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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The hard Left is close to death with the loss of its bodily functions. It has devolved into its infancy years of early learning where things repeated often enough become fact, much like the times tables where eventually, through repetition, they sound right, even if they’re wrong. “Four fours are fifteen”… say it often enough, it will sound right, so why not stick with it?

Same thing with, ‘the globe is warming’, 'we can run industry on wind', ‘the Reef is dying’, ‘coal is evil’, ‘white males are born sexual abusers’, ‘all rape accusations must be true’ (except of course when the accused is Bill Clinton or Bill Shorten) ‘Green energy is cheaper’, ‘Trump is a disaster’, ‘the ABC is balanced’, ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, ‘smoking causes cancer’… oops, a non sequitur say our PP readers.

Apologies, but the smoking-cancer link is just another example of something that we are told often enough being accepted as true, when in this case it is chronologically impossible. 

We are also told that smoking will cause, among a range of things, babies to die, gangrene, blindness, stunted growth, alzheimers and tooth decay. So clearly if the QUIT lobby is telling us that nonsense is true, why wouldn’t their cancer link also be bullshit? It bloody well is!

It is, because for millions of years, cancer has been the bane of every species on earth but we have only been smoking for 200 years. Tobacco was brought back from the Americas by Columbus (or it could have been Drake) in the form of snuff. Merchants then eventually made cigars from the leaf and only in the 19th century did they make the cigars smaller (and they called them cigar/ettes). 

So, I’m pretty sure sabre tooth tigers, sharks and mammoths didn’t smoke and there wasn’t any tobacco to cause the prevalent human cancer anyway. 

Hmmm, of course it is a genetic problem that may never be solved, but cancer has bugger all to do with tobacco.

                                         Steam... you know, water vapour!

And coal has bugger all to do with global warming. It’s just that we are told it has ad nauseum with billions in ads, so we believe it! At least some of us do.

Anyway, the Left is attracted to the impossible, the supernatural and anything else ridiculous they tell us often enough like the economic success of Trump’s was really Obama’s doing. Crumbs!

But at last the Left insanity is waning as people world-wide awake to its scams. The IPCC is in panic mode ordering innocent first world nations to cough up billions to replace what the US, the UK and others have rightly refused to pay them.

Paris this time then Poland and when they get to Morocco they will be demanding we should have become pale-faced, spindly, vegetarian, vegan Muslims with prayer mats that must only be washed in aloe vera soap. 

Cars and trucks have to go, riding horses to work is permitted with the appropriate equine fart bags attached which must be disposed of at the nearest methane energy plant. 

Condoms will be banned as a complete waste of energy and after work everyone must drop into the methane plant to dispose of their saved up farts.

Fart alarms will be attached to everyone's bum to ensure nothing is released accidentally into the atmosphere. Fines will apply.

Like all things Left they begin with the thin edge of the wedge and follow in silent segmented instalments… say for instance the misnamed “marriage equality” legislation, from there it has already become teaching our kids how to play stinky finger, swap their genders and how not to use pronouns.

We need Morrison to lead us out of this Left morass. He is our best chance for a moral recovery. Peter Dutton would have been perfect but too divisive... too much too soon.

We also need to adopt the Left’s tactics and move furtively and segmentally away from the valley of death and back into the sunlight.

                   But at least there is a dim candle light at the end of the tunnel now.


ejada, the tray with holes lets the base dry out too much and it can end up like a biscuit. Thats ok if you like it that way but it isnt right for everyone

Pizza tray with holes work very well.

Get behind ScoMo , people- he deserves a fair go !!

Add the spud to the dough. Just a little. Boil it mash it add to the dough. You will like the result.

You wonder how overwhelmingly the Socialist Left agenda has overtaken our very basic freedoms, well here is an example …… I just got a 30 ban from Facebook for using the word 'weirdo'. First there are plenty of weirdo's out there in the general populous, plenty, and I find that a very generous assessment of the nutjobs; second, some of the language, violence, crude behaviour permitted by Leftist contributors is jaw dropping yet the Conservative blinks and your history. Something is really screwed in our system, seriously screwed. Thank God for Larry Pickering!

Cow fart bags are not a joke >>>>>>>

angus, in my opinion the you are right. get the stone, you get a far better result than a tray. sorry, not at this stage (but I was being a tad facetious)..:)

No worries, have a good night.
See you tomorrow.

Southbank, c.1975. Six hours hardarse attending a performance of "The Ice Man Cometh". Yeh? When?
Lights went up. There be Harold Pinter & current squeeze Lady Antonia Fraser.
"Cunts!" I shouted. But in the hubbub of post-performance & due to the fact they were several rows away the fuckers didn't respond. Ignorant bastards.

I much prefer flysa as softcock#23.That 'Piss off Granny' was really catchy

Hmmm, He sounds like the leader of the opposition having a good day.

Have yet to see too much about this pelican... any directions?

My Missus adds a bit of potato to the dough, delightful. She's Aussie/Italian.

kind of agree with that, and i can only get the $7 specials from dominos

Bit harsh Aussie,most aged pensioners have worked since they were 15 and paid for all the free stuff that everyone takes for granted. Roads, rail, ports, air ports, bridges, uni's etc. Unlike the current crop of ungrateful useless millennial bastards that believe they are owed a living.

New post up.

On a pension, aren't you? I believe it is WE paying $20 at dominos.

Make sure it's one with holes.