with global warming. It’s just that we are told it has ad nauseum with billions in ads, so we believe it! At least some of us do.

Anyway, the Left is attracted to the impossible, the supernatural and anything else ridiculous they tell us often enough like the economic success of Trump’s was really Obama’s doing. Crumbs!

But at last the Left insanity is waning as people world-wide awake to its scams. The IPCC is in panic mode ordering innocent first world nations to cough up billions to replace what the US, the UK and others have rightly refused to pay them.

Paris this time then Poland and when they get to Morocco they will be demanding we should have become pale-faced, spindly, vegetarian, vegan Muslims with prayer mats that must only be washed in aloe vera soap. 

Cars and trucks have to go, riding horses to work is permitted with the appropriate equine fart bags attached which must be disposed of at the nearest methane energy plant. 

Condoms will be banned as a complete waste of energy and after work everyone must drop into the methane plant to dispose of their saved up farts.

Fart alarms will be attached to everyone's bum to ensure nothing is released accidentally into the atmosphere. Fines will apply.

Like all things Left they begin with the thin edge of the wedge and follow in silent segmented instalments… say for instance the misnamed “marriage equality” legislation, from there it has already become teaching our kids how to play stinky finger, swap their genders and how not to use pronouns.

We need Morrison to lead us out of this Left morass. He is our best chance for a moral recovery. Peter Dutton would have been perfect but too divisive... too much too soon.

We also need to adopt the Left’s tactics and move furtively and segmentally away from the valley of death and back into the sunlight.

                   But at least there is a dim candle light at the end of the tunnel now.


Get behind ScoMo , people- he deserves a fair go !!

You wonder how overwhelmingly the Socialist Left agenda has overtaken our very basic freedoms, well here is an example …… I just got a 30 ban from Facebook for using the word 'weirdo'. First there are plenty of weirdo's out there in the general populous, plenty, and I find that a very generous assessment of the nutjobs; second, some of the language, violence, crude behaviour permitted by Leftist contributors is jaw dropping yet the Conservative blinks and your history. Something is really screwed in our system, seriously screwed. Thank God for Larry Pickering!

Cow fart bags are not a joke >>>>>>> sorry, not at this stage (but I was being a tad facetious)..:)

No worries, have a good night.
See you tomorrow.

Southbank, c.1975. Six hours hardarse attending a performance of "The Ice Man Cometh". Yeh? When?
Lights went up. There be Harold Pinter & current squeeze Lady Antonia Fraser.
"Cunts!" I shouted. But in the hubbub of post-performance & due to the fact they were several rows away the fuckers didn't respond. Ignorant bastards.

Have yet to see too much about this pelican... any directions?

New post up.

Let’s see what we have so far.

Sheltered in his cave at night
In leotard purple and tight
His cameltoe shows
To bed he then goes
Where his anus Flysa does smite

As they gently spooned in the bed
Fly looked at ol’ Phantom and said
“Your arse isn’t tight
I fear it’s not right
So next time I’ll just give you head”.

The best thing about our mate Phant
Is when the old dear has a rant
Tho’ advanced of age
He sure ain’t no sage
As schooling his mum did not grant

There’s no slower brain than The Phantie’s
So clear from his regular tanties
I’ve long now maintained
There’s more smarts contained
In spatters on his floral panties

Young children are prone to ask “why”
‘Bout things such as stars in the sky
But poor dear old Phant
Whose IQ is quite scant
Wonders what is that mess on his thigh

ThePhantom has simply no clue
Dumb posts on PP he does rue
Some call him “The Fatom”
Brain size of an atom
And IQ the size of his shoe

“Science and maths are real hard”,
Said Phantom, the dumbfuck retard
“And I can’t recall
who I am at all
so mum writes my name on a card”

ThePhantom, he must now concede
His folks should have not sought to breed
Coz when his poor mum
Took a (ahem) up her (ahem)
What popped was a dumb fuck indeed

When Phantom writes posts on PP
It’s plain for all others to see
His maths won’t pass muster
He gets in a fluster
Just like those who sit down to wee

ThePhantom he worked with black coal
Was found to be right for the role
Coz if jobs he’d desired
Where some maths was required
T’would consign the dumb fuck to the dole

Maths is not Phantom’s strong suit
Tho’ normal for such an old coot
With furrow of brow
All his brain will allow
Is to work out the odds of a root

ThePhantom has failed every test
Despite giving each one his darn best
Toxic waste in the mines
Sadly missed warning signs
That his brain was now somewhat distressed

ThePhantom is truly quite dim
Of shit he is full to the brim
He was proven a dunce
Several times, not just once
Like his stupid response to JimJim

At maths poor old Phantom did fail
Just did not have an eye for detail
The cause of the drain
Is the fact that his brain
Is entrapped in his crusty toenail

ThePhantom is now lying low
His ego did take quite a blow
That moronic old fool
Missed a few years of school
And his IQ’s not ten, it’s below

ThePhantom is not very bright
SomeWATT like a half-a-WATT light
No wait, that’s not power!
Now Phantom’s run off in a fright

Poor Phantom, he bitches and shrieks
And struggles with concepts for weeks
Power’s simply the rate
That the gas up his date
Is consumed by his mouth as he speaks

After 70-odd years of his life
The Phantom’s in all sorts of strife
Credibility shot
Thinks that Joule equals Watt
Best he leaves basic math to his wife

Those years Phantom spent underground
Those confines to which he’d been bound
Left the poor guy a mess
Wand’ring round in a dress
And a cock that had quite oddly browned

ThePhantom, his lim’ricks are tops
Each one a success, none are flops
Such vocab expansion
Great meter and scansion
I so hope the fun never stops

The Phantom’s a giant of wit
Despite those who call him a tit
But when asked, “what’s a Joule?”
The warm urine does pool
‘round his feet, along with some shit

Once back home from working the mine
Old Phantom does take quite a shine
To dildos and beads
‘til his anus bleeds
From gross acts of moral decline

Going to buy a pizza stone for my oven tomorrow, sick of paying $20 at dominos.

How far in front is Dr Phelps
It varies from one poll to another, but it seems likely
The Peter Plod, Tony Show Pony brigade are not popular
So sad

Powerful shit.............................................

A Personal Message To CNN’s Don Lemon

Hey, all you dumb pricks out there that think you are depressed or have mental health problems. WAKE UP. YOU BASTARDS NEED TO GET OF YOUR ARSE'S AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES. Don't believe the self debasing bullshit the parasitic Left tell you. They want you to feel like shit so they can manipulate you. FOOLS!

They're just so cute!!.......

Oh no, more global warming and it's not even winter there yet........

lol..yeah the media is allover this scandal

10 Che Guevara quotes the left would rather not talk about

Next time your kid comes home in a Che Guevara T-shirt, ask him if he knows what the Argentinian murderer actually stood for. Sit him down, strip the gauze of ignorance from his eyes and have him read these Guevara quotes.

Then burn the damn T-shirt.

Do you remember that Snot nosed 16yo that held up a plane until a Terror infused Cult member was allowed to to get off the plane instead of being deported???.....Well Well where is that snot nosed agenda pushing snowflake now........Plane mutiny kept a gang rapist in the UK: Somali man whose deportation from the UK was stopped by plane passengers raped a 16-year-old girl in London and his accomplice went on to fight for ISIS ........ Plane mutiny kept a gang rapist in the UK: Somali man whose deportation from the UK was stopped by plane passengers raped a 16-year-old girl in London and his accomplice went on to fight for ISIS

On topic, Tim Blair ( Daily Telegraph) focuses on the anniversary of Che Guevara and Jim Jones. Note that the dumb Irish have printed an anniversary stamp in honour of the communist murderer Che. WTF? :